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  1. Isn't it customary in such polls to give people not interesting in giving meaningful answer a non-answer, to make them feel important and not-excluded? (Are you US citizen? Yes() No() Neither(x) ).
  2. J2 raker, J2_Oelman, J2_Bidu and J2_Nobiwan testing defences of La Brayelle airfield. (Reposted video made by raker)
  3. Flying Dolphin a lot with a ffb stick I've noticed that as long as I keep forces of my stick light (not to many Gs, not to hard rolls) I can keep flying with damaged wings. The moment I try to take a shortcut and force through sticks resistance, wings go off. Rudder use, OTOH, seems to be pretty harmless (probably because it does not put extra loads on either wing). So, go light on stick surfaces, initiate with rudder then follow with stick, use high yo-yos instead of tight turns, half-roll and sideslip upwards rather than pull up.
  4. For me, currently most common cause of death it's going into AI-infested dogfight area - they fly stupid and suicidal, and to stay with them I fly stupid and suicidal, too.
  5. I'd settle for D.XIV (D.XII with overcompressed Benz.Bz IVü engine lifted from DFW C.V). Equally nonexistent on frontlines as D.XIIf, but with glorious pipeworks . (As long as this 1918 engine finds its way to the DFW C.V, too, instead of 1916 BZ.IV we have in RoF).
  6. Bear in mind that "Rickenbackers" book is ghost written and full of tall tales, not a first hand account.
  7. Camel and Dolphin are two planes that can turn with German scouts and out-spiral-climb them, quality ROF! Hanriot also has.They are also two tracherous planes that will try to backstab the pilot, fail to roll or go into spin at drop the hat, quality the ROF! Hanriot lacks.
  8. Invisible Spad. Now I've seen everything
  9. I still can't see my 200hp D.VII...
  10. BTW, following the German tradition of finding names of landmarks by sending guy on bicycle to check the roadsigns, here's sign at Fokker German Lake Miraumont pond: ("hardi" supposedly means bold, not hard.)
  11. Hanriot as implemented in RoF was one of best Entente counters for 2014! Albatros D.Va (which says a lot of 2014! Camel and Tripe, but also a lot of Hanriot). In icons-on enviroment (where visibility was less of a problem) she could go toe-to-to with 2014! Albies. In current FC, all she'll have to worry about is D.VIIFs up high and Dr.Is down low; she'll be comparable to Camel and Dolphin, trading visibility and firepower for ease of flying, lack of vicious speed and if we're lucky more forgiving G-behaviour. (Also, there's about 6 flyable D.VIIFs at any time on Flugpark, so using them as m
  12. The German Lake is a collection of fishing ponds that well may not have a name. It was/is part of the Miraumont village, which was completely destroyed during the War, so Miramount pond is a possibility. Nowadays, it's site of camping site called "La Herelle" (no idea if the name of camping has anything to do with name of ponds). The camping can be contacted by email at laherelle80@gmail.com , so we may ask locally if pond has any name... Note that the ponds seem man-made (a stream going west to Ancre is passing through it) and lies in area scoured by German retreat to Siegfried Line in ea
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