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  1. Yes, I post about your work in 4 forums (DCS, SimHQ, ATAG, Gavca) and Reddit, few comments. I am not a Discord user, but this (confuse) platform have DIY treads, may there is a good place for post.
  2. LOL, perfect Mod for Monostripezebra.
  3. WG_Magners. How about support for external ADC, e.g. MCP32x, like in MMjoy2 firmware. Argument about STM32 internal ADC: "The nominal resolution of an ADC is not the only metric you need to look at. There is also sample rate & SNR of the ADCs. Said bluntly, the two internal ADCs are really cheap. There is so much noise, that your effective resolution will be more like 8-9 Bit. If you have your axis in idle at an ideally steady voltage output, the digital read out of the ADC will still fluctuate quite a lot. Let's be optimistic and say you can't differentiate +-1 digits of your nominal value because of ADC noise. That means of your nominal 12 Bit resolution (4096 points), you can effectively only differentiate ~1365 absolute points. This means you have an effective resolution of only about 10,4 Bit. One solution is digitally averaging the input while sacrificing output sample rate."
  4. From DCS forum: You just need plug CH stick, throttle, pedal in a USB port for windows install with HID drivers. As alternative for keymaper software - if this really matter, can try with Joystick Gremlin+vJoy. BTW - DView provide better calibration that obsolete (Win95 legacy) Windows Games Controllers (joy.cpl). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3Ut4R1O-Sw Why? Allow do calibration manually and so set custom values, as in the video above. Set deadzones Set saturation DXTweak is another option, with similar functions, plus curves (attention to 32 and 64 bits version).
  5. None is "PnP" supported. But work with third part software, look in DCS forum. Can use the lower module and part of the middle, because the display require specific output data.
  6. TrueGey In Kantorrin Kone page are a good tutorial about Joystick Gremlin/vJoy usage: https://www.kanttorinkone.com/setup.html
  7. How you have set only half of twist for "wheel brakes"? The "S" configuration in game controls don't have authority for cancel half of the axis (like "saturation" do in DCS controls), hence your "wheel brakes" is always partially applied. Is need do external calibration like the two examples I post above, for cancel half (right or left) of twist axis.
  8. In game controls GUI - like is possible in DCS or CloD, no way for set a modifier button or key. But you can set this manually editing current.action file, including there the button choose as modifier for a give command. An Example: Your stick button 2 (b2) is choose as "shift" (the modifier button that will modify other buttons action). You set button 1 (b1) for fire Machine Guns, and want that when you press and hold "shift" button (b2) button 1 (b1) fire rockets. So in game controls GUI you set: machineguns_fire, joy1_b1, 0| // Fire weapon group 1 (machine guns) weapon_group3_fire, joy1_b1 , 0| // Fire weapon group 3 (rockets) Notice that the same button (b1) are making two actions, what is not you want, so go to current.action and change for: machineguns_fire, joy1_b1, 0| // Fire weapon group 1 (machine guns) weapon_group3_fire, joy1_b1+joy1_b2 , 0| // Fire weapon group 3 (rockets) Now b1 will only fire rockets if b2 is pressed. And so on for each function that you want. Advantage of this method, you can set a button in joystick 1 (joy1), eg. a VKB gladiator, for modify the buttons in a TWCS throttle (joy2), that use a different USB port. weapon_group3_fire, joy1_b1+joy2_b2 , 0| // Fire weapon group 3 (rockets) Option 2 - using a keymapper software (Joystick Gremlin, JoyTokey, RS-Mapper, SVMapper, Xpadder). Here I show a example with JoyTokey for set a key press - through a joystick button, as modifier. JoyToKey is very simple to use, no install is required, can be started after game, and simple to configure, but don't have advanced functions, like delays, pause. And JoyToKey, SVMapper, RS-Mapper may don't work for combo keypress - due game short timing between keypress, e.g. button joystick 10 send "LCtrl+F", game see F, LCtrl+F. Then, for this combos you need use Joystick Gremlin or XPadder, setting "delay between LCtrl and F. Other consideration, most of this softwares only allow you set a button in joystick 1 only for modify buttons in joystick 2. So as "universal tool" rest Joystick Gremlin, that use vJoy for create a virtual joystick combining your joystick and throttle. vJoy may are a bit PITA to install in some computers, but is the price for the functionality. BTW - What are you HOTAS?
  9. Mosquito don't save Britain, but help in defeat Germany.
  10. "Toe brakes" work for planes with "toe brakes" (bf 109, P-xx, i16...), but not for planes with "differential brakes" (IL-2, Yak, Spit...) In other games (e.g. DCS) you can "cheater" assign both "toe brakes" axis for "wheel brakes" (e.g Spit), but in Bo'X this trick don't work well, since will mess "toe brake" planes operation. Anyway there's another way to use this twist as well brake, without change axis in VKB DevCfg, but using DView for custom axis calibration:
  11. Probable some "engine aids" is enable in difficult settings, limiting your control over engine.
  12. In VKB DevCFG I hide twits axis (Rotation Z), and with their movement center to left I create a new virtual axis (Slider 1), and use this axis for "differential brakes" - what in Bo'X work for any plane. In CloD use for British planes and in DCS for Spit, MiG's...
  13. Sokol1

    Gun Cam

    I have tested with timed scripts for the record function, and don't find a good compromisse. E.g. You set a 5 seconds timer for "gun cam" duration, but sometimes before this timer end you have another shoot opportunity and the previous timer run out just when you will shoot, and delay for start again make miss "that moment". This good sequences you see in Youtube videos is not trigger activated gum cam, but manual activated "combat camera": https://youtu.be/_Gy0kcs_7Mo?t=86 Compare with P-51, P-47 gun cam (trigger activated), that is just short snapshot. https://youtu.be/tcr3CVVRUuM?t=4
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