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  1. Congratulations to our esteemed opponents! You've put up incredible resitance and kept us on our toes till the last minutes of each battle.
  2. Well, it is the sim, it's just the plains being simulated are plane wrong . There wasn't enough information to recreate the WW1 birds to the faithfulness standard of BoX back in 2009, especially on German side (two lost wars are not good for maintaining achives). The information is so scarce we have calls to treat pilots tall tales as source material! When we are lucky, there's surviving documentation of Entente test flights, or non-contradictory pilots accounts (good luck!), or something like Chills replica which we accept as close enough. Or VA planes, if they shared information about th
  3. D.VIII was not harmed by changes to Dr.I before, so I'm not worried there. No hipocrisy - new variants are just more likely to happen than noteworthy revisions, so that's where I'm focusing. I don't expect 200hp versions of 1917 planes to stand up to Dolphin anyway. The intent is to enjoy the game. (Accepting limitations of game, planes and devs is part of patch to that goal; people who actively sabotage their own experience, look for reasons to not enjoy it, try to blame their problems on people/planes they chose to play against or cultivate us vs them mentality are drag to games
  4. That's not what happened when we run into two JG1 D.VIIs in four N.28s... not at all :D.
  5. Fear and literal acclimatisation. The new pilots had not only to build their SA, but adapt to low oxygen conditions (they eventually did, same as people living in highlands, but few hours a day it took them longer). For the first two weeks they were expected to not try to kill anyone, but to concentrate on surviving, so plane that enabled rookies to survive was sure to eventually produce aces.
  6. More like in line with Dolphin and S.E.5a. Neither N.28 nor D.Va should be used as standard of anything, except maybe weirdness.
  7. Bringing N.28 energy retention to the UFO standards of Albatros is shooting yourself in the other foot. It's textbook example of making a plane worse for game balance. We saw such quick fixes in 2014 and I'd rather not see them again. Both planes need more redesign than dev team is willing to dish out, and that's it. ATM they are relics of the earliest stage of development.
  8. The "beginner friendly" planes as we have them are aberrations. Nobody should have them. The advantage Albatros Pfalz have against Entente types (and D.VII which you also denounce) is that they give crutch to pilots who suck at energy management, which offensively is useful in airquake. Anyway, Sopwith Triplane is going to be that. I didn't fly it much in MP before 2014 killed it, but supposedly it was easy to fly and more than match for 2009 Albatros we have. Because it has been reported and discussed ad nauseam in RoF already. The result of five years of such reports was
  9. French, they had Spads and used them as interceptors. British, died a lot, plus they got credited with victory when they said thought they saw enemy plane go into the spin. That was Hispano-Suiza S.E.5.a, not Viper. Viper was high altitude interceptor, and low altitude (<5k) performance (where we play) was worse then H-S variant. H-S variant would be the basic Entente plane... and we don't have it. The Entente plane you want is (pre-2014) Sopwith Triplane. It's coming. The Albatros/Pfalz/Dr.I we have is under-powered compared to the real thing with the same
  10. Note to self: to build a streak, tag people with a single bullet then gtfo and hope they will get bored and ditch somewhere.
  11. I tried all-out dive away after one pass failed to cripple enemy plane twice. It went well until a bullet hit my wing, then both wings collapsed. I did survive one of the crashes, though, and eventually got the kill for guy who shot me down (unlike him) for that initial pass.
  12. There are photos of Dolphin with upward Aldis. Ergonomy wise, over the wing is only position in Dolphin that makes sense to me. I was flying it like that in RoF, and nowadays that's how I fly it with Aldis off. I wish I could mount iron sights up there.
  13. Pros: - Fast! and good climb - Durable compared to FC1 planes. - Good initial maneuvrability, light controls at high speeds. - Stable gun platform, excellent in non-deflection shots. - Balloon guns - Good spotting visibility - Good teamplane. Cons: - Horrible energy retention - Bad sustained maneuvrability, heavy controls at low speed -Low endurance, huge fuel consumption forces heavy fuel loads. - Small ammo load - Windscreen frame badly reduces visibility when aiming. - Windscreen and energy retention make it bad at
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