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  1. As far as FC is concerned one disposes, I believe, beside Vickers, Lewis and Spandau MG ammo only of Vickers balloon guns 11,43mm or indeed the Becker gun 20mm ...
  2. Hear, hear, this is "the" B&Z spad-ace speaking and what you hear is not the callous on his tongue but on the heel of his joystick hand ))) S! Talbie PS Sorry Talbie, now I mix you up with Larner, so probably made him verry happy ))) Lucky I can put that on my RAM that ran out of warranty exchange lately ...
  3. Deflection shooting depends beside angle, distance, perspective etc also on ammo and speeds. Why also the difference between FC and BOX. Aim assist will give you the general idea where to direct your fire like tracers also do. But in the end it is what you hit that does the job, which depends on the DM. Supposedly the more time you'll put into this the better you'll get. You might also consider enlisting in a squad/jasta/escadrille to speed up the learning curve;
  4. Pulling to many Gs may do that to your kite, see all over this forum. Why we have a G indicator since;
  5. ROF MP has gunnery server-settings that changes/influences trajectory & can make a big difference between those. The while gunnery in CF is different from ROF. You might try out quick combat on both with FC's "aiming assist" & ROF's "aiming help" for reference.
  6. Only by planting them they sprout to multiply, like decapitating a dragon 😎
  7. Better hold on to unbecoming Xmas gifts for return next year )))😎
  8. Might depend on what you been eating ...
  9. Thanks Santa Jason! Are there by any chance collector planes or even other stuff before or after in that pipe? Like a Hanriot HD.1, pretty please Dear Santa, been such a nice sweet boy this year - really, just ask around, just ask Bender and Trupo.
  10. @J5_Hellbender Immediately recognized that Dophin skin from our Camel BMA did n't even need the following pic ))) Pretty sure Mantel would have felt at home in Aalst on Voil Jeanetten day LOL
  11. Might be but he apparently had the cloud to;
  12. Thank you all so much to clarify this, you shoot a chute and qualify for “murderer”, you shoot a pilot in his plane flying or crashed and you are merely supposed tickling his funny bone, while overflying trenches where killing and being killed is business as usual. Now this really tickles me too, haha. Sure everything is relative and everybody his alternate reality to make life just a bit more bearable.
  13. @J2_Drookasi I still do believe we are talking pixels here?
  14. Seems more the predator type, only the final consumption differed )))
  15. … he said while picturing his stuff on the curb in front LOL
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