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  1. J2_Trupobaw

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    I wouldn't be sure of that. The Dr.I airframe weighted only 406 kg, with 180kg margin till full load. Full fuel tank of 72 l was only 50-70 kg (and we know fuel load does affect performance), Pilot and his gear added up to 100kg (1/4 of airframe weight !), ammunition about 10 kg. The 20-30 kg parachute made 5-7% of empty fuselage, 1/3-1/2 of full fuel tank weight, double/tripple weight of full ammo load, and filled 25-40% of the 80kg load margin left after pilot sat in cockpit. Instead of 80 kg to distribute between ammo, fuel and performance, it left 50-60. BTW, when trying to find exact weight of Heinecke Fallschirm i found this quote by Dan San Abbott: THe Heinecke Fallschirm was standard equipment, furnished by the Luftstreitkräfte to the aircraft manufacturer and were delivered with the aircraft as standard equipment, like the machine guns. from January-February 1918. Fighters were first and other type later, by war end all aircraft were delivered with the Heinecke Fallschirm. *
  2. J2_Trupobaw

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    They were standard issue for Germans since mid-1918. The option to not take them would represent few spring months in 1918 between introduction and standardisation, at best. It shouldn't be an option in D.VII or anything with 200hp engine. FC 1 represents summer 1918 planes, when stanaer was in place. OTOH, current Dr.I and D.IIIa FMs perform as if they already counted the weight of the parachute. Make the "no parachute" option switch them to old Pfazlcopter and pre-2014 Dr.I and we can talk 🤣.
  3. J2_Trupobaw


    Weren't these useless in actual combat situations?
  4. J2_Trupobaw

    Is TrackIR best choice?

    TrackIR 5 is the golden standard. DIY sollutions and clones work, too... usually, eventually, in game like IL-2 where large part of playerbase uses them and devs bother to keep the game compatibile with all devices. But further you look to use it outside flight sims, the bigger chance of needing the latest update to trackir 5 software that does not exist for your device. Lots of "TrackIR not working" threads out there where ansewr is "update the software to version that recognizes our game" and it turns out the not working TrackIR is older version 3 or a DIY.
  5. J2_Trupobaw

    Skins - dirt or no dirt?

    It's your plane. Both approaches have appeal. Back in RoF, I've made variants of the same skin personal for Fokker D.VII and D.VIIF. D.VII is pristine new, no dirt. D.VIIF has dirt, top wing replaced (and replacement has different lozenge than rest of the plane) and engine cowling cutout. I hope to bring both to FC as early and late variant of same plane :D.
  6. J2_Trupobaw

    Coconut's dynamic campaign server

    J2 pair preparing for ground attack sortie (which ended up a defensive patrol around our forward field; we never made it to enemy airspace).
  7. J2_Trupobaw

    'Faker C.V' - a 'Hollywood' Skin for the U2VS

    Is it Faker C or Faker B, though? The difference wasn't set in stone, on one hand C-class two seater should have synchronised gun and better performance, on the other hand B-class should have observer pit ahead of the pilot ;). Oh wait, it has Lozenge cammo, B-class was phased out by the time Lozenge came to use. Dilemma solved.
  8. We just have to wait till the game has matured .
  9. Coconuts Expert settingsWW1 server, every evening from whenever it ever comes online :).
  10. J2_Trupobaw

    Prism sights in WW1 aircraft?

    The field mods can be blocked on server level. This said, if people want to block their vision with rxtra cockpit item that did historically exist, it's up to them.
  11. Steve is hosting a RoF event at the same time :).
  12. Dawn Patrol has the story that does not insult viewers intelligence unlike much better story than Hells Angels, although flying scenes in both just have to be seen. My favourite is the Nieuport landings in Dawn Patrol, though - so vivd.
  13. J2_Trupobaw

    Coconut's dynamic campaign server

    WW1 planes have lower speeds and better visibility, navigation in them is much easier . There's more time to re-check where you are.
  14. J2_Trupobaw

    Coconut's dynamic campaign server

    I did fly a bit (then a bit more, then again) on the server, and love it. Please give us EXPERT version (same settings as your WW2 realistic server) and it can become mission oriented WW1 server with planes we have already. (With icons, mission-oriented part goes out of the window once enemy plane appears in 10km)
  15. But sufficient to say, no they did not.