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  1. An alternative is keep T.16000M an buy a rudder pedal set for solve the twist issue, can even lock the twist with an small screw. Entry level models - TFRP, CH PRO Pedals, Logitech G PRO Rudder PedalS ~ $125.00 to $165.00. VKB T-Rudder (high quality but only one axis) - $215.00
  2. Stopwatch control work for (some) German planes clock. Flight Time Clock work for Su(F0)-26. Anyway, none have a real utility.
  3. I like this mod, besides hindered by ARMA3 usual quirks (physic collisions with scenery, AI or very "Terminator" or very dumb...) - what I am used in ~4k hours in Wasteland mode. Manage to finished the Eldest Son mission in solo player - the thing is the mission is designed for COOP up to 10 player's, so an overwhelm number of enemies. Exfil part was very nice with F-4's "napalm'ing" and "cluster'ing" your steeps and Cobras's making cannon runs on NVA very close to your position when defending the LZ awaiting the H-34 for extraction. Instead go straight for LZ I run in
  4. No solution, or you lower overall sound, and miss sounds like hits, etc or anticipate being deaf. 😜 Engine sounds is too loud... in the name of "realism".
  5. When the trees stop talk Vietnamese and overrun your position. 😁 Tried the "Eldest Son" mission several times, and fail in reach the extraction point.
  6. Notice that this is not a genuine VKB stick, but an OEM version made by Asian-Games factory - who own the molds for plastic injection for Gladiator (and not VKB) and can sell for third part distributors (eg. Ravecore Javelin). These not know brand probable is with an low cost electronics (like happens with Cobra M5) and no more the - already cut-down; electronics version of VKB present in the first of this OEM joystick's, e.g. Javelin. In this OEM rudder twist axis use low price/quality potentiometer and not VKB MaRS contacless sensor of authentic VKB Gladiator.
  7. Just in case, replacement potentiometers (and some spare parts) for CH's is now available through Digikey. https://www.digikey.com/en/products/filter/accessories/881?s=N4IgjCBcoLQdIDGUBmBDANgZwKYBoQB7KAbXAAYAWckAXQF9Gg And better, Rel4y (Germany) has contactless replacement (KMZ41 like in GVL224 controllers) for pot's, and (optional) 14 bits USB controller. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/214485-ch-products-upgrades/ But if an new stick is the option, get at least VKB NXT Standard ~$120.00 or Premium ~$150.00 - nothing better exist
  8. Probable using Joystick Gremlin can make encoder button press move an analog axis, like in this example. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/243753-button-to-axis-with-joystick-gremlin/?tab=comments#comment-4400206
  9. if want a compact PCB for 8 buttons Shift Register (1 x CD4021) layout is available OHSPark, for order from there or DIY one. Debolestis: https://oshpark.com/profiles/Debolestis/page/2
  10. URJ? UJR - map mouse/keyboard to this virtual controller https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/51fmny/emulating_a_controller_with_keyboardmouse/
  11. Look in ATAG forum for a topic about DEVREORER. TrackIR too count as "joystick" in Windows game controllers, case use one.
  12. The in game mouse control do just this, use de mouse movements like a joystick. So mouse back, elevator back and etc.
  13. Here TARE (TARA) means an vehicle "dead weigh" - including fuel, oil, water and crew... minus an cargo weight. In the case probable Beaufighter total weight it was different (+ or -) than the sum of the individual weight of the plane (TARE) plus attached bombs (removable load weights) weight.
  14. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1227700/Arma_3_Creator_DLC_SOG_Prairie_Fire/ Developer Team have a good series of interviews with former S.O.G. operators, e.g.
  15. Convergence is not defined in mission files, but by what are set in User.ini file. If nothing is set is the default 370 yards (for British) and (I think) 100 meters for German. What some mission can have is custom belt, bombs settings.
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