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  1. Sokol1

    Joystick not working

    You can't, as I said, CloD POV HAT controls is the "plastered" system inherited from il-2:1946 with limited 30º increments. In Bo'X you can select between four different modes, can adjust camera inercia... and more.
  2. You have assign button number 5 to press "Left Control". Is that - a modifier, just what you want?
  3. An well know flaw of T.16000M is that twist rudder use a common low price/quality potentiometer, device subject to wear with use, what cause erratic reading (spikes). Alias what is common in "entry level" cheap joysticks and even in the more expensive Logitech/Saitek X-5/6x line. If you have experience with solder iron can replace this potentiometer, the model used is CTS 251B12T104A2NB.
  4. Since the actual moment is bad for buy controllers, keep your T.16000M* for a while an buy the rudder pedal, the throttle, can chose for example the VirPil model, overall the more flexible of the market. Although the promised ~$ 200 VKB TECS are promised for "soon™ (well, VKB calendar is based in Nibiru orbit... ). * If you have some DIY skill and solder practice can do a simple mode in T.16000M installing a "pinky" (press) button wired in parallel with some of the base buttons in the "wrong" side. This button became a "shift", allowing use more 8 virtual buttons (4 in HAT) in the grip.
  5. Sokol1

    Joystick not working

    You need assign POV HAT controls in the same way , in CONTROLS > PAN and/or SNAP VIEW sections. But when/if you pass the initial "casual gameplay" interest , may want a better camera control than the obsolete PAN and SNAP of CloD - just a leftover of IL-2:46. Without buy or DIY assembly a headtrack device, the better (IMO) option is use mouse camera control through emulation of mouse movement with POV HAT. See this video - how set linked in description.
  6. Up to $500 the best compromise between cost/quality/features is: Joystick: VKB NXT Premium - $ 130 - see this review Rudder Pedal: VKB T-Rudder ~ $ 200 or spend a bit more and get MFG Crosswind for $ 300 Throttle: Thrustmaster TWCS ~ $ 120 or CH PRO Throttle ~$ 150 - just because are the lower cost throttle models, and no option bellow ~$ 250 You have options like Thrustmaster FCS HOTAS/Flight Pack or Saitek X52, X-56, but they are overpriced actually (due MS2020, Star Wars Squadron, COVID) and in features/quality lag behind above options.
  7. Probable you remember of Kanttorin Kone, who make throttles, but not joystick. https://www.kanttorinkone.com/console.html
  8. Sokol1

    Joystick not working

    For start - have basic controls, you can just use JoystickWizzard.exe located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz Open and follow the instructions in the screen. maybe this video help: https://youtu.be/Xeh2sNp7c9U Or for an more advanced/refined assignment, test and tuning axes, in Main click in Options > Controls, select Axes tab. https://youtu.be/dfthoegyk8E Select an control, e.g. aileron, in the box asking for "press a key" - move the axis of joystick to be detected, hit APPLY, do the same for other controls.
  9. Luck that this Q-Flash is "bullet proof", don't write the wrong BIOS, in the past some people brick motherboards loading the wrong BIOS.
  10. Due several updates, the "devices.txt" in Input folder became "confuse", rename or delete this file, start the game and assign the controls again.
  11. Sokol1


    Fascinating, very high tech, they look like they're flying like a glider. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQUl_hf6yo8
  12. Delete the "devices.txt" in Input folder, and assign again.
  13. Try "old school" method. Format an USB stick with FAT32. In Windows Explore right click over, choose format and FAT32. - Here an guy say that can't use stick above 32 GB size. EXTRACT the downloaded BIOS file for the stick. Plug the sick in one USB port - don't use the blue ones. Power on the computer and press DEL for access Q-Flash, or enter (F2) in BIOS Advanced Mode and in menu choose BIOS Update.
  14. This is easy, is using the numbers 1,2 - 4,5 - 7,8 ... after access TAB-4 (Mission) menu: See, using numbers 1 and 2 for increase or decrease the target distance in 50 meters increments. In the same way you can adjust Up<>Down, Left<>Right, in bigger or small increments. Fro example you set an Spitfire convergence for 200 meters, so adjust the target distance for 200 meters. See target at 200 meters, distance is show in console Info Window, in white letters. Then change the camera for the target (CTrl+F2) and fire, in need adjust height or side position.
  15. Try: In controls assignment, first press and hold the brake pedals, open the assignment window, e.g. for right brake, release the pedal. After in needed invert the axis, clicking in the curved arrow.
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