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  1. Rising from the ashes I have just come through a transition in life. Moved to the Pacific NW. Hope to see you guys soon.
  2. I updated my drivers and ran the game a few times problem vanished once again a happy camper.
  3. AFTER PATCH 2.004 Black screen when mission starts. The game seems to start ok I was able to get 1 quick mission going by restarting game after patch. After landing I restarted mission and it goes to black screen.
  4. I put this in my profiles folder and it does not show up as option?
  5. I also have returned after appx 8 months all I can say is wow. Thank you all who have helped me get back into the game in the multiplayer servers.
  6. Once again the =SE= SEA EAGLES will fly in the IL2 BOS/BOM skies. Join us if you are looking for a North American Squad. We only have 2 members that play so far. http://seaeaglesquadron.webs.com/or PM me. We have nothing special to offer other than friendship and a desire to maximize our experience in the game. I am looking for people who are willing to help build a new group.
  7. WTF well there goes what was looking to be an excellent game for squadrons. Why would you do this to us your loyal customers?
  8. I want it to be released soon so they can start on the next theater of war. Here is to hoping.
  9. Thanks I need anything that can help in navigation.
  10. From cock-fighting sense, a well-heeled cock was provided with sharp spurs and could inflict maximum damage.[1] Then it came along in American frontier slang to mean that one was well-equipped. In the modern sense, however, it means being armed with the most powerful weapon: money. You decide which definition I was referring too. Hint we don't need your money. We do need you to be available in the North American Time zone range.
  11. Ever wonder where is the ultimate gaming experience? Tired of the clickey clans that dont deliver? Do you want to maximize your enjoyment? Want to play as a coordinated team? Ever wonder why even though you are a good pilot you get owned by the other squad that obviously sticks together? Did you just lose your ass because your wing-man is off getting kills? Come to the =SE= Sea Eagles squadrons and learn how the actual WWII fighter pilots did it. Learn what it means to play as a tight knit squadron. Be part of a team of fellow gamers who are here to have fun and build on their piloting skills. You have spent the money for a gaming PC you have a hotas and Track IR, time to get serious. We are only here for a short time in this life. I know you, we have the same needs we have discovered the virtual space and revel in it. Now is the time, seize the moment. This is one of the best WWII combat flight sims available today arguably the best. Join us today and finally find that nirvana that's previously been out of reach.
  12. The Sea Eagles Squadron is recruiting. Serious, mature, well heeled Pilots may apply here http://seaeaglesquadron.webs.com/ . So far we have 5 members 2 are active US military pilots. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor, come help us build the squadron you have been dreaming about. Must be in North American timezone. No ranking system we are a team.
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