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  1. In what plane, some have different flap operations, so may you are testing in the wrong plane fo this set. - Press once for Down of Up : IL-2, Spitfire... - Press and hold until desired angle: Lagg-3, Bf 109... - Press sequential (flaps with more than two defined positions)- Ju 87 Stuka, Fw 190...
  2. Try this adjust for encoders: Or this setup, setting encoders as axes: Follow instructions there: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/13834-gladiator-nxt-профили/?do=findComment&comment=797994 Can have two axis "grade": coarse and fine adjust.
  3. Do a axis calibration in WIndows Game Controllers (joy.cpl) or better with DView. DView calibration. And test in a Quick Mission in CUSTOM mod, with all AI engine "aids" turned off.
  4. Here an option for set this encoders like an analog axis with porportional output: http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5047&p=44824&hilit=trim#p44868
  5. This is true, but the problem is that Nvidia VGA with "M" suffix (like OP 960M) are for laptop, that seems don't have all features of desktop VGA models, several people complaining about some graphics issues like cross hair don't rendering correct are using laptop with this VGA cards.
  6. Early in CloD "drama" something similar was created, but was defeat by AI issues, e.g. in a 1x1 scenery enemy flight ignoring player.
  7. Look at TCA Quadrant manual, page 4, you can disable the "virtual buttons" of idle detent (not usefull in WWII planes) - need install Trhustmaster drivers for create the TCA tab in Windows Game Controllers, and can disable the mechanical detent's - see in page 7, having a clear axes. https://ts.thrustmaster.com/download/accessories/manuals/TCA_Quadrant/TCA_Quadrant Airbus_Edition_user_manual.pdf Or just assign the axes manually, editing the file current.action in \Data\input folder.
  8. Nope, no reason for this. Not everyone use the the same controllers: - An guy with CH controllers, that has only press buttons use one these buttons for "Toggle landing Gear" command (the same of G key). - An guy with VirPil throttle, Warthog throttle, button box can use an ON-OFF latching switch for the commands Lower Gear and Raise Gear, and have a control with visual and tactile feedback of landing gear control position. See the difference? Some guys just want play a video game, don't care about controls, others want "simulate fly a virtual plane" with mo
  9. Nvidia "M" cards cause graphics issues in CloD, like gunsight light disappear.
  10. At some time unfinished Spade grips appear in eBay with regularity, seems copies cast in Australia. EDIT - Find one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spitfire-Aircraft-Control-Column-Kit/114690515479
  11. Sokol1

    steam reason

    Yes, the "CD" is just for this, a collection object. The version of the game in the "CD" is old and have no use, why you don't even need open the "CD" package, just type the serial in STEAM, that automatically will do what is need, download and install the game and updates. A win win situation. BTW - You don't need launch the game from inside STEAM interface if don't want, but need keep STEAM running minimized.
  12. Only weather layers, and require that mission maker set manually.
  13. I have no problems with Beau takeoff... neither reason for load 100% of fuel. 😜
  14. Open Windows Game Controllers (click in Start button and type joy.cpl). Select CH throttle and in properties test if their axis goes from 0 to ~100%. If don't reach 100% you have an issue with throttle calibration. If reach 100% but not in game probable you have some AI engine "aids" ON, test in CUSTOM mode with all options turned off, minus engine warm-up (if want) and external view(allow spectator).
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