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  1. Set the fuses to five seconds. Strafe to make target stop, then bomb it.
  2. Please have a look on his skin, too :).
  3. It's hard to ram someone when scissoring defendively, as he's by definition behind you, you fight to keep him from your straight six and planes don't fly backwards. It is easy to get rammed when scissoring defensively, if other guy foes not give you the room and tries to fly straight into you :). Of course, I had been accursed of ramming even when other guys leading edge smashed into my elevator :D.
  4. "Ramming Seawolf" sure is a catchy title. I propose "The mission is a man" for tagline.
  5. Yes. The yesterday reproduction happened when Drook and I both took off from separate fields and tried to form with flight that was returning from enemy airspace, so we all had been outside 10k bubble.
  6. We can all take my skin / historical skin Drookasi uses and see what happens. Replicating amonts to "everyone takes D.VIIF then we try to form up".
  7. Same here, Larner. Drookasi and I have high reproduction rate of the bug. It may be because we use RoF dds quickly doctored to be brighter, or something in our network connections. Come to think of it, RoF required opening high ports in firewall manually to ensure synchronisation, otherwise really weird stuff happened. Including invisible planes. I'm pretty sure I never bothered with opening these for BoX, but it's worth investigating. Tablot, can you identify on your track who were the two (out of three) invisible pilots? I was flying well behind Drookasi and Jakob, Drookasi had skin with geometric pattern, Jakob was following Drookasi.
  8. Both Drookasi and I used our old RoF skins that were given brightness adjustment for FC (by just editing dds, since templates were lost). We are going to redo our personal skins from scratch in 4k, just in case. Like bidu said, cocking your guns does not help, but firing the pistol does (and is a good way to maintain visibility without announcing your presence to anyone in 20 km),
  9. From maximal endurance given in plane description :P.
  10. This. If locking *minimal* fuel load is possible, I agree that 1 hour endurance is reasonable minimal load.
  11. It's 64 bit DirectX 11 game, so Windows 7 or later is a must.
  12. He's a separate entity from plane he rides.
  13. So, we've all read complains about how bad No Mans Land is, with flat craters and these silly random little explosions. I've decided to borrow a T-34 (you can't have to much protection out there) and take a tour. What I've found looked very much like well modelled war zone. A view of German lines from Vimy Ridge. I'd really hate to see that ahead of me in first person shooter... These explosions sure looked smaller from 9000 feet! I'm glad I took a WW2 tank... The tank looks very much at home in this wasteland.
  14. Yeah it was. Streamers everywhere, flares everywhere, flights trying to find themselves amond identical planes. Then everything devolved into huge brawls, where you either try to help people who may or may not be your wingmen, or just go airquaking. I guess if you fly alone or in pair there was little difference, but maintaining six ship flight was exercise in frustration. The gain was, nobody saw an invisible plane among this mess. Can I have my skin back, please?
  15. Yesterday, technochat said I was hit in the guns by Camel pilot; when I tried to shot him, one of guns fired a short burst and then both went silent. Trying to reload them did nothing, not even animation. After I landed and got "Guns repaired" from the repair track, they worked normally again.
  16. More to the point, my reflex is usually to go below the opponent, precisely because most people think "Up is good, down is bad" and go other way. And, this way I can see my opponent while I pass him try to make corrections. If you go up, I hide my opponent behind my engine and just hope we don't end up crashing. Maintaining the sight while he has to reacquire me is a bonus. Speed is as good form of energy as altitude. The moments I do go up are when I believe he has no energy to reach me, and will stall before he rams me. In these cases, he's most welcome to try .
  17. Well, if we could get few squadrons together on agreed date, we could: Have 2-3 pilots take of in D.VII/F from each airfield at various times, one with default skin, rest with personal skins. Have 1+ pilot per entente airfield take off at different times. Have everyone form up together while recording tracks over agreed rally point. See who can see whom. See what changes when guns are cocked. See what changes when pistol is fired. See what changes if guns are fired. This should be done on quiet day, not Sunday, without to many bystayers (who are adding "noise" to observations).
  18. It' s hard to prove nonexistence of something :). Yesterday was dominated by huge, multi-plane fights, and all D.VIIs looked the same - great conditions for invisible planes to blend in and go unnoticed. I have noticed great many more than usual S.E pilots trying to jump me in my D.VIIF. Whether it's because I was more visible, they were invisible or it was just crazy evening, hard to tell.
  19. Poles were (lukewarm) Central backers until five minutes after the Armistice. At that very moment we suddenly discovered we have been closet Entente supporters all the time. So awarding Poles on victories over Entente planes while war is going on is perfectly ok.
  20. I guess no one else I guess no one else was using 8 years old Winrar version :).
  21. The only thing we should use Trenchards example for is Dunning–Kruger effect . For Camel, there were more competent users, like RNAS and BMA. Or Italians. (Or anyone who wasn't Trenchard, really). The British planes in general had absurd tank capacities and endurance for usage on Western Front. 3.5 hour might be great for long, pointless, offensive patrols Trenchard loved to demoralise his pilots with. Otherwise, 90 minutes (endurance of D.VII) is sensible endurancet for pilot stationed close to the front going to hunt down some enemies. In case of Camel, this "worst case" 90 minutes loadout is about 43% percent of tank. The rest is there only to torture the pilot, and to make sure he could flee all the way to England in non-stop flight when front collapses. In two hours missions, with refuel option on airfield, on map that goes 100km in longest dimension, 75% will only be needed if pilot gets his tank punctured behind enemy lines and decides he still has to make tour of the map before going back home. Fileas Fogg syndrome aside, it's dead weight. While the idea of forcing this load on Camel pilots because Trencherd did appeals to my Schadenfreude sense, I think it's going to far.
  22. May be me, but once I extract the rars from your zip file I cannot open them, they all seem to be corrupted. I downloaded it twice to be sure it's not download corruption (same result). Is there alternative repository?
  23. It's safety gauge: if It's a safety gauge. If you can see the liquid in pipe, your plane is not aerobatic and is good for crusing only; do not enter combat.
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