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  1. LsV_Trupobaw

    Developer Diary, Part 193 - Discussion

    Niice. So, how is work on Flying Circus going?
  2. LsV_Trupobaw

    Any news about Flying Circus 1 pre-order?

    That's attitude of true RoF fan . I still can't believe we have the skinpack :D. +1 PWCG to the rescue! IIRC, Pat said that FC will be integrated with RoF careers when possible, same way you can switch your career between Channel and Western Front map.
  3. It's part of the game that lets me leave the pit and make toilet break, attend if my kid if she needs me ASAP, switch tasks to fiddle with TS or go into game options without my plane crashing or losing altitude. Yes, including planes that historically could not be trimmed (gasp!).
  4. LsV_Trupobaw

    Deadstick bush flight simulator

    Looks like my new sim. And, I can't wait to see what Doc Zebra does with it :D.
  5. LsV_Trupobaw

    Il-10 Sturmovik: Battle of Korea

    Selling jets separately would make sense game-balance wise, but will sabotage the product publicity-wise. Korean War combat flight sim has to be built around F-86 vs Mig-15, or face WTF reaction from more casual part of customers. What OP proposes would be aimed only at customers least casual about historical aspect. If anything, "early" Korean War should be sold as separate package, BoM style. Perhaps 3+3 Mig Valley package inclufing jets and 3+3 Posan Permineter adding prop fighters? (of course, we'd need two more planes for that).
  6. LsV_Trupobaw

    262s on the Eastern Front

    That's can of worms best left unopened. How about going back to the topic?
  7. LsV_Trupobaw

    Air battles over Poland

    No, just no. As attractive idea as recreating Palm Day Massacre. If we want Polanf, 1944 is better date. If we want 1930s planes, Spain is better place.
  8. LsV_Trupobaw

    BoX Gold Bars Under User Name and Picture

    You mean, in single V-life?
  9. We are grown up men (and women?) here, and moderators are not our babysitters. The "better way to moderate" is calling to shift full workload and responsibility for keeping the discussion civilised on moderators - who are unpaid community volunteers and are not here to keep us mature so we don't have to. Sometimes, a moderator looks at a thread and says "This can't be allowed to continue. The discussion is so heated that people will be coming back to flaming unless I ban everyone involved, keep moderating posts manually 24/7, or end it by closing the thread." Last option is, in fact, the least drastic one. Very short and comprehesive, it could be a moderator manifesto. So don't feed the troll. Let him be the one who's spitting into the wind. As long as there are people who always need to have a last word, any wackoo can jump into discussion, make seemingly innocent incendiary statement, set these guys against each other, back off and watch the world burn. He does not even have to participate after that, just watch thread go aflames, get locked and people get banned. And try to make a case when he gets banned, too, because technically he wasn't the one who broke the rules. I repeat, no moderator will make people act mature so you don't have to. If any of us reply troll or gets into argument, he contributes to mayhem. If he makes hostile comments calling to return to topic, he contributes to mayhem. If he makes "witty and innocent" comment about a troll that is suuuuure to make him see how stupid his point was and leave the thread... one guess what he's accomplishing. The mod will get rid of the mayhem, but can't fix peoples attitudes. Mod can teach people to avoid these situation by banning them, bend the rules and ban the "innocent" initiator alongside participants, or teach people to avoid these situations by locking threads. Our forum is not run on Banhammer, and it's a healthy sign. Our discussions are ours to protect. If we won't be protecting them from derailment and expect mod to take care of everything instead, he'll teach us to cherish and protect it by locking it. Also, you don't want a say on how the forum is moderated. The toxic people who love (or can't help) setting discussions aflame are much, much better at manipulating people than you, so a mod who lets users influence his policy opens himself to manipulation by the very people he should be stopping. Unless he's playing friends and taking input from you only, because how bad can that end ?
  10. LsV_Trupobaw

    Devs! Ever considered letting the Axis win sometimes?

    Ok, that could lead to German victory ;). Ok, I meant a Heer general. I don't see Luftwaffe personnel changing the outcome on their own, unless they are a Reichsmarschall... EDIT: KEMP: Fair point. More of a randomly decided battle with you thrown in. That would be interesting.
  11. LsV_Trupobaw

    Devs! Ever considered letting the Axis win sometimes?

    There's no way your pilot could change course of the war that much. Even if you are second Hartmann in career. If you want a game where your decisions change the history, you need to play as a general, not a pilot.
  12. LsV_Trupobaw

    Would you buy a premium I-153 Tchaika? Here's why you should!

    I can't say no to a biplane.
  13. LsV_Trupobaw

    Developer Diary, Part 191 - Discussion

    You. Stole Made. My post. Word. For. Word. Before I made it. High five !
  14. LsV_Trupobaw

    The Home Cockpit

    VR will have to become real VR (full body immersion) to replace setup like this. Please do. You turn a room into museum, you can as well give us a virtual tour.
  15. LsV_Trupobaw

    Fighter sweep in career mode: could we have it?

    I found the missions we have fitting for VVS, but hoped there will be free hunt once I switch to Axis careers. A shame. What is the single Ju-52 mission? I'm still learning the type so I didn't made career on it yet, let me know if it's worth it :).