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  1. Sokol1

    IL-2 and DCS comparison

    CloD has only partially clickable cockpits, far away from DCS standards. The only thing really need click is open fuel cock, is moot consider their 'clickability' as differential feature.
  2. Sokol1

    Force Feedback Pads

    Gametrix "FFB" seats (developed by VKB, who "gift" productions rights for 20 years...) was a market failure: 1 - Besides be for "niche of niche" , was released only in CIS market (Russia and neighbors). 2 - Native support for WT, WoT and some racing games. Productions stopped in ~2016*, but due efforts of Andre (Russia), who create software/support for DCS , became relatively popular outside of CIS. Andre shop (Russia) - out of stock: http://shop.gametrix.ru/vibronakidki.html * Due demand a replacement is been made, but under order - in batches, after collected 100 pre-orders, see there: https://forcefeel.tech/products/forcefeel
  3. Sokol1

    Force Feedback Pads

    Effects is supported by War Thunder, DCS - with 3rd part software, in IL-2:BoX only partial support in sound mode - hardware mode need exported data not available (yet).
  4. Sokol1

    Asymmetrical Dead Zone

    My old "green" T.16000M (and others in ED forum) have mechanical deadzone at end of X, Y axes - the sensor stop reading before grip movement reach the end of physical course. The way for minimize this issue is adjust + , - by trial and error, the 4 screws that hold gimbal spring in place. You problem - supposing that did calibration with Thrustmaster software (don't use archaic Windows calibration), suggest a play in forward movement of gimbal, if request replacement under warranty is out of question, rest open the base and inspect.
  5. Sokol1

    Asymmetrical Dead Zone

    T.16000M stick use a simplified version of Warthog compression gimbal, like in this made in plastic, not way to have '0' mechanical deadzone.
  6. Instant fixed (snap view) - while holding* the keys, for zoomed gunsight already exist in game, is Numpad 'Del,' plus '8'. For whatever reason this "snap view" is not listed in controls and can't no be re-assigned, e.g. for Numpad #8 only. With joystick software you can use this command as "toggle" if want.
  7. Sokol1

    Home built yoke

    Leo Bodnar controllers is 12 bits - 4.096 'points'.
  8. Sokol1

    Thrustmaster TPR

    Precise should be, after all use same HALL sensor (Melexis) of Warthog (H.E.A.R.T). Claim that BRD or MFG or Slaw or VKB or Tm has more precise sensors is moot - all have more precision than our foots can handle. I wonder why MFG users don't did this themselves : 3D Print a combat foot rest.
  9. Sokol1

    Thrustmaster TPR

    Not impressive in this "CAM" times, the old tweezers with "detent" (CH, Saiteks...) center system. 🙄 Simmer impression
  10. After several attempts I see a truck with big wheels my cross a bridge - in early version of CloD, after some MG patch the road paths became broken too and became difficult that vehicle follow the direction of bridge, complicating more the issue. You see the truck jumping over the "invisible wall" or "steep", their big wheels help, what show that bridges are not in same level of adjacent terrain. http://i48.tinypic.com/4uwj6t.jpg http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showpost.php?p=498656&postcount=3
  11. Is in CloD (IL-2 Cliffs of Dover). The "ant" behavior is relatively common to vehicles in flight games, in CloD is practically "cut & past" from il-2:46. CloD vehicles issues is more complex: inability to follow road paths in several areas, not be able to cross bridges, due a "invisible wall" around bridges...
  12. Sokol1

    Thrustmaster TPR

    Another price speculation: "Pricing and availability hasn’t been officially announced yet, but our PR contact hinted it will cost around $500 (£373)."
  13. Sokol1

    Thrustmaster TPR

  14. Is because you have some "gamey engine management aids" ON, like cruise control, radiator control. If want manage all, use Custom settings and uncheck all aids for engine - for convenience leave "engine start warmed" (or something similar) OFF don't need await engine warm-up. And as Spartan85 say, mind you that no all planes IRL has prop pitch, mixture... on levers (axis), some use electric ON-OFF switches.
  15. You need use CH Manager at least for correctly calibrate their controllers - don'use the archaic Windows calibration. Can by said that CH sticks is the most durable existent - but they are old tech now ("clunk" gimbal, potentiometers, obsolete 8 bits USB controller...). But for what matter: they will work OK in IL-2 series, use CH Manager for "press joy button for press keys" is optional and not really need, but has some conveniences.