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  1. Not really. Planes rigged/trimmed to be tail heavy are more maneuvrable, planes rigged to be nose heavy are more stable (like, "famously", B.E.2). You have one setting to chose on the ground, either convenience when cruising or life saving performance in combat; the choice is obvious. Using non-linear curves in RoF was way to eat cake and have it :/ ; plane was still rigged for heavy tail and performed accordingly, but was convenient to control as if it was nose heavy. This was accomplished by non-linear stick inputs which did not existed in WW1.
  2. My guess: engine revolving at given RPM does not mean it has horsepower to rotate any prop you want at this RPM. Gearing means you can use engine with prop pitch you want, rather than pitch that fits engine power at "native" RPM. With high engine revs and relatively low power, they would be limited to very fine pitched props, no?
  3. https://youtu.be/nJOSAwNzyi4#t=2m40s
  4. Clutter. Lots and lots of clutter. Memory leaks and unkillable leftover processes. Discord is better for server operators - a discussion forum / facebook lite integrated with voice comms, notifications, whatnot. Great for pick up groups of people who happen to be on server at same time, ask a question and post youtube video, stream your game etc. Can be easily joined from cellphone to see who is on without booting your PC. TS excells as communication system for established group of people. No bells, no whistles.
  5. Peter Jackson is the guy who turned Tolkien books into superhero movies ;), so I doubt he would let source material stop him when making WW1 movie. Perhaps respect for the material is exactly why he's not making a "viable" movie out of it.
  6. That's Battle of Arras planeset... I think Flying Circus 2:The Bloody April is a no-brainer.
  7. Jasta 2 skinpack had some of the 2k skins imported from RoF replaced with 4k skins using the same filename. The intention is to overwrite the old files and never use old versions again :).
  8. I wonder how feasible would be splitting each wing section into three hitboxes - leading part+ forward spar, trailing part + rear spar, middle part + both spars, so each spar is in intersection of two hitboxes and a spar is hit when bullet pierces both hitboxes containing it.
  9. RFC Official: Congratulations, you have been credited with downing the Red Baron. Roy Brown: I don't really think it was me. I just fired a burst in his direction and broke away, he was flying for some time after. RFC Official: Nevertheless, we are crediting you with the kill. Roy Brown: I hope his berserker brother will not get mad and come after me... You've heard what he did to Albert Ball?
  10. This. In the end, "realism" is a nice word for "whatever does not ruin plausibilty for me" anyway.
  11. Freunde und Feinde, Today it's 102nd anniversary of death of WW1 ace of aces, superb mentor and unit organiser, Manfred von Richtofen. As we've been doing on this day since 2015, let's honour him by taking red skins while flying on Flugpark whenever possible. MvRs own red Albatros or Dr.I, Udets red D.VII, red-nosed S.E.5 from No.60, there is plenty of red planes to choose from.
  12. Lol indeed. Perhaps the has left some lice behind. But really, can you blame man for trying to warn a friend? The lower wing is basically aerodynamically shaped support for upper one, so upper wing should fold upwards once they disconnect. Comparing places where hits are grouped and the resulting damage are definetly WTG in my opinion.
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