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  1. How this specific hangar is called? Static > Buildings > Airfields - contains only the "Blister Hangar", a curved type. Listed too in Buildings > Airfield. Static > Buildings > Hangars - have more models, but not the one in OP picture. Buildings > List the same models, but separated by countries (England, France, Germany).
  2. Alternatively to (obsolete) Windows Game Controllers use VKB Button Tester, if buttons blink there is OK.
  3. Thad subliminal message: "If you want drive tanks, do this in IL-2: Tank Crew"...because (CloD) Maddox Games TA Sports is out or your reach. 😜
  4. Seems this version of vJoy is compatible with Windows 10 (1903). https://github.com/jshafer817/vJoy/releases/tag/v2.1.9.1
  5. Not specifically, but have read many testimony that this virtual* axis work OK. Example: https://www.reddit.com/r/HotasDIY/comments/ixwa5x/using_logitech_momo_racing_ffw_as_rudder_pedals/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFwRyuZp3Yc * I use VKB T-Rudder for rudder control, and use half of VKB Gladiator twist axis (left) for create an new virtual axis for "wheel brakes", but set this axis in VKB DevCfg (firmware configurator) software.
  6. I keep an original version running up to 2013 or 14, but in a Windows 7 install. Try but are not able to make run in Windows 10. Try install the DVD will not help because Steam automatically update for 4.312, I think. Other thing, when you go test, rename the actual 1c folder in Documents (used by Blitz 5.00x), because the original version use the same folder, and .ini has differences, besides the 64 bits version, DirectX has upgraded too. When testing the 2011 don't open Blitz or will mess the .ini's , and after rename the 2011 folder e put back the one for blitz. An guy in SimHQ that are running this original version up to ~2016 swear that in original version with 2 first patches only AI behave better that actually. The posterior "performance" patches (trying improve FPS) made by Luthier broken the game in several way's, e.g. ruin spline lines, make AI more dumb. Despite the myriad of bug/issues some things are better than actually, like fires spreading in the wing, spray of leaking's...
  7. Install Joystick Gremlin, merge (car pedals) brake and accelerator axes in one new virtual axis, assign this axis for game YAW. problem solved.πŸ˜‰
  8. Can, but don't result in the "cheat" a la IL-2 Sturmovik 2001 that OP want. E.g. for Bf 109, Blenheim, Hurricane... that allow set flaps down/up in 1 to 1 degree, the axis became a on-off-on control, so move the slider ~20ΒΊ down don' make the flaps lower 20ΒΊ, just start lower flaps, and if the inverse command is not send, will lower all possible. And the speed of lower movement don't follow the slider speed, so no "instant" flap down or up. In resume, just allow use a spare axis as command like a button/key.
  9. Thing is, the DR3 disk now included in CloD "manuals" for DIY assembly is not a TFS thing, is a VO101_TOM work, done before join TFS, using scanned images of an real DR3 disk, so I guess if he have a DR2 disk at hand... πŸ˜‰ BTW - An interactive flash version is available there: https://clodtools.weebly.com/ An here how use can use this Flash version in game, in real time, through Steam browser: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28790&p=312021&viewfull=1#post312021 Can use in IL-2: GB too:
  10. CloD FMB functions basically allow visually place objects, plane/vehicles routes (waypoints)... This editor was unfinished when original developers abandon the game, and remain "as is", so have only 3 pre-made scripts for triggers and 1 for action, that became non functional if an C# script is added to the mission. For events variety is need C# scripts, done outside (VIsual Studio, Notepad++...) and added in FMB Edit > Scripts > script box. With script you can make that recon flight reveal targets on map, putting a icon in the place for the side of plane that make the recon. But the function has an "It's CloD!" (shortcoming/limitation/awkward way...), if the Recon was made by human player, this player will no see the icon in this map). From: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=34676&highlight=show+user+label&page=2 Several vehicles and objects have an "destroyed" version. See this example, a bombed area with damaged objects. The bomb crater is an object and damage planes if they run over. Truck destroyed: http://jimeez.weebly.com/uploads/7/5/7/2/7572658/5887952.jpg?941 Pictures from there (download links for templates no more functional, Aiwarfare "is history" now).😜 I don't know nothing about C# script creation. You may find better help about FMB/scripts in ATAG or TWC forums, but now most of CloD "script'ers" are "retired". Regard Channel (bob) or Tobruk versions of objects/vehicles, excluding few vehicles available only in Tobruk map, most vehicles object have can be use in both maps. Just in object/vehicle properties > Actor tick the box > "Show skin" and select the "tech skin" appropriated, "default" and "summer" for Channel and "desert" for Tobruk, same is applied to Crew Uniform. Default is Army ~light brow uniform, RAF blue uniform and Desert an yellowish uniform. "Mixed" put bot types (RAF and ARMY) together in some vehicles, e.g. in a Bus. BTW - For see "persons" and their uniforms Conf.ini nee have, under [Core] section. SpawnHumans=1
  11. In Mudspike - the introduction is an insight of the war in the North Africa on the period (1940-42). https://www.mudspike.com/il-2-desert-wings-tobruk-part-1-the-desert-war/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=il-2-desert-wings-tobruk-part-1-the-desert-war
  12. The "Tobruk" only contend are the planes and some ground vehicles - besides de map, of couse; specific for North Africa scenery. No reason for use then in the Channel, and if player don't own Tobruk, have no access for example at Bf 109 F's even non tropical versions. But if is a "what if scenery" the solution is you make a version of the mission for those who own Tobruk and one only for those who own only Channel map. Tobruk - At top of mission .mis file: [PARTS] core.100 bob.100 tobruk.100 Channel - remove the tobruk.100 reference, as well any plane, vehicle specific of Tobruk package. [PARTS] core.100 bob.100 BTW - I load mission 1 - just remove the Tobruk reference and at start two fishing boats colide, case this was not intentional, put some separation in between. Paths for AI vehicles on ground/sea may differ from what run in FMB and what run when start the game and load this mission normally. seem this two Static616 ShipUnit.Boat_Fishing_Medium1 gb 319915.75 226634.22 -75.00 /sleep 0/skill 2/slowfire 1 Static615 ShipUnit.Boat_Fishing_Medium1 gb 319915.75 226638.20 -30.00 /sleep 0/skill 2/slowfire 1 Change coordinates of their position a bit (specially the first) in mission code (lines above), find then in FMB will be difficult. Other detail, player don't have plane, is just spectator, this was planed? This is OK for MP, and for SP pPlayer can take control of any flyable aircraft of the mission, if have the correct options and controls set, but many people don't know this. The scenery are good, well decorated places and the tank battle are running well, with some knocked out. BTW - If takeoff is required put windsock (Static > Environment) near the runway, for educate players about wind. Put some Static Camera for some key points of the scenery, eg. the tank battle, adjusting their height for ground level (minimal 2 meters).
  13. No, CLOD is not officially open for MOD's. Early when parts of their code are accessible with Keygets, few people did some "aberrations" combining parts, nothing creative or worth notice. 😜 And the complexity of engine discouraged the traditional MOD'ers of IL-2: 46.
  14. This animation is not applied to player plane. "Band-daid": 😜 With an keymapper software - e.g. JoyToKey, set a button for bail out (change assignment for single key, e.g. Numpad*, CLoD don' like of JoyTokey Alt/Ctrl/Shift+key), on button press and F2 on button release. Then at start of jump animation camera change for external side and you see pilot outside of plane, with camera now following the pilot. The pilot not exactly leave the cockpit like you see AI done, but appear outside, since things happens fast no big deal. I don't understand why someone need a "HUD" saying "canopy open", "pilot bail out", this is visually obvious. Messages like these don't worth nothing, just pollute the screen. BTW - In game animations list are 8 animations for bail out, including 3 "problems" for open canopy (blister). Of course, are not used. 😁
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