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  1. An (write) review: https://www.reddit.com/r/hotas/comments/asxej8/kosmosima_review/
  2. Is not for all, but "deskmount" is a more ergonomic solution than stick over desk.
  3. See this: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4445294/p51d-throttle-quadrants#Post4445294
  4. Sokol1

    Something bugging me

    JSGME is an option, set controls for planes, then copy the "Input" folder for JGSME - rename as convenient, then make another set for tanks and copy. Load as needed before start the game. Or use Joystick Gremlin or Joy2Key and create "profiles", you can change then in game, but require dedicate a joystick or throttle button for this function.
  5. Your topic will get better visibility from other TARGET users if you post inside IL-2:GB main forum, this "technical assistance" is inside IL-2: Cliffs of Dover section. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/18-hardware-software-and-controllers/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/
  6. Is not need other game for test if throttle work OK, open Windows Games Controllers - type joy.cpl in Start/Cortana box and hit enter, select you joystick and test. If throttle are working OK in this test, I bet that the issue is because you guys are leaving some engine "aids" active in game controls - "cruise control" or something similar, then the AI control throttle.
  7. To be honest instead see an "new bomber with 4 engines", I prefer that exiting bombers have their functions working correctly, without "workaround", e.g. Lorenz landings fixed, Ju-88 controls fixed... etc. etc.
  8. Sokol1

    help with controll settings

    No, CloD controls don't recognize mouse wheel axis as command. Zoom (zoom camera) is assigned for mouse Y axis plus a modifier key/button, default assignment is "mouse left" (button). See note in (1). Then, press mouse left and move mouse back and forth, this result in a somewhat awkward "zoom". (1) Note - This default assignment of modifier for mouse Y axis in "mouse left" (button) cause an conflict in gunner turrets, because "mouse left" are assigned for "fire current weapon (of turret), then when you press "mouse left" for fire machines guns you are not able to move aim anymore, because game expected that you intend... "zoom camera". BTW - In Options > Controls > Camera the names of commands for "zoom camera" and "offset camera" are inverted in between, case you want change assignments: This confusion is an typical "It's CloD!", what dev's don't bother in fix this in default assignments, when pointed ~7 years ago. EDIT - In CloD if you don't use TrackIR you are very limited/restricted in POV control. As "workaraound" I use Joy2key mouse emulation in joystick HAT, an achieve this, included "zoom"and "offset": Related topic: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26076&p=303272&viewfull=1#post303272 In the video clicks in gunsight controls is just for show that "cockpit mouse click'abilty" still working.
  9. Sokol1

    Fokker D-VII "HOTAS"

    Cynic-AI No is not mine, these controls are replica made by Engels Achim for a replica of D.VII: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2145618568814194/photos/ But some guys are in the process of flight simulation, see this topic: https://forums.mudspike.com/t/fokker-d-vii-control-stick/7874 The first throttle lever is for low altitude flight, and the second for high altitude, and has an "detent" before enter in boost regime. MG triggers work like shotgun triggers, can use one or another or both simultaneous.
  10. Sokol1

    Fokker D-VII "HOTAS"

    Throttle has "detent" for boost. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2145618568814194/permalink/2430500373659344/
  11. Lancaster, keep CloD "British".
  12. For an more P-51 operation ideally is should turn base 45º, see this support - front part has attachment for this deskmount clamp. https://www.cockpitphd.com/cpsqs.html And 3DPrint levers - throttle lever may require reinforcement due leverage. Can rewire one of this rockers buttons for a "mic" button in throttle grip. 453Raafspity has some drawings for a "replica" parts. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4458204/re-p51d-throttle-quadrants#Post4458204 Here 3D (Sketchup) or this quadrant, can use for do some drawings. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/5e01344ce1f84400c94c0075b8696c7f/Saitek-Pro-Flight-Throttle-Quadrant?hl=en
  13. If you Gladiator Mk.I is "vanilla" - non PRO*, need this "Upgrade Kit Lite" - not released yet. The advertisement is old, don't list Kosmosima because at time are not available. https://vkbcontrollers.com/?product=gladiator-upgrade-kit-lite-w-mcg-bundle-2 * Gladiator Mk.I PRO is not compatible due different connector (A).
  14. If the game limit inputs to the usual 8 axes, 32 buttons and POV HAT, combine controllers in one virtual device will not overcome this limitation. E.g. Virpil throttle has more than 32 buttons and in that games (e.g. IL-2:46, CloD...) only 32 is assignable direct in controls GUI. In IL-2: Bo'X series you can use up to 64 buttons, in DCS World up to 128 buttons, but both games still limiting axes in 8 per controller, seems that in X-Plane can use up to 32 axes.