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  1. I´m not sure where i can find it. Would the error report be enough? I also noticed that a bomb i droped did not explode and went through the ground and my lower ranked wingman dropped his like he was doing his nails. Magnov Campaign201908121808692.zip EDIT: Hey Patrick, just annexed the last mission file. I´ve tried before but the forum couldn´t accept due to size so i guessed it wasn´t the right file. So i zipped it. *I noticed most of the flying fires are over bridges. LastMission.zip
  2. Hey Patrick, thanks a lot for this wonderful tool. Great atmosphere, sense of freedom and control. As soon my country ends recession i will make a donation. Just an issue. I´ve seen somewhere an user posting a floating fire in Kuban map and i am having same issue. Picture below Is there anything i can do to fix it? Cheers!
  3. Thank you for the update. Looks spectacular. One minor thing, would be possible to use months instead of seasons? Is summer in my country and i believe in the other half of the world as well Thanks.
  4. Dear TAW, is it possible to remove USA Navy or RAF aircraft skins for the next TAW? For realistic coherence? Cheers,
  5. Last mission allied tanks attacking Gromoslavka had blue labels as well as axis planes when watching in replay. Is that a bug? Another thing is the rain with blues sky. I know it can happen but is not usual. I think it should be more white.
  6. Hello guys, I just did a "successful" long spot-destroy-supply vehicles mission flying a P-40 and landed smooth on a friendly closed airfield due to low fuel. Although it says, in my TAW web profile that i crashed. In the manual it says it would be replenished after 3 missions but there is no sign it will happen and the plane seems to be lost. Any advice? Thanks. EDIT: It wasn´t a closed airfield. It was a generic friendly airfield. So it seems If you land on one of those airfield, oddly you will lose your plane. Thanks for the help er.. no one!
  7. I was wondering if some pilots here are excited for the upcoming title . A kind of an additional immersion for us il-2 BOX players. I think i will buy it. Another thing is how cool and varied the map is. Probably in a smaller scale with less complex meshes. But i wonder if this variation could be implemented in future Il-2 titles using some sort of procedural assets. Specially trees.
  8. Beloved devs, new map looks top notch. Is it possible to implement more variation on vegetation? It needs more imperfections like tree cutting, scattered areas.. Maybe more different tree height and types. I know it can be cpu expensive but it could be set in ultra vegetation sort of. I also believe trees can´t receive shadows right? The game is beautiful but this is the only thing the bother me and not only on Il-2 series but in general. Cheers.
  9. Yes i have similar issue with overlays in game. Reminds me of some Dx9 games issues i had. But main problem is in the front when when multiple AIs show up and performance drops and stuttering occurs. Setting to moderate density helps but not enough. Simulations must be played on 60fps constant otherwise is no fun. Turned down shadows, map size etc. I have a 8700k 4.8ghz - 16gb - 3200mhz - SSD - GTx 1070 oc at 2060mhz. Playing on a 1440p res. [SOLVED] Disabling hyper-threading gave me a constant silk smooth performance even on Dense mode.
  10. Hello there, does anybody know if, for example, i start a career in Moscow map, will i be able to ask for a transfer to Stalingrad or Kuban when the period come? Will those maps have any interaction? Thanks in advance.
  11. I would guess 6-8 years for an AAA game and 10-12 years for a sim to have those graphics mainstream.
  12. Hi there, i have been disconnected from server twice in a row in flight. Actually first time was a system crash. It never happened before. Any known issues?
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