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  1. Start with the option nº 3, if later you need something different, like profile exclusive for a given plane, modes... then try TARGET, or Joystick Gremlin, etc.
  2. Exactly, the diodes force the current flow just in one direction avoiding the "keyboard ghost". Here is explained what happens in matrix that cause ghost. https://www.dribin.org/dave/keyboard/one_html/ Before do any test, you need set in MMJoySetup the Encoder and their Timer options and the logical buttons. For example you need define in button/switch # 1 connected in Arduino (Joystick) will press the logical button (H/W Button) #1 or any other.
  3. If you are not using Shift Register, what require an extra PCB, are using Button matrix and diodes are mandatory. What MMjoy2 firmware version your are using? Should use one of two last, from MegaMOZG page: https://sites.google.com/site/mmjoyproject/ Post pictures of your MMjoySetup buttons tab configuration.
  4. X-Plane.org store still having VKB Gladiator Mk.II - with KG-12A grip for $99.95. The new VKB Gladiator K - with SCG grip Lite is $ 149.00. Other than Gladiator the only "entry level" option that worth is Thrustmaster T.1600M (~$70 in Amazon), but their twist axis don't use contactless sensor like in Gladiator, but convetnional low cost/quality potentiomter, that soon or latter cause spikes in axes response.
  5. An more detailed tutorial about set "mode" button for Gladiator K. http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=27&p=40955#p40955
  6. Use VirPil software and make the calibration again. HavocCompany has several video tutorial about VirPil software. BTW - Never use that obsolete Windows Games Controller calibration applet (an DOS /Win95 era legacy) with modern controllers.
  7. CH Combatstick (and Fightherstick) is the same stick since 1999, using an obsolete 8 bits (256 points of resolution) USB Controller, conventional potentiometer - but with better quality than ones in Logitech 3D PRO. But eventully cause spikes in axes response, example. Their "pincer" gimbal has as very defined center position, tactile and audible. Gladiator gimbal use similar gimbal, but have grooves in pivots filled damper grease, so the center position is less tactile and audible. In mater of USB controller features, resolution (10-14 bits) , contacless sensor, VKB is miles ahead CH. Twist rudder in VKB's (and VPC's) use contactless sensor, twist in Logitech/Saitek/Thrutstmaster use conventional low cost/quality potentiometer, hence complains about this axis is common for sticks of this brands. Unless you find a Combatstick for half of price of Gladiator K, no reason for buy one. Have in mind that CH's have a hidden cost, they require buy a rudder pedal. BTW - Yes, CH's is durable, I have a 1998 (gameport) CH Combatstick that still usable, of course I modernize for USB. I have two Combatstick, but now use VKB Gladiator Mk.II (KG-12A grip) Can, modern games recognize various controllers from different brands. Using Joystick Gremlin you can combine then in one virtual controller for old games, that recognize just one controller. Including, with a bit of DIY you can remove spring from Logitech 3DPRO gimbal, add friction in Y axis and use as throttle. Example:
  8. OK. I see you topic in VKB Forum - looks like that you load a new profile for Gladiator K with operational "mode" button, besides by a normal button. http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=4404 But you say there: " I click on the mode. I click on the control, then I press the key. It registers the key." I am assuming that "key" means keyboard key. Is this? if yes, happens that Gladiator "mode" button don't affect commands assigned to keys, since what "mode" do is assign a different logical button # to physical joystick button. For example, Gladiator with KG12-A grip, trigger in default mode 1 (Red LED) is button #14. In mode 2 (Green LED) is button # 16 And is #15 and #16 if pinky "shift" button (of KG-12A) is pressed and hold. So, if you have have assigned SCG trigger 1st stage for Fire MG's in red LED mode and want that in Green LED mode trigger 1'st stage press "Wheel brakes" command, in Il-2:Bo'X" commands - after change mode for Green LED; should highlight Wheel Brakes command and press trigger first stage, not press a keyboard key. For send key press use Joystick Gremlin, that too allow modes.
  9. The "mode" button in Gladiator Mk.II (KG-12A grip) change only grip buttons not buttons in base. VKB allege that if apply "mode" to base buttons, number of DX buttons will exceed the obsolete limite of 32 buttons of Windows Game controllers and several games, confusing "new players" that will complain that buttons above #32 are "DOA". In Gladiator K, VKP PR alleges that since SCG grip have "tons of buttons", so mode is not necessary, and this button is a normal button. Moral of history: If you want mode nee create you own profile, deciphering the enigmatic language of VKBDevCFG, best place for ask about ins in VKB Forum.
  10. Video showing the benefits of damper effect of Nyogel 767A on TWCS and T.16000M
  11. Bry traditional brands - including VKB, VirPil, no. But GVL224 made by order throttles for right hand. Sample: BTW - You may find that they look a bit crude... like WWII throttles. Check their sales topic: And their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GVL224/videos
  12. CloD controls allow use the same joy button for different commands, but require that this commands are in different category, in the case - Bost cut out and WEP; are in the same category: "Aircraft". BTW - Is somewhat between IL-2:BoX and DCS since the last don't allow use a button for more than one command in any circumstance. As advised above, rest create a profile for Spit and other for Bf 109 using the same joystick button for both commands, since just take seconds for load the proper profile before fly with one or other aircraft. BTW -As we don't live in a "perfect world" IL-2:Bo'X' lack load individual joystick profiles, missed specially by people that fly bombers.
  13. This is not really a issue/bug, but due the fact that in default keys profile left mouse button (typically used for fire gunger MG) is assigned for camera function (hold to zoom), so when pressed for fire MG the camera command don't allow move cursor. Is just matter of reassign keys for fix.
  14. Problem with Brunner FFB is that is not a HID joystick, depends on software that - at moment; is not compatible with any game: - "Direct support for X-Plane, FSX, FSX Steam edition, Prepare-3D with BRUNNER CLS2SIM SW, X-Plane Plugin for Windows, Linux."
  15. IF 5.0 "takeoff" well, then in a possible 6.0: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32922-cliffs-of-dover-blitz-edition-vr-support/?do=findComment&comment=590190
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