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  1. J2_Trupobaw

    The Next Two Planes, my thoughts.

    The planes for FC1 are announced. The only question is order in which we'll get them :).
  2. J2_Trupobaw

    Controls Responses

    In current BoX we have trims and adjustible stabilisers... and when we don't have them, it's historical disadvantage. Rather than response curves, I would love the option to do it historical way - rig your plane on the ground. We have trims and 109 style stabilisers now in BoX, an option to adjust their default position from mods menu would archive the same as curves. Of course, rigging the stabiliser would also have its historical disadvantages - the more tail heavy plane is the more manuverable it is, so pilots have to balance comfort and combat responsiveness.
  3. J2_Trupobaw

    WW1 Engine Types

    Flying Circus: Volume2 - Black September Pfalz D.Xii Fokker D.VII 200 hp Dfw.C.V Gotha Nieuport 28 Spad 13 high conpression engine Breguet Handley-Page Collectors: Fokker D.VIII Camel 140hp
  4. J2_Trupobaw


    The difference between RoF engine and BoS engine is five years of development. From what I know, the planes aren't a data file that is interpreted by game and can be copied and pasted... It's code, executed by game.
  5. J2_Trupobaw


    If it was that easy, Jason and Luke would do that over the beer long time ago.
  6. J2_Trupobaw

    WW1 Engine Types

    We could have better engines for Camel and Spad 13, too. And Hispano-Suiza, 4 blade prop S.E.5.a (the variant that could dogfight with D.Vas). And D.IIIaü / D.IIIa overhauled to 200hp for all non-rotary planes from FC1.
  7. J2_Trupobaw

    Will multiplayer be in trouble?

    I saw it on some servers, not all. The minimap is much worse in BOX than in RoF anyway, because there is no way to free mouse cursor - you can't scroll it. In Normal mode, it just shows neighbourhood of your GPS plane locator. Without GPS, without map magically scrolling ant telling you where you are, without way to scroll it manually... there's little point in having one.
  8. The legs are much more powerful than hands and can cause greater stress on servo :). Personally, if I were building FFB pedals I would start from racing steering wheel :). I had it planned in my head once already. But alas, Rof/BoX engine does not seem to support FFB on yaw axis. I tried that on my FFB2, the FFB axis went completely limp when assigned to rudder.
  9. J2_Trupobaw

    The end is nigh

    I suppose FC will be final nail to coffin of casual, weekday RoF MP... which is dead anyway, at least on icons-off servers. OTOH, I suppose the greater choice of planes and maps will keep planned events like Bloody April, Black September, FiF, Thursday nights and Cubans sunday missions in RoF ... perhaps with less emphasis on 1918 Arras sector. I hope to see MP hosts move away from 1918 planesets and turn RoF MP into 1916-1917 game :). In SP, RoF will offer better career experience for years to come.
  10. J2_Trupobaw

    Flying Circus - campaign / career mode?

    IIRC Pat said he will incorporate FC into PWCG. If your career takes place in 1918 in Arras sector and your squadron flies FC plane, you can choose to fly it in RoF or FC. He did similar thing in RoF, where player stationed in Ypres are have choice of flying on Channel Map or Western Front Map.
  11. Heels protection against whatever is inside?
  12. J2_Trupobaw

    Blip Switch Question

    Probably because other engines stop moving when you cut off ingnition and can't be restarted by switching it on.
  13. J2_Trupobaw


    Here's your answer.
  14. J2_Trupobaw

    Will multiplayer be in trouble?

    ... and one of them had 8 vs 6 players which, by todays Wargrounds / Cuban standards be is a lot. Mix of RoF, ex-RoF and WW2 names. Spent ehole evening there, lots of fun. Who's running the Shooting Stars servers, anyway? I never needed to know that and now I don't know whom I want to hug for providing server on day 2.
  15. J2_Trupobaw


    What we have may be even better: make the skin, publish it, people download it or not, see it or not, delete it if they don't like it. Only thing we're missing is official skinpacks and waiting for approval. I'm going to compile Jasta 2 Dr.I skin pack (historical and personal skins) for us and anyone willing to see us. I hope we may have a maintained, updated community skinpack. Or join one for BoX if it exists.