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  1. Similar problem for a friend of mine: anything outside the direction pointed by the gun + some angle seems to not be rendered. Oculus rift S similar topic :
  2. I think that the AI planes disappear after landing. I guess the RRR properties are for players. If this is the case, you could spawn again some AI planes after landing?
  3. thx guys, indeed I guess I will have to change a bit the way it works and add more waypoints or let the train go and fine tune carefully the difficulty for players. Just wanted to be sure there is no simple way of stoping the train I might have missed.
  4. To get a permanent effect, you need to import the group "EffectSustainer" from @JimTM (download the Sample Missions From the Manual): (as you will see when importing the group, the effects in the tab in the RHS need to be set in a rather complex loop in order to be permanent). To damage buildings, you can use this:
  5. thanks @IckyATLAS, nice idea! @=RS=Stix_09 I am making a coop mission where a train and other units have to break an encirclement. Players need to help clear the way with tanks or attack planes. But I would like the players to be able to stop the train for a few minutes when there are too much threats in front of it. The initial idea was to allow the players on discord to send serverinput commands via a tool I developed that allows to call the remote console from discord. One of those commands would be to stop/start the train.
  6. when you call getplayerlist from the remote console, you get a list of players and a "ingamestatus" variable for each. I did not check if it allows to see if a player is alive or not, but if so, you could monitor say every 2 seconds the list, count the number of players and send serverinput commands to activate/deactivate what you need accordingly
  7. thx both, @IckyATLAS already tried but the train still goes to the waypoint. I will try to forcecomplete + activate a silly waypoint at the same time (behind the train). If there is no solution, I guess I will add more waypoints and activate/deactivate them on the go, but I read somewhere that trains stop at each waypoints and it does not really fit what I want.
  8. Is there a way to get a camera to follow a moving vehicle using the camera operator ? I need players to be able to follow the status of a train which is moving when pressing F12.
  9. Hello, is it possible to stop a train with a serverinput before reaching a waypoint ? I tried: force complete Command formation -> vehicle stop deactivate waypoint No luck so far
  10. Hello, here are some alternative first steps to install (I did not want to mess with my python install and did not want to register for postgresql install): 1) install anaconda (a package management tool that simplifies the installation of various utilities) https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-2019.10-Windows-x86_64.exe 2) open a conda prompt and execute the commands: conda create --name il2 python=3.5 conda activate il2 conda install -y -c conda-forge postgresql initdb -D il2_stats -E=UTF8 pg_ctl -D il2_stats -l logfile start createuser --superuser il2_stats createdb --owner=il2_stats il2_stats psql -U il2_stats -c "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS hstore;" psql -U il2_stats -c "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS citext;" (this does the following: - installing a python environment - installing postgresql inside the environment - setting up the il2_stats database ) To launch the sql server: pg_ctl -D il2_stats -l logfile start you can then install il2 stats by going through the steps 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) of the readme. To run the .cmd's, you need to stay in the anaconda prompt, go the the folder of interest (for instance \run) and do: call install.cmd for instance
  11. Hello, here is a little tool allowing to send commands to Dserver from discord. It can be used to manage players and send server inputs to trigger stuff in the missions. It is a bit redundant with similar tools (ground commander, Sturmovik server control and maybe others I do not know), but I wanted something that could be used from discord and I wanted to play a bit with the remote console and discord bots. I do not know yet if it's useful, so feel free to suggest use cases I did not think of. I might improve it and make it more user friendly to install if I find a nice use case. It could be extended with more complex permission mechanisms with voting, with speech command etc. The doc to install it is in the repository : https://github.com/Super-truite/il2_discord_bot screenshots: Thanks again to those who help for the remote console commands: Coconut, Murleen, Sebj
  12. thx, I will check that, but I did some tests and tanks are indeed disappearing if spawned on ice and they cannot follow waypoints all the time when being asked to go on ice. I wanted to make Ju-52s land near or inside the city, but they can't take off after landing, so I was forced to put my landing zone on ice and now, the tanks that are acting up 😅. I guess I will have to change the way the mission works !
  13. OK I understand why: all those units are on the ice (lakes or Volga). It seems they go under water ... Unfortunately I have to spawn some units there. Maybe I will try to make them move on ice with waypoints to avoid the bug.
  14. Got it working, I was not sending the good header (it's the length of the message + 1 and not only the length of the message). Working python 3 code: import socket import struct HOST = '' PORT = 8991 def pack_message(msg): msg = msg.encode('ASCII') packet = struct.pack("H{0}sx".format(len(msg)), len(msg)+1, msg) return packet def unpack_message(data): dataformat = "H{0}sx".format(struct.unpack("h", data[0:2])[0]-1) data = struct.unpack(dataformat, data) return data class RemoteConsoleClient(): def __init__(self, host, port): self.client = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) self.host = host self.port = port self.connect() def connect(self): try: self.client.connect((self.host, self.port)) print('connected to:', self.host, self.port) except socket.error as e: print(e) def send(self, msg): try: packet = pack_message(msg) self.client.send(packet) data = self.client.recv(4096) return unpack_message(data)[1].decode() except socket.error as e: print(e) remoteconsole = RemoteConsoleClient(HOST, PORT) auth = remoteconsole.send('auth admin password') print('Response: ', auth) server_input = remoteconsole.send('serverinput start') print('Response: ', server_input) Output: connected to: 8991 Response: STATUS=1 Response: STATUS=1 😎 Thanks again lads ! Edit: used the tool wireshark to understand what packets goes in and out of the rconclient.exe. Great tool
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