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  1. Earlier today, I was trying to strafe the AAA trucks escorting enemy tank convoy (in Ju-87 with machine gun pods). I got them just as they closed to end of their route, convoy stopped, trucks opened fire at me, I strafed a truck... nothing happened. About half a minute later, everyones chat was flooded with lots of "Outdated data hit received: J2_Trupobaw -> coconut-dserver2 5.7s" "Outdated data hit received: J2_Trupobaw -> coconut-dserver2 5.7s" "Outdated data hit received: J2_Trupobaw -> coconut-dserver2 5.7s" "Outdated data hit received: J2_Trupobaw -> coconut-dserver2 5.7s" "Outdated data hit received: J2_Trupobaw -> coconut-dserver2 5.7s" I kept strafing the trucks (which stopped firing) and got more these messages. After few minutes, I got kill credit for one of trucks I strafed, the tanks disappeared, and the trucks I strafed just stayed where I attacked them. Not sure if convoy reached destination and I attacked it as it was despawning, or firing 8 machineguns at one truck caused to much traffic between me and server, but something went wrong :).
  2. J2_Trupobaw

    I thought the bf109 could fly inverted?

  3. J2_Trupobaw

    I thought the bf109 could fly inverted?

    So did this guy... http://havarikommissionen.dk/index.php?option=com_contentbuilder&view=list&Itemid=161&lang=da&contentbuilder_download_file=c43f2f96ca5292e717bcfe1f71c67b2ddaef0539 Bf-109 could do a negative-g dive (quickly initiate the dive by pushing the nose down), not sustained inverted flight. Spitfire had to half-roll while pulling the nose up when starting a dive, to keep the positive gs at all time.
  4. Lol Kluger, I was going to laugh at your witty jab on vinyl snobs... then googled it and realised you're not pulling my leg at all. Perhaps Benders Rock is exactly what we need (whack on the head at least). 3xFFB2 hoarder here..
  5. Machine learning still needs to be set up in meaningful way; if you get the bot to just try use random plane controls until it learns to fight a player, it will result in lot of spinning AIs. RoF/BoX uses the same physics a us, and supposedly is advanced enough to control RC planes IRL. It means we don't have to fight UFO AIs (*cough* CloD *cough*), but is a BIG limiter on what the AI can do, and can be taught. You can't apply the monkey with straightrazor machine learning approach any more than to flying IRL - the space of valid maneuvers that won't result in crash is just to tiny compared to all wild things a bot can do with plane controls. It has to go with canned maneuvers (and perform them with inhuman efficiency), but to use these it neds to plan ahead. Compared to genres like FPS, flight-sim bots don't need to just learn what the human did, but why he chose that move. (And yeah, calling these bots AIs is even worse lie than marketting HMD googles as "VR").
  6. J2_Trupobaw

    Female pilot

    Wartime newspapers aren't reliable source of information, unless one's researching history of propaganda ;). (The sexists obsession about pilots who happened to be women on this forum never ceases to amaze me, btw...)
  7. J2_Trupobaw

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    240 characters? I need just four words... You took it from my mouth, sir . AI is such a huge step up from ROF "airborne imbeciles", while VR is horrible waste of resources that could be used to make actual flight sim content 😃
  8. Not best source about Garros either, btw ;).
  9. Fokker is very unreliable source of information about Fokker...
  10. J2_Trupobaw

    The New Entente Pilot

    Both sides of the War called themselves Allies, especially on theaters when their opposition had single nationality (on the west it was "Allies vs Germans", on the east "Allies vs Russians".
  11. J2_Trupobaw

    The New Entente Pilot

    this moustache must be horrible thing to have once castor oil settles in... I think his age should appeal to our largely emeritus playerbase :D.
  12. The Camel having contemporary reputation of being unpractical in right turn isn't a myth. The average RFC pilot being unable to perform one likely isn't either (same with landing without crashing). Says more about pilots Camel was given to than Camel itself.
  13. J2_Trupobaw

    Rise Of Flight / Flying Circus

    OceanicO_Smiladon: Dust RoF off for Saturday / Sunday evening (Sunday/Monday mornings in your timezone) events that are still going on, and Friday morning fly-ins (being in NZ you should be able to enjoy them). Don't expect to see MP on weekdays. And, prepare to migrate to FC with your day-to-day flying :). [edited]
  14. Not really. Fokker capitalised on triplane craze while working on D.VII, and managed to push some rotaries, too (he owned the Oberusel and really wanted to make rotary-powered planes, but ended up in country with no castor oil.). He made the triplane concept work by novelty techniques like internally braced wings (less drag) that later led to success of D.VII and D.VIII. When Dr.I prototypes were evaluated they were considered superior to Albatros, but to demanding for average Jasta pilot to handle. This, along with shortage of castor oil, made Idflieg order them only in small numbers, earmarked for Jagdgeschwedern (which siphoned away the best pilots from regular Staffeln). By the time the upper wing problems were solved and Dr.I entered active service, there was already a fighter competition in plans to find a next-gen plane (which D.VII won), so there were no more orders. Nevertheless, in January-May 1918 Dr.I was standard issue in all JG2 and JG3 Staffeln, and two JG1 Staffeln. All in all, it equipped 10 best out of 80 Staffeln Germans had; about 12.5% of actively used single-seaters (assuming all Staffeln were fully equipped; the less prestigous rarely were, so 12.5% is understated). After D.VII came, it was passed to whomever was still flying Albatrosen. The Camel history was quite the opposite - Tom Sopwith deliberately wanted to make a difficult but higly maneuvrable plane that would require (and enable!) a very skillful pilot. His target was small, well trained RNAS, already making great use of Tripe. But the RFC had llterally no design that could match the Albatros and be produced in numbers (S.E.5 was only used by No.56 until late 1917), so they took as many Camels as they could to replace Nieuports, Pups and D.H.5. This plugged the gap in RFC inventory (and resulted in great many inexperienced pilots crashing their Camels, both easily replacable) until in-line fighters could be brought in. Ironically, if Fokker was working for British and Sopwith for Germans, both planes would likely end up used as intended, rather than opposite.
  15. J2_Trupobaw

    Fuel Mixtures: Dr. I and SPAD

    If you run with your radiator always open you will lose RPMs, especially in winter and on high altitude. YOu need to keep the coolant above 80 deg Celsius.