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  1. I have several scripts that use the remote console to monitor AI or to allow admins to run commands. I am forced to wait several seconds between calls otherwise I get errors ("[WinError 10053] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine". I am on windows). Do I have to live with it and do slow interactions with the server or is it likely to be a problem with my socket client code or OS? Is it better on linux ?
  2. It is the flag that was touched by some shrapnel. I think some buildings do this too. It happens a lot especially when using HE rounds. I think I cannot do anything about it
  3. Thx Friar! We have learned a lot from this first event. I am sure the next one will be a almost perfect . Good suggestion for the timer. I was stuck in a lot of technical problems at the beginning of the game so the kick off was a bit messy. Next contest will be Tiger vs Tiger I think to avoid any balance issue. For coordination, I think we will organize a coop event before doing another contest. This allows to focus more on coms and strategy.
  4. Thanks a lot to all the 37 people who participated! Congrats to the Allied team that won and to the winners! The KV1 was a bit overpowered, but the main price goes anyway to the german team thanks to the generosity of the winning gunner of the Allied Team. The winners are : Tank 2 of the Allied team: - Commander : @ickylevel -> Wins a collector vehicle (2nd price 🏆) - Gunner : Niels6464 -> Wins a Tank Crew game and Gives it to @p3miki (1st price 🏆) Tank 5 of the axis team: - Commander: @Legacy763 -> Wins a collector vehicle and Gives it to the next best tank of th
  5. great ideas! To be honest the Plane gameplay was a bit done in a rush because the goal is to first polish the tank gameplay (we are still struggling with the spawn camping because there is no perfect solution for this problem for instance). If someone that has a focus on planes would join the team that would speed up a bit the work on this side of things. Otherwise it will have to wait a bit as we are now revamping the UI, changing the RRR mechanics to allow Gaz to refill easily, making voting systems using the chat etc. Again, regarding balance, we noticed that it is not such a huge probl
  6. It was my Gaz . @DD_APHill maybe there are still some issues on some maps but AI planes are now dumber than before and there is only one attack plane on most maps. Didn't you get killed by players ? edit: It was @LUZITANO I think in the Tiger
  7. I use the remote console in a python script to ask the server how many players are online every 10 seconds or so. If the number is above 8 I trigger a server input MCU (also using the remote console). I never tried to do a bookkeeping of the number of players using the events on the airfields. It might work but some guy on the forum was struggling with it and I needed anyway some external remote console stuff for some other features of the mission so I went that way. The server input MCU can be really useful to do stuff that are not necessarily possible using only the mission editor. Some
  8. The AI is deactivated automatically if enough players are connected
  9. current Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13qDLxPK9yqoHKumXLhrGkCNfa5SyhUEzwO_zduQjE94/edit?usp=sharing
  10. For those who do not know yet, there is a tank contest tomorrow in the context of the SurmovikFest 2021. You do not need to own Tank Crew to participate. You can win Tank Crew or Collector Vehicles. We have already 20 tanks registered but we are missing some gunners/commanders in some tanks (spanish speaking, french speaking and english speaking ones). More tanks are welcome too. More info about the contest:
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