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  1. Please fix poor Damage on Axis .

    See what I did there?
  2. Clouds edge movement

    Yea, the clouds are kinda squirrily on the edges...like moving tendrils. Don`t look real at all. Surprised to see it even on the highest settings.
  3. manual engine start up

    I would also like this. Watching it is nice, doing it would be sublime.
  4. Remove spitfire, it's OP!

    Is the LA5fn included. Loved that aircraft in old IL2 since it finally caught and dealt a blow to the 109s always kicking my ass. And it inspired me to make artistic depictions of the aircraft... laughing. That`s all I got.
  5. Phew... The P40. A High maintenance lady.

    I didn`t see that green section at all in the beginning, not until someone pointed it out in an instructional video. It`s very easy to miss, because a lot of it is slightly hidden under the rim shadow. Also, you can still go out of the green area if you know what you`re doing.
  6. I want to buy some US Plane but..

    P40 is a good aircraft but definitely needs more attention than most of the other aircraft. That said it isn`t hard to learn, IF you`re willing to learn. If you`re a huge fan of the p40 and are prepared to learn it then get it, but otherwise do the alternatives until you feel ready.
  7. New career

    If you get injured then you`ll get something like a month or 2 recuperation which can be a nice way to jump to the next Campaign, which happened to me.
  8. Can`t believe I`m saying it, but I`m old enough to be from that time and that site. I really don`t do Online much these days and don`t really fly the 109 much. I`d like to be part of a regular Squad again, but the dedication often is more than I can afford right now. It`s easier to do Career where I can delegate my time. I`m happy to pop on sometimes to just be moral support though! p.s Hyperlobby, used to hate that thing, then got to like it. Anyway, if you can upgrade I advise you do and Trackir is reasonably affordable, just save I say.
  9. Phew... The P40. A High maintenance lady.

    Well got into a furball with her, was wondering how it would go. A lot easier than it might seem. It really is a case of rpms up when climbing and rpms down when diving. BUT you MUST watch those gauges, and that is perhaps the niggling point since you must take away your view from the situation momentarily. I can also tell the difference in the engine change, but not confident enough to totally rely on them yet. Shot down an AI 109- Those guns are very good. Emptied my guns- Got over-excited. Headed home, left a big furball behind me. Never blew the engine at all.
  10. Phew... The P40. A High maintenance lady.

    I might actualy do. I`m taking off and landing pretty easy now. But dogfights are going to be something else with the Manifold pressure gauge doing all kinds of crazy things in high speed combat climbs and dives! It will be interesting.
  11. I`ve not had as much time to get to grips with the p40. I usually pick ONE aircraft and focus all my time on it until I `git gud`. Love the look of the aircraft and were I able I`d take great pleasure in painting a sexy babe on her perfect profile on the real thing. However, I only really gave a go with her online when I swiftly discovered how easy it was to blow her engine and even when flying normally her engine will blow for what appeared to be no reason at all. Finally, I decided to make a full go of it in the Career and suffered the same issues. Went online and watched a few U-tube vids on her, and I have finally got how she works. I must say she is a fussy high maintenance girl; needs constant attention until you`ve mentally got her down pat. Hard to imagine how new guys maintained combat while having to baby this bird constantly. Love it, this is the reality I like! p.s. Absolutely love her start-up and shut-down sequence!
  12. BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    No. Look for yourself.
  13. BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    I really find it distasteful when someone makes a suggestion or has an opinion that is very slightly critical and all the members dive down on the one guy for his `wrong think`. Please stop it.
  14. Manual? What manual? I always forget to look in the game folder. Had to reinstall and just stuck on how to get that snap view to the cockpit gauges, essential in the I16.