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  1. Yak-9 there: http://virtpilot.org/документы-и-технические-описания/
  2. Just understand how Gladiator default button profile is - set by VKB thinking in IL-2 Sturmovik: Bo'X', and assign the buttons like you want. * The default profile, name of controls is just suggestions, press the trigger in mode 2 (green LED) will not press "wheel brakes", if want use in this way, need assign in game controls: Notice that in Mode 1 (red LED), default mode, buttons numbers are one, in Mode 2 (green LED) the buttons numbers change, same when "pinky" (shift) button is pressed: Pinky button is defined as "shift" for top buttons and POV HAT, don't affect base buttons.* Mode button (default is RED led on) change only grip buttons, don't change base buttons.* * This (not the best) decision limiting buttons was made thinking in typical Bo'X' "new player", keeping buttons count bellow 32 (Gladiator Njoy32 controller handle up to 128 buttons), because guys may will test buttons in the (obsolete) Windows Game Controllers and don't seeing buttons above # 32, will complain that "Gladiator has DOA buttons". BO'X see up to 64 buttons (DCS and X-Plane up to 128 buttons), hence what are "broken" is (obsolete) Windows Game Controllers. * And user made assignments is a high personal thing - depends on plane preference, game "realism", SP or MP preference... who will assign "Zoom In" in joystick trigger? Me, Gladiator Pinky+trigger = Zoom In. 😜
  3. Don't cry over spilt milk, just make the choice: "alternate visibility" and "visibility... restrict, maybe? Both are "correct", depends on how one look at. 😀
  4. You can't. The axes X, y in yoke X, Y remaining in the middle when don't used interfere in joystick X,Y axes. Since the game don't allow save individual assignments (per plane), rest go to Key binds, remove joy axes and assign yoke axes and vice versa, what whatever we like, it only takes seconds.
  5. Their F-18 grip is made in aluminum and not in jewelry pot metal like in famous grips. Gimbal is a kind of "pincers" (like in TRP, early VKB, BRD gimbals...) with profiles. https://youtu.be/kd4VcIeRLds
  6. "There are more things in computers and games, than are dreamt of in our philosophy."
  7. Yes - at least in theory, VirPil grips use same mechanical and electronic connection than Warthog.
  8. New web site with stock for sale, with 5% off in Crosswind Pedals and 20% off in extensions for Warthog.
  9. Korea is interesting because allow jet "guns, guns" what WWII don't allow, unless in a new... "1946". Anyway way KTO looks more interesting than, e.g. Battle of Berlin or Normandy. Do KTO don't mean leave WWII for good and 1950's jet's can win new heart and minds, of course not from "do another Bf 109 variant" crowd.
  10. Actual external "Go PRO" camera settings allow make "gun cam" movies, no need "WWV" for this.
  11. Start/Cortana box, type: gpedit.msc Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Store Set Enable for all Disable options. After all, who need Microsoft Store running all time? https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/a8405957-5025-427e-9405-331b1a8dde21/uninstall-or-disable-the-microsoft-store?forum=win10itprogeneral
  12. This kind of "radio simulation" is for DCS standards, for this game a VOIP like in ARMA3 is OK, can talk to all on your side, to guys that join a squad, can mute inconvenient guys... Besides some WWII era radios are very limited, TR.9D (HF) used by RAF fighters in B of B: - "The TR.9D operated in lower HF, between 4.3 to 6.6 MHz. It was crystal controlled, and had a range of 5 miles air-to-air, and 35 miles air-to-ground." - "A further handicap was that an aircraft transmitter-receiver carried only one channel, so there was no communication between squadrons," - “Pip-Squeak was the code word for (IFF) equipment installed in at least two key aircraft in each RAF Sector Station’s Flight or Squadron. When enabled, Pip-Squeak regularly keyed the Hurricane or Spitfire radio transmitter, usually a TR9D, for 14 seconds every minute (prevent their use as RT), to allow ground-based direction finding stations to take bearings and thereby determine the position of the Squadron Leader’s aircraft and hence the general location of his Squadron.” Latter TR1133 VHF version (e.g. in Spit. IV) have four channels.
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