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  1. Furni, I don't know how Simped electronic is, only that is an old project, dated from ~1998/9 and thus their USB controller resolution is very low:- 4 bits - 128 points, even less than CH's (8). That guy in RoF forum use BUU0836 and new HALL sensor for improve this. What I don't understand in their mod is why he wire the new sensor in Simped circuit and then this circuit in BU0836. Try ask in that RoF forum may the guy still around. What I will try in that situation is test Simped sensor direct to BU0836 inputs - but this require extreme caution, because different than potentiometer, sensor don't survive wire inversions (+ by - or signal) that may damage BU0836 too, the correct way is first try identify the sensor used and search for datasheet for identify their pins. If this test show low resolution is due limitations of sensor. Then, I will ignore all Simped electronics and just install BU0836 and new Honeywell SS495A1 o Allegro A1324EAUT HALL sensor.
  2. Sokol1

    Engine throttles v2

    Looks good, the 'T' format for main handle help in keeps the balance. You can talk more about your experience with AS560o? Maybe create a topic about, how install, how calibrate, etc. this sensor is almost unknow in DIY communities.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ofc0HZK1imc https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/6584-забытые-русы-ручка-лопаты-от-лагг-ил-2-миг3-ла-5/?do=findComment&comment=644638 https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/6584-забытые-русы-ручка-лопаты-от-лагг-ил-2-миг3-ла-5/?do=findComment&comment=644905
  4. Sokol1

    DCS news

    Probable the majority of that user made missions are just air star for blow up stuff on ground just ahead, why they say "great fun".
  5. Sokol1


    In Controls > General > set a key for Map, for default is not assigned. Can select map too via click (right) on screen an select in pop-up menu.
  6. Sokol1

    Possible content for TF 6.0

    Thing is that implementation VR alone will not sell CloD for non VR users - that still the majority, many expect significantly fixes and improvement in game engine - even more than just new planes.
  7. That guy in RoF forum use a assemble box for fit BU0836X. As "B plan" - case you give up in rewire Cougar stick, may can fit BU0836X inside TQS case - removing the PCB there, is just a Diode Matrix circuit, not need for BU0836X. The only other modification need is add new 3 wires for connect TQS throttle pot to BU0836. Connect the buttons and axes inside TQS grip using the connector inside base - coming from grip, without any alteration. And save the Diode Matrix PCB and original pot connector/cable for the case that at give moment want reverse the modifications . Then connect pedal axes to BU0836X inside TQS - throttle require 5 axes and pedal 3 axes, just the number available in BU0836X.
  8. Under Steam settings > Controller un-check all boxes there, this is need for STEAM controller an prevents other joysticks to be detected. Is not need that you CH gear are visible there.
  9. BU0836X is too "overkill" for just rudder pedal, cost almost twice (BU0836A) and their only advantage is the integrated Shift Register, what make easy connect wires for buttons - what have no use in an rudder pedal. And their biggest physical size may create difficulties fit inside the pedal base. For Cougar joystick is not that simple. Because inside this stick grip are a Shift Register PCB with CD4021B IC for manage buttons/HAT, this circuit communicate with USB controller (main PCB) inside base trough a 5 wires connector using Serial Protocol. BU0836A/X don't have Serial Connection inputs - hence don't support external Shift Register (X have an integrated Shift Register, don't know what IC). Thus is required remove the actual Shift Register inside stick grip and make new connections for all 19 buttons + POV HAT (4 buttons) = means use at least 24 wires, what may became difficult pass through stick pole hole and implicate in remove that PS2 connector in stick "collar" nut. See the resulting "cobweb" in the above video. Same happens in TQS, but there is used an Diode Matrix instead Shift Register for manage buttons, what simplify use and BU0836A - but not BU0836X (this require redo wiring) or an Arduino. If instead are used an Arduino with code supporting Shift Register, nothing is need change inside grip/wiring. Of course one can use an BU0836X for this job, but is not the more practical solution. An ~$6 Arduino PRO Micro + MMjoy2 (freeware) firmware make thighs more practical/easy.
  10. If you install an new USB controller (e.g. Bodnar, Arduinos...) or get Real Simulator TUSBA adapter for you TQS you can't use TARGET anymore because this software look for Thrustmaster firmware ID. With new USB controller or TUSBA TQS became a standalone HID controller and use Windows HID drivers - became "plug and play", and their buttons/axes can be assigned in games controls. But third part software like Joystick Grenlim, Joy2Key... can supply keyboard emulation needs. BTW - An BU0836 (8 axes) could be used for Simped pedals (3 axes) and TQS (5 axes).
  11. Sokol1

    Tempest Mark V research

    At right - labeled "guns fire" is just the trigger button cover, not a switch. When this cover is closed show the label "guns safe" and allow operate the camera switch only. In this overhead picture is possible see this cover over rocker trigger. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/79/7e/3d/797e3d54888c50d9aa6148639f15f08e.jpg The trigger rocker switch can be pressed on top and bottom, probable on top for guns and bottom for rockets/bombs. And the half "clothespin" in front trigger box is mic PTT button. This AH8400 grip was used too in Hawker Fury, Vampire, Meteor IV, Spifire F22, F24, Spiteful.
  12. Sokol1

    Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    The tall T50 picture in il2.ru forum is user experimentation - at their own risk, with 100+75+50mm extensions = 225mm, length that don't allow use VKB Deskmount, hence need a custom mount.
  13. Sokol1

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    Based on progress showed in latest updates, 3D renders... release 5.0 pre-Christimas (2018) will be just... another "CloD release". Let them release when ready, even at Christmas 2020.
  14. This issue is not due throttle, neither game, but due how things work. Game, as IRL numbers engines from left to right - looking plane for behind, and in your domestic game throttle you need the main lever at right. So before swap between single and multi-engine planes, rest reassign throttle axes for match the option. Of course game controls GUI could make things more more easy if allow save joystick profiles per plane (like CloD, DCS, RoF) but... "will add difficult for new players".