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  1. I recommend this throttle console. I have used actively this Black second edition already six months and it has been wonderful. I am a VR flier with Oculus Rift and everything in the console can be used without looking it. Also the Service has been best possible. I have used the console with IL2 and WT. I include here a photo of my setup. It is not beautiful but I have targeted to maximum functionality without additional burden. I have a Warthog Joystick, tuned by myself, Thrustmaster pedals, Kanttoris throttle console, Gametrix Jetseat motorized seat, Oculus Rift Tough and a 46 inch Samsung display, which I normally cannot see. Computing power is i7 7700 and GeForce GTX 1080Ti. SS is fixt as 2 in SteamVR. https://www.kanttorinkone.com/images/pena_cockpit.jpg
  2. I have used the bigger version of this bomber throttle console about a month and it is exellent, no problems! Before I used Warthog throttle, but it is not well suited to IL2 planes. This console includes all needed and usability is excellent.
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