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  1. It is...Happened to me twice...On one occasion my detached topwing hit the chute and turned it into a streamer!😁
  2. Easy mate...The use of capitals does not make your message look more impressive, at all...
  3. 1. No. You should not. 2. No. The succes of a parachutejump should be randomized. 3. No.
  4. Don' t forget the 25% bonus for buying a round of Schnapps at the Casino!
  5. Spot on my friend! That is as it should be done in this B&Z plane...Or any other B&Z plane for that matter. Dogfights are the result of a badly performed attack and is not a form of tactics.
  6. GREAT! Thanks V.! Salute! ( ÷÷sound of bootheels clicking÷÷) Josef "Izzy" Mai, Fhnr., JaSta 5
  7. Salute Vonrd! AD5_J5_Izrail.rar Could you possibly implement my personal J5_Izrail skin? S! Josef Mai, Fhnr. JaSta 5
  8. Salute Herr Larner! Let me congratulate you for the work on the JaSta 5 skins in general and my "personal" skin in particular, offcourse...They are wonderfull! Thank you very much! Salute! Josef Mai, Fhnr., JaSta 5
  9. Happy New Year and Salute Matt, Sounds really good! I'll check in to-night and try it out. Salute! Josef Mai, Fhnr. Jasta 5
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