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  1. SCG_Doughboy957

    Flanders in Flames Winter campaign 2019

    Have created account But have no access to JG1 site, need to sign up
  2. I have tried for 4 days to get a response from anybody associated with the TAW server to help with a problem created by me and them, I have yet to get a response to explain what the problem is and explain how to fix it. I would appreciate someone contacting me to explain the problem so I can get it resolved. Thanks
  3. SCG_Doughboy957

    Tactical Air War

    Account locked, who do I get with to straighten this mess out?
  4. Have following for sale, VKB Gladiator MK11Pro with 109 grip 150.00 works great, CH Products Fighter Stick and Pro Pedal, 100.00 for both
  5. So after buying the majority of ROF content and then watching as the game was abandoned and left to wither, we get to do it again ?
  6. SCG_Doughboy957

    Tactical Air War

    Curious why none of my flights or statistics are not showing up, I am registered with squad and tried to re register yesterday to no avail
  7. SCG_Doughboy957

    TAW - bugs, errors and problems

    Will try to
  8. SCG_Doughboy957

    TAW - bugs, errors and problems

    After air victory I have had to emergency land a number of times. On my side of lines, ditched, do not get credit for air victories,? Have not found rules concerning this, any guidance appreciated
  9. SCG_Doughboy957

    Portugueses no Battle of Stalingrad - esquadrão LufTuga

    Great pilot and great guy,
  10. SCG_Doughboy957

    a good joystick

    Thanks, may give that a try.
  11. SCG_Doughboy957

    a good joystick

    Pics would be great, thanks
  12. SCG_Doughboy957

    a good joystick

    What is the Rubber band mod for the CH Fighterstick.
  13. SCG_Doughboy957

    a good joystick

    Rubber band Mode? Would like to try, whats involved
  14. Why do I have to update same version again, locked out,