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  1. West

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    Not for all Boche they were and not as fail proof nor extend like they are now. So it is kind of warped. Baer already mentioned some of that in another recent thread about this subject. If wrong for one side as well give it to both ))) Use should not only add weight but limit movement to like those pits were kind of cramped; Should also take the timeframe into account, just imagine seeing a chute coming out of a parasolplane LOL just to put it a bit extreme. If some entiteled Boche pilots just preferred never using chutes there must have been grounded reasons. I understand the devs having worked out the option they wanted to make use of it. Only limiting changes will extra stretch the workload of the developpement. So they may consider to drop it all together or just giving it to both sides like it is now )))
  2. West

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    Like parachutes as now available here in FC are in fact an historical aberration I do not see the reason why they should not be an available option for both sides, Central and Allies alike?
  3. About your recording problem while using VR, have you tried yet if the in game flight recording possibility? ^^ this The misfiring caused by an inappropriate altitude throttle setting may eventually be denied however this max 1600 rpm may not, that is if you do not want to overrev and a oiled goggle which the slightest inadvertent dip of the nose under the horizon may cause, something you soon will be able to experience ))) Inline engine – so no blip switch – you will need you to fly with the throttle handy.
  4. - About the chat back log, punch O for the map with on your left a chat log box. - You ever stopped your engine in flight just punching “e” will not just restart it without resetting the gas mix to 100% . Also you will need the propeller turning before the engine will catch which needs a dive. Diving will also need to shut your radiator for inline engines; - About the Fokker DVIIf altitude/Haugengas throttle the old ROF instructions manual reads as follows: “The altitude (Haugengas) throttle can be used at and above 2000m. Initially the pilot should select 1/3 open altitude throttle up to a height of 3000m where it should be opened to half. Once a height of 4000m has been obtained it can be opened fully. Ensure the throttle is closed accordingly as the aircraft descends. Use of the throttle below 2000m is prohibited.” Next the user continues by hand probably quoting his instructor: ”Achtung! This is not strictly true. The emergency throttle may be employed below 2000m An experienced pilot can listen to the engine rate. Open the throttle until you hear the engine misfiring or other unusual sounds. Prolonged use below 2000m should be avoided however.” For the practical side go with what Trupo and Zooropa_Fly said. Of course if on a fast food dogfight server you may hear most low flying d7f planes making that coffee blender noise. Against the time that kind of structural damage can’t be denied any longer they are likely in need of a new one anyway)))
  5. what about mixing Talbots idea in it: "This Is Not a Rebel Event, This Is Sunday Bloody Gunday" ? Could also clip it a bit: "No Rebel Event, But Sunday Bloody Gunday"
  6. West

    When to stop shooting?

    This is rather relative as Allies do not dispose of that luxury; If one was flying Allies above enemy territory in campaign modus one would have every right to nip enemy chutes. Of course one only would if properly covered by wing members and if not too time inconvenient. Of course on an exercise server or between friends no one would I dare guess. While being able to recognise opponents in the absence of icons that would only float in case of personalised skins;
  7. West

    When to stop shooting?

    +1 Exactly Bender
  8. West

    When to stop shooting?

    You have to mean threats then ))) About differentiating ones opponent from AI it probably would be helpful to chose a different skin from those? This subject is entirely up to the server owner, however it could not hurt your case to pleat it there. Like the appliance of the rule that you can only finish your flight landed the while staying there as target for the amount of time set on the server. In fact as long as one does not appear shot down in chat one is fair game to beef the opponents statistics. Even after he may go on and kill you just to blow out our streak (victories without getting killed) candle. The more times one is manhandled like that the more prone one gets to act accordingly. Best thing to do when shot down is Salute and swallow the bullet. Between friends eg on a training server you get an entirely different situation ... And one more observation, for everybody venturing on MP there are +9 account holders that never set foot there - devs dixit.
  9. Hi GCF, like you have multiple threads running about in fact the same subject you can hold it by a single one adding new actualised posts like ZF proposes. Like it is your thread I believe you can even edit the subject to that sence.
  10. Why driving the hard bargain Arthur? The link mentions: Pre-Orders for Flying Circus will be available sometime first half of 2018 while no release date is advanced & its early access became ultimately available by email announcement at 30/07/18. They clearly had to iron out some unforeseen kinks so their initial take was a bit optimistic? I do understand we all want the FC series to succeed dearly but this does not mean there are no drawbacks and putting those under the carped does not make them undone altogether. Neighed is shooting the pianist ))) This is becoming totaly OT so we'd better not discus this here any longer. My sincere apologies OP.
  11. It was streamed end 2017 where Jason and some devs were answering forum user questions just after we were informed about a renewed ROF getting incorporated in BOX togeter with their other new plans like BOBP & TC. A time frame for when to expect the early access and final delivery was advanced which appears now a bit optimistic. Of course ever since the actual early access everything advances following their developer diaries.
  12. Cool it SeaWolf I am not talking numbers but scale; If you cant see that ... Can only lead a horse to the water; BTW I already passed 3 evening in the JG1 server recently and quite enjoyed myself. Having had my share of NFF quaking too. Not trashing anything -where did you see me do that, beats me- only presenting things like they are, pointing out differences.
  13. This event announcement here is for a quake rave while on the ROF cuban server it is an outfit celebration like in the old times. Believe me BIG difference LOL In fact with the actual FC all over the place plane selection the old ROF biggies, think yearly month long MP events, are not yet playable without lots of inventivity of its former mission makers like eg different skins for the same planes used by both sides, placeholder maps etc. It will take FC years to get there if ever ... Remember a little more than a year ago we were introduced to the project of porting ROF into BOX with the projection that by end 2018 FC1 would already be delivered while a + year later it is still short of 6 planes and a post stamp map. So go figure ... Seems like in the mean time old ROF will still holds its own ... Quakes of course mostly only need Camels and Dr1s lmaoshmsfoaidmt even in the absence of icons; Some folks however are not picky and like their share of both mostly cause it is the only way to get their full fix))
  14. @Cuban, Steve & Klugermann He guys, I understand your hurt when organising something and feeling shorted cause of an other lapsing event. Only consider Cuban is a outfit sortie while this here is a quake rave. So you could as well go tell NFF to shut their servers for your event, same thing. Under that hurt for sure you realise as well as anybody else both cater to a totally differed crowd?
  15. +1 I do like that map, J5_Matthias! Lots of pondering into that; My, my … think about that one, 2 x 2 airstarts )))