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  1. I get this error (I ran the update .cmd): country_id=country_id, coal_id=coal_id, parent_id=parent_id) File "C:\Users\admin\Downloads\il2_stats_1.2.46\il2_stats\src\mission_report\report.py", line 442, in __init__ obj = mission.objects[self.log_name] KeyError: 'gmc cckw 353 ammo'
  2. Hello, don't mind me I am a time traveller . I still have this issue. Did not happen before. I just went back to using my hotas and trackir (was playing only tank for a while and did not need them) so I guess it is linked to one of those hardware.
  3. There was a bug (password and login were not loaded from the config file). It is fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out !
  4. Hello, I have tried to fix the problem yesterday but did not find anything wrong yet. I changed the doc and small things here and there but it will not solve the error. We can try to solve it on discord if you want: https://discord.gg/FvzfA7Jp
  5. I need access from the outside but most of the time I use another local service to "talk" to RCON. I will stick to this and block the port I guess
  6. Is it happening to other server admins ? I changed my password, but there is quite a lot of connections and I suspect that it Dserver is sometimes crashing because of it.
  7. I was coding a script to remove it if there is enough players. Cannot remove it completely without the script because there are hours were the server is almost empty and it would be boring for the few players playing. Also I feel the AI planes add a lot to the atmosphere. There is always something happening
  8. Maybe I could add way more heavy Tanks and see if it motivates pilots to destroy the factory ? Reminder: if the factory is destroyed there is no more heavy tanks. It could be tried a few weeks to see how it goes.
  9. you can use the discord server https://discord.gg/haHVZ2ujCf but you need to motivate people to come (for a lot of players, english is not the mother tongue so not sure a lot will come). There is also an SRS server (Radio System). If you launch it before launching il2, it will automatically connect you to the server. Again you would need to ask players to come in a channel. Instructions to install (install the client part): https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63326-installation-and-usage-of-srs-for-il-2-voice-comms-app/ And yes, russians have learned to flank, mainly because it is suic
  10. I have been able to play a bit lately and from my experience (I play both sides): - Prelestnoye : slight advantage to the germans but on the other hand there is not much cover to hide and big cats are vunerable to il2s. So overall quite balanced - Koln: Advantage to the Allies because of some bugs with german AI I need to fix and because being fast and turning the turret fast gives the advantage on this one. So I might add a bit more panthers or even one more Tiger on this one. Also, shermans turn out to be really hard to kill and the AI ones often go through quite easily. - The Kuban ma
  11. I think it really depend of the map. On the most open map (Prelestnoye, the one in the Prohkhorovka map) I see that some heavy german Tanks last more than one hour. I could maybe increase the number of panthers on maps where there is a lot of flanking opportunities. Not sure about Tiger though. Anyway I need to be careful because everyone is complaining (Russians because the Tiger is too strong and Germans because there is not enough Tigers ). On some servers I see that they completely remove the Tigers ... so I am more generous . Also when the game is really dynamic (when flags change owners
  12. We finally did it: http://aas-il2.com/fr/mission/1092/ This is the first time the german team won this mission by taking all the flags ! 2 minutes before the end of the timer though. I do not understand why it is so hard for the germans. Maybe because the AI on the last flag attacks from a lot of different directions?
  13. AA truck coming soon 😎: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page/7/?tab=comments#comment-1062118 I was thinking of adding it to the german side as well (with a restricted skin, for instance only white for germans and green for russian). What do you think?
  14. eager to see the AA truck in action! From my understanding, with AA ammo, the fuse will destroy the shell after a few seconds and this time cannot be changed ? So all the explosions happens at 3km (according to wikipedia). I guess it is only in heavier guns that you can fine tune the fuse before loading ? Also is there some shrapnel when it explodes or is the only purpose of the fuse to avoid damage when the shell falls ?
  15. was it a free t34 ? I have more issues with the free tanks I think. Something similar happened to me with a free t34: 5 point-blank shots directly to the rear, just a little bit of white smoke and the f..er just turned his turret and killed me in one shot (I was in a Tiger) . I think he even apologized in the chat
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