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  1. AFAIK Only the registered version of Xpadder allow set delays, in a very cumbersome way. Try with Joystick Gremlin.
  2. Use Joystick Gremlin and merge the two pedals axes in one virtual axis and assign this new axis in IL-2:Bo'X https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/
  3. You are missing this: Player are no allowed to manipulate any controls during engine start-up and shutdown, to to just press "E" key or a joy button if you remap.
  4. Soon, Corsair's over Normandy. 😜
  5. I use VKB T-Rudder Mk.II and like, specially of their down-up operation, don't became tiresome in long use like conventional pedals based in legs and ankles movement. T-Rudder is "high end" (mechanically and electronically) like MFG, VPC, TPR, but packaged at an average price ~$220, with basic features -rudder only, and few adjusts. "Toe brakes" is not indispensable in Bo'X because all planes have "differential brakes" modeled, but necessary for some planes of DCS, CloD. A trade for medium price and high quality.
  6. Looks like flat'earths explaining their hypothesis. 😜
  7. Samples of DIY Rudder pedals: https://uploads.mudspike.com/optimized/3X/2/f/2f31f2f2da2eb0c70fc46c067ba1178c1b6a149a_2_666x500.jpg https://forums.mudspike.com/t/diy-rudder-pedals/5099/52 https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/4c/46/4c/ac/26/1347fd1fd595aff4db85d1cd5766e28d_preview_featured.JPG https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3475445/apps
  8. This AI looks like people in multiplayer. 😜
  9. SB-QB code (3rd picture) is from Luftwaffe's FAGr 5 - Fernaufklärungsgruppe 5 ~long-range reconnaissance group for support U-Boats in the "Battle of Atlantic", that operate Junkers Ju-290A in Mont-de-Marsan. Ju-290 A-3 code SB-QJ is show in this page. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Junkers_Ju_290 https://www.amazon.com.br/Shadow-over-Atlantic-Luftwaffe-U-boats/dp/1472820452
  10. Not really wrong with T.16000M in their price range - up to $60, being best option than Logitech 3D PRO and Tm Hotas X/4. Has pros - contact less sensor (Melexis Hall sensor 3D MLX90333, same or Warthog and X-56) and 16 buttons + POV HAT. And cons - low cost/quality potentiometer in twist rudder ( and throttle), with good amount of complains about rudder issues. Although count 16 buttons, only 4 are in grip, and grip don't have pinky button - what if available will double grip functions. Six buttons on base is in the "wrong" side. Thing is for $30 (or up to $90/100) more VKB Gladiator is a much more well engineered (twist rudder with contacless sensor), possibility to upgrade grip for SGG, is more durable... and has their own cons. But since their additional cost and shipping is issue, get T16000M.
  11. For £200 your best (quality) option is: €69,42 - VKB gladiator Mk.II - sales price, normal is 80/90. €20.00 - VKB grip adapter kit €77,69 – €111,57 - VKB SCG Kosmosima grip (Lite or Premium) Lite version is equals to Warthog grip in number of buttons, Premium version has one 5 way HAT more. BTW - VKB gladiator original KG-12A grip worth €30 in sim forums, due their Luftwaffe grip appearance, an guy want one for use as shift knob in hot-hod. In future you can expand this with VKB TECS (not released yet) throttle and (optionally) rudder pedals. So for €168 or €202 you have a desktop joystick with contactles sensor in X, Y and twist rudder axes, 32 or more buttons. Don't be impressed by Saitek's HOTAS format or more axes or lights, their quality don't worth.
  12. You know, some guys want all versions of Bf 109 possible. 😜
  13. Saw the movie today - in a empty movie theater with reclined chairs, air conditioning, paying the equivalent of 2.60 US dollar. The popcorn and tea drink cost more. Overall I like, minus the cheese air action CGI (in Pear Harbor very meh!), and Hollywood exaggeration like the anchor used for kill Guido, what's wrong with the kerosene barres filled of water? No BS love story, only some guys wives, what fit OK, but the narrative is a bit slow. The "AF" trick could be done better, a john doe audience may don't understand what happens. But my "grognard" side like the good attention to the planes depicted, with their correct controls in cockpit, I smiled when the Zero pilot use the trigger lever in throttle handle to shoot at Guido. Could be better? Yes, but was ways better than Pear Harbour, Red Tails.
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