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    Drawing comic strips, general artwork for money or pleasure. Playing war sims whether flight or ground- If it`s realistic, tactical and strategic, and not too expensive, I`m happy.

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  1. seafireliv

    Germany Lifts Ban on Swastikas in Video Games

    Well I`m shocked. Maybe now historically authentic games like IL2 will no longer fear having realistic markings on Axis aircraft any more. Movies, even silly ones have never had this restriction on the swastika, and even some silly games (that don`t care) have it. They shouldn`t have in the first place. You censor something you only make it more powerful and more to be `feared`.
  2. seafireliv

    Frustrated as hell with this game

    Well this is sort of true. You`ll still get your butt handed to you since Humans are far superior to AI and will squeeze every advantage out that they can. The good news is you won`t infuriate anyone by saying, "How do I start the engine?"
  3. seafireliv

    Semi frozen rivers?

    Yea, damn hot.
  4. seafireliv

    Bodenplatte Voiceovers

    I`d be extremely surprised if the voices were Russian. Yes, logic dictates they`ll have English and American voices for Allied pilots.
  5. seafireliv

    Playing with no Tracking device...

    I used to fly like all the time and was pretty good with it. Doubt I could do it now. Track Ir is just too immersive and convenient.
  6. seafireliv

    Amusing & Unusual Career End

    Yea, was landing myself. Didn`t realise I had 2 109s tailing me. One 109 strafed flew over and away and other decided to go up and dive as if dogfighting me and that was the end of it. AI`s not too great on avoiding Earth.
  7. seafireliv

    simple sketch i drew.

    Very good. Keep at it, never stop, no matter what hurdles may come. Your art will never leave you if you never leave it.
  8. If it happened in reality; it should happen in the sim. It`s down to the pilot`s own morals whether he shoots or not. I hate games that arbitrarily chooses your personal morality for you.
  9. seafireliv

    Would love to buy the new DLC on Steam

    There`s a new DLC? Hmm... looked around a bit, don`t see anything new.
  10. I need to uninstall the sim, but I`d like to know where my joystick, throttle quadrant controller files are located so I don`t have to reconfigure the entire thing again on a reinstall. Anyone know where these file\s are located and post its location here? Thanks in advance.
  11. seafireliv


    Focusing on one aircraft is always the best way to start. Sounds like you need to trim your aircraft a bit too, to avoid the nose wobble. Hope your daughter`s graduation went well. Always an exciting day for her.
  12. seafireliv

    Engine start failure

    I like it when the engine fails to start sometimes.
  13. seafireliv

    Strange bomb crater management

    Easy to say when you just want to be spiteful. I`ve met your type and I know the kind of harassment you`re attempting, even if others don`t see it. It`s cool to see I`m right between your eyes.
  14. seafireliv

    Strange bomb crater management

    It really shouldn`t take much resources to have crater meshes stay as long as they are just textures. Perhaps only remove them once the Player has left the area.