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  1. No problem guys, feel free to enhance my yak1 template if you want. I don’t realy care about being credited on that job, i just wanted to give my two cents in the sim, and i probably did some mistakes. Anyway, i have a lot of work IRL and can’t spend more time on it. By the way, some decals are still missing on the wing and fuselage, I never found good sources on it. Have fun on it !
  2. Guys, I’m really glad to see those beautiful 4K skins for the Yak ! Great job all of you !!
  3. Nice vid, nice song ! cheers !
  4. Hi ! Here is the 4K file for the yak1 ser69. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29697-yak1-ser-69-template-release/?do=findComment&comment=481532 The normal maps are in the same package with a the template. I can't do more now cause I'm in holidays, not at home.
  5. Thanks for sharing ! Indeed i have the same problem. I'll give a try to this product. Cheers
  6. great team ! as usual ! I can't wait to try all this new stuff ! You're awsome !!!
  7. So... I've updated the first post. There is a new Version for Photoshop Users, due to a misplaced Layer. Issue fixed. And, I've done a xcf file directly in Gimp, by exporting all the Layers from the Photoshop file, in PNG, and then I imported them in gimp, and tried to have the same render as the original PS file (by finding the corresponding Layers modes). Beacause I'm not a specialist of Gimp, i'm not sure the alpha channel is working well. But It is present in the file, I let you guys have a try and deal with it. Other than that, I believe all is ok concerning the compatibily's problem. Hope you'll enjoy All the best P.
  8. I think I've find a solution. I will upload the template today for Gimp users.
  9. weird... I'll try to find the format you spoke about
  10. First post edited. There is a link for the Gimp users. Unfortunelly, the xcf format did not appear in my photoshop. So I've made a simplified PSD, with some layers merged, and some effects switched off (witch was probably incompatible with gimp). Hope that will work this time for Gimp users. Tell me. Cheers !
  11. That's maybe beacause I did this template with photoshop. The layers are put in folders, and this functionality is maybe not compatible with Gimp. I'll make another version when I'll get home this evening, whith no folder. BTW, the file is a PSD format, that could be a reason why you can't see the Layers. Anyway, tell me what you need, and I'll make the nessecary Cheers, Pluton
  12. Hi all ! Here is the template for the Yak1 ser.69 Some stencils are missing, feel free to add them if you find it in 4k, and to edit this template to improve it. The folder contains the 4k template and the 4k normal map with : - new rivets - new stencils (some are missing) - new weathering - new metal and paint chips - etc, I don't remember exactly I tried to keep the same layer structure as the original 2k file. edit : (06/16/2017) : I've upload a "light" gimp version with some layers merged. Link below. edit 2 : (06/18/2018) : New version of the template for Gimp users (xcf file), and also a little correction in the PSD Version (Photoshop) (a layer misplaced). edit 3 : topic title for more clarity Download Photoshop template here (336 Mb) (edit 2) Download "light" Gimp version template here (169 Mb) (edit2) Here is a summer and winter skin : Download Winter skin Download Summer skin Hope you'll enjoy
  13. Yes There is not a lot of work on the template to do before the release and i will have few holidays next week. I will finish next week. sure !
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