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  1. It lets you generate SP + COOP & Dogfight MP. Tried it in Arras map with FC in a SP and it was really engaging; Got airstart with a Brisfit covered by Dolphins and Spads while engaged by DR1 and Albs. At the same time there was a bombing counter strike from Halberstadts. Ai performing really well )))
  2. Hi Vanderstock, any plans yet for incorporating TankCrew + map in your mission generator?
  3. Sad to hear this Lucas, Sincere condolences to his close ones and 1 PL. I 'll let follow the message to the former AB1 chaps;
  4. I seem to remember from ROF it helps to open the SP mission in the mission editor and changing its SP mission properties in COOP. This was used to enable flying campaign SP missions with freinds in MP. Guess this will also do in FC?
  5. Vander’s generator works just fine; I come from generating a mission at random that turned out a 4 Brisfits bombing raid covered by 4 Spads and 4 Dolphins that runs into 4 Albs and 4 Dr1s defence while a counter raid from Halbs is on its way))) Did put Auto pilot on and just wandered about. LOts of action and no turning away like uses to happen with the Quick mission generator. I forgot the unlimited ammo on so the Brisfits keps bombing until AA got them. Impressive!
  6. Same way OG makes his WW1 airfields out of WW2 ones; By deleting the tiles and buildings while replacing them with tents and the like )))
  7. ^^+1 Way of laying that all that out, Talbot. There was plenty good reason 2-seaters were so lethal. With a good pilot It is only good logic that thier gunner had a better chance lining up his shot faster than the scout. If the scout however has some pre-knowledge of the particular gun setup he faced he may outfox him by some slight of hand and turn the table ))) but that will only make them even ... And most likely it will happen like you explained. Those J30 guys are a rare sight ))) I still remember them when I first got into ROF on a NW Wargrounds with icons, it was that early ))) against now seeing them sometimes throw around those HPs or Gothats on NFF LOL I also do respect those guys being able to pull it off to pilot backwards while manning their guns ))) but against the price of leaving the nose guns.
  8. Telling it is a cake walk from seeing (feeling) it being done and actually doing it are 2 entirely different things;
  9. The while piloting inversed from being seated is not obvious either so has to stand for lots of practice the while the front-gun is left unmaned. I never did it and probably will never but do have lots of respect for guys pulling it off. Some years ago I was in some of the same missions with a guy flying the Spectrum Legacy account who beside pulling off the reversed piloting was a unbelievable crack deflection shooter, if it was in reach he nailed it. There are so many things that offer advantages over others that starting to deny some that the game clearly offers risks of sounding a bit cheapo. However this brings up the Question @ Trupo: when you ever would man the backgun of your 2-seater would you shoot the pilot to save wight? LOL
  10. @SeaWolf ROF & BOX already present the possibility to block mods on hosting level. Even making it possible to block piloting when taking a gunner position can be overcome with the help of a 2nd PC and dito account. And what is the difference between gunning-piloting and a 2nd player gunning? What is wrong about Gotha’s and HP’s dogfighting the more on a quake server, same for tilting the Lewis there? Both are still games certainly on NFF, it is what people is getting there. There are other servers or you may host yourself and be selective? That is my take on it so am I a now troll for it?
  11. Forget about hosting and clean the house ))) trouble is never in short supply anyway. The while “Summer” is on hand so enjoy nature and the family to its full extend! Enjoy my friend, all the best;
  12. West


    Oh Hagard be assured if push comes to shove everyone will get its dose. We have been there already. While there is no such thing as "If" it only depends on the host. Like taking of with 10-15% gas is even less artificial this after already going for the superior machine. Being "liberal" about it leaving it up to the player to do the balancing simply does not work. Going 30-40% / 50-70 litres makes the Camel still more than effective while hardly artificial. Sorry for the getting OT.
  13. West


    I guess the more accomplished pilots looking for an real challenge ))) Takes a while before fuel locks come evening the MP field some. Chalk that off on the kind of missions for now. Only imagine those taking less than 15% gas now in a Camel having to deal with 30 to 60% (100%???) next )))
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