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  1. the soundtrack is also out on streaming services spotify, itunes, amazon etc. WotR has a full feature-length soundtrack, with 90 minutes of epic orchestra and choir. In a departure from the industry norm, you have something that matches the scale of war.
  2. What do you guys think about some tracks for CloD? I just released the OST for Wings over the Reich, and am itching for the scale a war provides.
  3. lol, you guys...you are, and will be. I can quietly confirm a soundtrack to match that scale, is being written right now. As for industry strategy, financial, creative and human resources go; I'll pick 2 dedicated guys and friends, over a 300+ member studio any day of the week. Working with a small, determined group of creatives, beats a bloated commercial mess for job satisfaction and fun.
  4. thanks Emil, I love the scope and scale of BoS. It's the kind of wonderful project any composer should dream of.
  5. I love CloD, and agree it's ahead of its time by at least 5 years. It's smooth, has atmosphere, scale and is streamlined in a way the others aren't. It has astronomical potential for the right development team. Yea, I also think there's scope for an expansive and in-depth soundtrack to go with it, I'd love to discuss with a great team.
  6. thanks. The idea would be to create a series of tracks based around the events of the game. Then have Pat add them to the menu screens in the campaign generator. I worked with Pat on ROF, and am hoping something similar can be done here. I'm looking at Russian composers for inspiration and material at the moment, I would be looking to write about an hour of new music, to support the substance of the game and player.
  7. I put this sketch together to get the ball rolling, by no means a final track, enjoy https://soundcloud.com/matt-milne-8/battle-of-stalingrad-themea
  8. Going back to cliffs of dover as an example, the scope and scale of it was so huge, it overwhelmed its tiny menu track. A good 2-hour soundtrack could not only match the scale of the war, and create a powerful sense of adventure and comradery, but also support and carve out your place in it. Putting you squarely in the middle of the greatest war on earth. Not only matching the developers vision, but going beyond it. No generation is more further removed from the world wars than today's crop of 12-30 somethings, whose parents and grandparents didn't fight or die for it. It's not just about your pilot or your plane, these games have an impact that goes beyond that, and a good soundtrack can reveal and support that. Introducing new generations to the ideas and sacrifices of those involved, is important, as well as creating a bigger sense of scale and adventure to match the scope of the game.
  9. I Did a few tracks for pat Wilson's campaign generator. After WOFF was released, ROF fans were wondering if a similar score could be done for them, I was happy to oblige. It was only a short score, but Pat was pleased with what he got. I would gladly do some new music for some of the IL2 games, if folks would be interested. Maybe a couple of suites to get us started, see how it goes.
  10. Not to bring up an old thread, but I would love to do some new music for Sturmovik as I did with Rof and Woff. I've been looking for something fun to score on the side, this would be awesome!
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