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  1. Might be but he apparently had the cloud to;
  2. Thank you all so much to clarify this, you shoot a chute and qualify for “murderer”, you shoot a pilot in his plane flying or crashed and you are merely supposed tickling his funny bone, while overflying trenches where killing and being killed is business as usual. Now this really tickles me too, haha. Sure everything is relative and everybody his alternate reality to make life just a bit more bearable.
  3. @J2_Drookasi I still do believe we are talking pixels here?
  4. West

    Dr 1

    Seems more the predator type, only the final consumption differed )))
  5. … he said while picturing his stuff on the curb in front LOL
  6. I can assure you -also from personal experience- that lots already had to lay their thumps in a airfight with Emely; But for sure it is always fun and you learn lots of tricks, no better teacher!
  7. ^^ Fabulous Emely! Saved this take for sure.
  8. Sorry, Emely unveiled the mystery and clarified it with the actual names of the pilots. Victory chat messages are not communicated on the J5 which may stand for confusion. Like you guys are the only Brisfit squad to date and you told that day to start functioning as one ... Added in edit: I did not want to name the pilots Emely finaly mentioned, but for sure NO.20 was not involved. False deduction entirely on my part. Just quoted this video here for example.
  9. I presume that must have been RAF NO.20 Emely and one one of their first sorties.
  10. Might let her team up with the Night Witches LOL This will make the boys even more yealous NO.20 is a Brisfit Squad, underneath you find an encounter with them I presume posted by Emely:
  11. Plenty of ROF functionality got traded in for other things only to the point where one realises how spoiled we once were ...
  12. Most frequented FC Great War server is by far Jasta 5s Flying Circus Flugpark. Beside you’ll also find: Jasta 99-FC FC JG 1 However mentioned Misfits server has become “RAF NO20 practise” server now. There also is the Zoo Wings server: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/55799-zoo-wings-server/ Whaterver FC MP mission you have visited is loaded in your data/muliplayer/dogfightserver and will come up for selection in the in game appliance “Create server” on the Multiplayer tab. Just make sure to deselect “available from internet” and you’ll find yourself alone in the mission, mind there may be AI around; If you have another pc hooked up behind your router with an other copy of the game running you can play together by intranet so without the trouble of forwarding ports. Also a mouse suffices for setup for occupying the gun seat of a 2 seater.
  13. So what if the N28 comes your way will allergy help?
  14. In game MP listing marks the server Expert making it default expert so with: - navigation markers; - warmed up engine. So count on that marking disapearing together with the navigation marker )))
  15. Yet those are the specs FC provides; but it is good to hear an other sound to it )))
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