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  1. Looking great! I won't be there next Saturday, I hope to be afk on well undeserved vacations.
  2. Jakobs' Jasta 7 is a greatr squadron identity that used all planes in FC (unless the BH squadron comes back and claims it back ). Jasta 15/18 and JG2 in general is a big unrepresented part . Not to mention these blue-red skins are great for uniform personalisation.
  3. That was Hispano-Suiza engined, 4 blade prop, air superiority version of S.E.5.a. What we have is Viper engine high altitude interceptor variant.
  4. Ball had no influence on gun arrangement. Twin Vickers would require synchronising two guns, which was much more difficult than synchronising one and not an option in Fall 1916.
  5. S.E.5 was the first R.A.F plane with synchronised Vickers gun (Spowith already had Strutter and Pup). The early synchronisers were distrusted, prone to malfunction, and had slow rate of fire, so a tried and tested Lewis was put on top as backup gun. Synchronising two guns was much more difficult and entirely out of the question for British in fall 1916, they got there just in time to put two Vickers on Camel (Some Tripes were flown with early two-Vickers setup, too), so it was extra Lewis or one slow untried Vickers when plane was developed. Same happened to Nieuport 17, where British discarded synchronised Vickers entirely and were using Lewis instead. By 1918 the Lewis was completly archaic; I have no idea why the plane was not rearmed. Albert Ball was a Nieuport man through and through and tried to turn his early S.E to something suiting his tastes. He removed the Vickers gun, and had a Lewis shooting downwards through the floor installed, among other modifications. Most of his improvements were sanctioned and went into S.E.5.a; floor Lewis was excluded from list of reccomended upgrades ("Don't you ever emulate this"), but Ball was allowed to keep his own gun. And yes, if there was a field mod allowing to remove overwing Lewis, I would use it every single time. From my RoF Nieuport and Dolphin experiences, an overwing compromises roll and slow speed handling. In game with no jams a single-gun S.E.5 would be a very potent tool.
  6. There is plenty of photos in the net. If copyright is a problem, I can make you photographs of some replicas.
  7. IMO J5 should advertise their TS as to-go place as part of mission briefing. Or even overlay text when you spawn in a plane.
  8. I can't agree with that - all that was crippled was stick-to-belly turn and burn (and good riddance to that). Camel can still combine energy fighting with very tight turns. Other planes were crippled more, as before you could at least dive onto the Camel at high speed then spend this speed to stay with Camel long enough to kill it. Now it's one way ticket to pilot passing out on you, you need to moderate your energy spending and do your turns while flying slow while Camel still produces energy out of thin air and can convert speed pilot can't handle to altitude. I suppose the Camel might have turned from plane you like flying into plane I like :). But it's far from crippled, especially given caliber of her oposition.
  9. Aaah, one of the "it's not friendly fire if he's using that skin" on Wargrounds. My favourites :).
  10. It's quite possible that the team overextended themselves in 2019 with running three projects. Normandy seems a sure for money expansion that reuses many assets, lets them practice naval technology for PTO (whole landings thingy), catch their breath and still sell well. Good effort to revenue ratio. Few things to remember: -their long term goal is PCO. The means to get them to PCO are Bodenplatte and Normandy. FC is a side goal that may keep happening if it does not compromise their long term goal. -the FC just went out, so expecting them to know what they want (and can!) do next ain't serious. Normandy has announced because there had to be next WW2 title or the shop closes. It has all signs of thing they could decide on quickly (including risk evaluation), do it in their sleep and be sure it will be popular. FC2 requires actual consideration from them. There is no question if next WW2 title is comming, only how much can they pull off. -The three collector planes now announced were discussed on Russian forum for months, so they must have been in development even longer. FC collector planes, most likely they are just deciding on them. If so, it may be months until we hear of them. We don't know how many projects they tried and scrapped. -There is plenty of features now in BoS (DirectX 11, VR support, multi-screen support, Career mode, removal of unlocks, engine variants, bar in FW190 cockpit) that were demanded for months, sometimes years, then suddenly dropped onto community lap out of nowhere. "We had time and means, so we did it" seems to be their modus operandi on side features. So yeah, there will be no roadmap except things they are commited to. Finally, from Jason: Now, onto what we *will* get. For free, as far as MP is concerned. The Normandy map covers entire British Front, from Nieuport down to just north of Paris. I hope that it will come with 1918 variant, or part of it will be cut out for 1918. Or that 1CGS will be open to community making one - Vielkie Luki map was made by Russian community and added to main game already. Adding FC NML over existing map and recreating settlements using FC assets would be possible, too. Flanders alone will be gread addition. But even if we don't get to spread mud over Normandy map, we get area of 100 days Offensive (where lack of NML isn't problem as front was no longer static), which also corresponds to FC planeset. So Fall 1919 scenarios can be had on Normandy map even without NML.
  11. Are you running mods on? There are tens of dogfight servers out tgere, and WW1 Flugpark had nice numbers over last three evenings.
  12. The primary function of comms is controlling (venting or laughing away) the frustration. FC is long minutes of strained concentration followed by short action; solo experience is straining and has great potential for frustrating pilots who get up and climb only to get overpowered and downed. It's endgame experience for MP; starting point should be flying with like minded friends.
  13. Same as Camel, fly her as energy fighter. Dolphin excells as team plane.
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