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  1. Let`s not forget it took a few years and a few updates before IL2 allowed you to contact the Tower or for the Tower to supply directions, so maybe this version will also catchup But yes EAW did it best... Always strange to see graphics improving ingames while AI and basic functionality isn`t much better than15 years ago.
  2. I think it`s almost impossible to get a constant 80 fps in this game. I managed to get generally 80 fps, but going near dense areas or dogfights drops it to around 45-50 every now and then. this is just in Single Player. I thought it would be better in MP since not much of an AI should be required. Funny, cos I finally upgraded to the point that I had 140 fps in the 2D game... Then I went and shot all that down by getting VR! lol. I have a 1080 by the way.
  3. That`s likely asking too much, as a whole lot of coding would be required, possibly taking away from the main sim itself, but nice anyway. I also see some people ridiculing it because they don`t want random accidents of Nature interrupting their flights, despite what happened in reality! Anyway I like your idea.
  4. I`m all for immersion, no matter how small... It`s the little things that count.
  5. I just think of it as wearing aviator goggles. I have to, I can`t afford to fork out so much money! Then i`d probably need an even better pc! 😆
  6. Loading times are shorter and I noticed that the odd pause in flight vanished when I put IL2 on an SSD.
  7. 20 years ago I really expected AI to be so much better by today, but there were factors I did not see... 1. The huge jump to Multiplayer. Resources go into that and the money is there. 2. Easier to do becuase all you really make are the maps and interactive items, the Player provides the rest. 3. Many companies don`t see it as a worthwhile effort, financially. 3. Making a Human-like AI is hard I think we`re lucky just to get a decent campaign, let alone AI. I really do hope they will keep working on making Ai better though. And I always buy games that make a big point about having a great AI.
  8. I was getting the white flashes too, but it was quite rare. However, I didn`t see it as a good thing at all, but wasn`t worried as I knew they had to fix it. I haven`t used the Rift S for a week, so I`ll be glad to try it today! Edit: Well after a couple of hours, not seen a single flash. So it looks good.
  9. Thankyou all very much... I think `boche` and `hun` will work for now with the odd expletive. Run out of `thanks` emoticons will give more as they become available!
  10. Doing a little research here. Does anyone know what slang words combat pilots called their enemy in WWI? What did the Brits call the Germans and vice versa? i`m aware they didn`t have radio comms in fighters, but they still must`ve had their `pet-hate` names at the time. Most important right now is the slang the British pilots used for the Germans? Was it bogey? Bandit? Or even `Hun`. I do need terms that are authentic. I`d rather not guess. It`s for a project i`m doing. Thanks in advance.
  11. Don`t waste your time on that attention seeker. He is clearly someone who can only randomly attack people from behind a monitor like a coward. Anyway, hopefully, the Devs may consider allowing the User to put his face into the game as well as possibly a photo in the cockpit as previous sims have done.
  12. Good stuff. Learned some of my early art off those Masters.
  13. Wow. Let it all out. I can`t even give someone as close minded as you a serious answer.
  14. Yes, i remember a Dev Rep talking about it. Maybe they`ll reconsider. It was a Dev or a Dev rep, jason like Feathered says.
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