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  1. Bendix Radio

    The RDF system will be working correctly if the "pedal test" respond accordly:
  2. Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    The ideal solution is the seat maker provide support for different joysticks mount, but an user idea: https://imgur.com/a/Q3y7N
  3. You can't assign a joy button as modifier for another buttons (as "shift") in game controls GUI - can assign manually edition current.action file in Input folder. Or use Saitek software and set there - not sure but think is called "clutch" there.
  4. Just as curiosity: but you two are talking about the same thing, the "mini-stick" linked in Amazon (2 axis plus push button) is the same kind of "mini-stick" from DFRobot, just not fixed in PCB and without cap - several cap models is available in eBay/Aliexpress. Replace the two "rocker" buttons with the mini-stick. An example in DIY throttle:
  5. Looks like this post is relative to kit 'Lite" - only available once, for Gladiator "vanilla" owners install MCG grips: https://vkbcontrollers.com/?product=vkb-sim-gladiator-upgrade-kit-lite
  6. Pacific AV8R for pc

    In "entry-level" joystick price range - up to $100, avoid buy joystick with potentiometer in main axes (X,Y), like this AV8R, or Logitech 3D PRO, Thrustmaster X, Hotas X, HOTAS 4. Unless you need, avoid too "hybrid" PC/console joystick. What rest to buy in this "entry-level" range, because don't use potentiometer in main axes, but contact less sensor, is: Thrustmaster T.16000M VKB Gladiator - more expensive, difficult to find available. But if price is a limiting factor, give a try to this model.
  7. electronic project

    When you close briefly* the reset pins, Arduino COM turn mode only for 8 seconds. Tick the option "Auto-start upload the firmware when COM is active" help in don't miss the time frame for upload the firmware. When firmware is upload with success - you see a DOS window blink for some seconds, a device called "MMJ_reset" appear in "device list and configuration" of MMJoySetup, is your new "joystick controller". * Some users report need do this "reset" 2 times in sequence, as if are making a mouse double click.
  8. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    Depends on mission design, not everything must shoot and kill. The purpose of Tiger Moth or an "future" Bf 108 in CloD is allow easy trainer for newcomers. But due CloD "peculiarities" - poor ground handling physics, unrealistic wind (3 m/s) force, Tiger Moth result the most difficult plane to taxi in CloD, making more easy learn in a Hurricane for example - to not mentioning the broken scripts in "training" module, unfortunately buried inside game code, not fixable by mission makers. A good idea on paper that in game result no so well (as several other things, e.g. the Antropo.. thing).
  9. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    Actually an flyable Bf 108 in CloD will be "useful" like a Tiger Moth fighter and Su-26.
  10. Your topic became more visible - for interested people, in "Controllers" sub-forum (can ask a moderator to move): https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/18-hardware-software-and-controllers/
  11. I hate the H Hide/Show Command

    Guy are working in a English version of "radio" - no MOD ON is required. Print the map, or show then in other monitor may help navigation - of course not an easy solution like a resizable map (a la 46, CloD, RoF).
  12. Logitech representative say for use an powered USB hub exclusively for throttle. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3448928&postcount=73
  13. Announcing Project VPC MongoosT-50

    This way don't allow fire Cannon only - outside of convergence range fire MG and Cannons is waste of ammo. Baur (BRD) - now part of VPC team, make the trigger of their KG-13B grip in pot metal: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/uploads/monthly_05_2014/post-979-0-33676700-1400288616.jpg Maybe they can offer a metal option for T50 foldable trigger.
  14. T.16000M FCS

    In game options are not 'preset' for T.16000M (or other stick like in WT options). In Thurustmaster page are one for "il2 stalingrad" to be used through TARGET. https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/t16000mfcs-en/ The most wise (IMO) is set axes and buttons direct in game 'Key mapping' options, in the way you find appropriated - and not in the way that someone else find, case use 3rd part 'profiles'.