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  1. Might help to put a length of tube over that mini stick for more precision. If not better look out for a joystick.
  2. I’d use SP quickies to figure out what goes wrong. You may use record for reruns, aiming assist, lower speed down, use team mates targets that stay put or set up an enemy without ammo.
  3. Craft became industry and gears changed every 10 years, now programing and AI got added ...
  4. @ Diggun Or Friday nights at OG's server, just look at GCF's remembering posts about both.
  5. You remember the ROF Alb D Va right Bender, there was not such a problem before the 1.034 patch; Just funny no testers are chiming in on this?
  6. @ Bender Yep, if one builds new or rebuilds an AC installation becomes pretty obvious here now adays. But if one is retired looking at the mileage for a future estimate makes it look such a big stretch ... the more when already gone through some remodelling 10-15 years ago. If we had known what was looming ... What I remember the SE5 also from as teamplay platform from in its former ROF days, before the star wars situation later, was its role as choice scout-command plane. Meaning having the guy with the right eyes and mind up there on TS directing the camels down yonder.
  7. So Talbot mind telling us where you put convergance on your SPAD and do you think this goes also for an SE5 or why not?
  8. In some other earlier SE5 related thread 2 other posters were also advancing that idea of starting an Eu time zone SE5 squad. Been trying but did not find it back. However with high summer upon us and temperatures of + 35 °C here in Blegium for now (Paris +40°C feeling like 48°C) firing up the game PC is rather asking for big trouble ...
  9. While not using VR I largely depend on the Aldis not only for aiming but also to estimate the proper firing distance to the looming prey when compared to its inner circle. From always using it I guess I'm past finding it obstructive.
  10. The spotting against the ground back drop seems my sore thump. The while you are high lighted against the sky or even getting baited with the real predator soaring above in numbers, so beware; Next the shooting indeed, in a dive at high speeds with a rather small opportunity window, topped with the FC environment where kills on first pass rather seem improbable. Indeed I concour with Hagar that convergence is important. Only 200 seems my sweet spot for now and I dont use VR. And hopefully followed by a proper zoom or it all ends in a plump tangle )))
  11. Only way to distinguish yourself from a VIIf in a SE5 is plunge and get the hell out of Dodge ))) Against 2 of those ... So now they already fly in pairs from starters? Double trumping SE5 so forget the sporting tangent ...
  12. Same here from the first day trying to play target for the SE5 guys. Had to land on their airfield so got me a glass or 2 of their wine )))
  13. All rotary engines have blip switch. Also handy while landing. Thou dosage is the key, blip to long and the engine drowns – so rather short repeated usage;
  14. @ Daedallus I heard some complains about the naming of custom skins in the editor. From what I understood the mission editor does not give their proper file names to chose from only something like 1/2/3 etc which makes it impossible to know exactly what one is referred to. I may have understood this wrong ...
  15. Here you may read up on the 2 two-seaters we can expect next after the SE5a & Alb D5a to come soon: https://il2sturmovik.com/store/flying-circus/ -The Bristol Fighter F.II and - The Halberstadt Cl II each with their engine mods for Bristol Fighter F.III and Halberstadt CL.II 200hp The U2 is for the moment only used as a placeholder for one of those.
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