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    War Online:Pacific, new ww2 flight sim

    Free2Play, but "fueled" with "War Cash".
  2. No, the switch remaining permanent ON (or G permanent pressed) don't cause adverse effects, the command (G) is send for game only when switch change state "OFF to ON" not a repeatedly G,G,G... Since most common controllers used in DIY (e.g. BU0836, DSD12...) don't have programmed function for "ON to OFF" change state you need use keymapper for add this ability: Joy2Key, joystick Gremlin, SVMapper, HIDmacros, Xpadder... You don't need a ON-ON switch, just a ON-OFF, because keymapper software will add function for "ON to OFF" change state. The advantage of use latching switch for things like landing gear is that this type give you a visual/tactile feedback of landing gear status. Use a (ON)-OFF-(ON) type just mimic press G on keyboard. Switch up = landing gear up Switch down = landing gear down The limited Bo'X controls options - e.g. only "toggle G" for landing gear, can spoil the fun of use an dedicated switch panel, because if you don't do a careful "check list' before hit FLY - specially in air start can result in inverted situation, switch are down and landing gear are up.
  3. Sokol1

    SP campaigns disappeared after patch 4.54.0

    I there and no issue with campaigns in 4.54, the custom campaign installed still showing in GUI menu. E.g. Dunkirk (of Piper Kiev) run OK. TF Dynamic Campaign too, but think I install manually.
  4. Is know that the pompous S.M.A.R.T system (Sliding Motion Advanced Rail Tracks) on TWCS (and TFFP) are not an too smart solution and suffer from stiction. An common workaround is replace the grease in rails for one with better quality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIIRtjMR07A
  5. Yes, but like in many matters in game forums, is the minority that make more "noise" about.😀
  6. CloD clouds is lovely, a shame that are visible only in a limited "bubble" around plane. But these "new flames" still odious: 🤬 https://youtu.be/qanzWd852Lw?t=49
  7. Sokol1

    Crashing Tiger Moth in Trg missions

    Problem is with "Training (patience) Missions" scripts and triggers. That for this missions is buried in CloD code and not in mission folder, like campaign missions.
  8. You need clear old controllers from some config files in game folder, don't remember name now, but someone will help you soon.
  9. Video about configure "shift":
  10. Just observe: pot type B (linear response, not relative to "slide" physical shape), 10 to 50K. Sample: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9119
  11. Sokol1

    DCS news

    Yak-52 "cross country".
  12. User pictures: http://star-citizen-ru.ru/forums/topic/7873-obzor-luchshih-dzhoystikov-dlya-sc/?do=findComment&comment=192998 "Rapid fire" trigger work in both directions: https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=201168&d=1546390996
  13. Sokol1

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    Cujo I think in post the same thing (closing to 2000 hours gameplay).
  14. 15:00 Fire effect better than in CloD Blitz.
  15. You can't test throttle without TARGET installed, but just drivers for HID? TARGET are failing in create their "virtual stick".
  16. The problem is "device hid *** was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match" Happens with others game controllers too, seems drivers related: https://www.google.com/search?q=device+hid+was+not+migrated+due+to+partial+or+ambiguous+match&oq=device+Hid+was+not+m&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.6521j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  17. Sokol1

    VKB, Still...

    Kosmosima - for Beta tester.
  18. This event shows your problem, this windows should be blank for an working controller (I check my stick and rudder). Try contact Thrustmaster support with the above info.
  19. No, VKB don't use any "facy mapping software", but and firmware configurator, all user made custom settings is stored in controoler EPROM. For Windows/games is "PnP" using Windows HID drivers.
  20. Use delay in the code, between key press.
  21. You have too many controllers already recognized by IL-2, need clear some .cfg file in game folder - don't remember name now, someone may help.
  22. CH stick/pedal pot are CTS HP100A - 100 K https://www.radwell.com/en-US/Buy/CH PRODUCTS/HP100A In the - now "is history" - CH-Hangar had an email address for request replacement, some people even receive for free. Anyway this in Digikey have the same physical aspect, same axes 'D' reccess, besides this the only thing that really matter is their "effective electric angle" that need be 60º or less and not 270/300º like common pot's.
  23. AndyFrew MJoy16 is an old project (2004) based in ATMEGA16 mc - that don't have native USB support, but implement this by software. Their "son" MMjoy2 use better and low cost hardware, Arduinos boards based in ATEGA32u4, that have USB connection and internal ADC with 10 bits of resolution, and allow use external ADC like MCP3202/8 with 14 bits of resolution.