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  1. WW1 aerial equivalent is letting the other guy land on his side of the lines. Everything you do to him before that is counting coup :D.
  2. IIRC IAS "scales" with air density; as the air gets thinner the TAS figures for stall speed, best climb speed, cruising speed etc change (you need to go faster through thinner air to produce the same lift), but remain constant for IAS. It's not that important in WW1, but for instrument flying pilot would have to re-calculate the speeds dependent on altitude (which, too, is given as relative, not absolute) and weather. I think of IAS as measure of speed-dependent force with which airframe and surrounding air interact with each other - you need the same force on your wings to not stall, or to climb at certain vertical speed, or to reach never-exceed speed force, but at different altitudes this required force is met at different TAS. OTOH, TAS should be very useful for things like dead reconing navigation (giving the pilot absolute indication of distance travelled, discarding the wind...).
  3. Gerhard Fieseler, Jasta 38 IIRC. There were definetely photos of historicak Albies with overwing Lewis on RoF forum.
  4. So don't use dual-stage trigger when you want to fire overwing alone! Have another Weapon Group 2 button that you use when you want to fire overwing gun separately (think of it as representation of overwings pistol trigger, pilots used to fire the gun when pointed upwards) and dual trigger as representation of trigger on control column. They both fire the same gun, one independent from another.
  5. 235hp SPAD is contemporary of D.VIIF, Fokker E.V / D.VIII and Pfalz D.XII. Part of the problem is, in "porting the RoF" approach developers have brought together planes from two pretty distinct time periods: Spring 1918 and late summer 1918. We have planes that didn't appear until summer, and planes with engine variants were no longer used in summer, flying together. In fact, there is enough leftover variants to produce Flting Circus vol 1.5 without building single new airframe Fall 1917 Spring 1918 Summer 1918 Albatros D.Va 180hp, no parachute 180hp, parachute 200hp, parachute Pfalz D.IIIa 180hp, no parachute 180hp, parachute 200hp, parachute Fokker Dr.I factory new, no parachute factory new, parachute kaputt, parachute Fokker D.VII 180hp, parachute 200hp, parachute SPAD 13 220 hp 220 hp 235 hp S.E.5a Hispano-Suiza 4-blade Viper 2-blade Viper 2-blade Camel RoF Camel RoF Camel FC Camel
  6. They do have one, for weapon group two. There are two triggers on S.E.5 stick, mapped to weapon groups 1 and 2. If you want to fire wing gun separately from synchronised gun, have another "weapon group two" key mapped (you can have 3 keys per control) and use it to fire overwing gun. The result is identical with having weapon group three with the same key, mapped to the same gun.
  7. Map second key for weapon category 2. Use dual stage trigger to fire synchronised guns or both guns, and new key to fire overwing guns alone. Problem solved (?).
  8. Having to face Brits who kept getting factory-new replacements in the same clapped out patched up plames was one of German pilots complains in forst half of 1918. It was high altitude recon interceptor, optimailsed against fast, high ceiling German recons, not a superiority fighter. In FC it will suffer from BoB Me-262 syndrome (planes it was best at killing are not there).
  9. IIRC it was supposed to be worse in RoF before 2014 patch, and yet RoF skies were full of hardened Jasta pilots blowing guys like me from the sky whenever I showed my face on Wargrounds :P. Back when Adam was training me on New Albies in 2015 there was lots of tactics and teamwork staff he was really putting emphasis on; it since fell into misuse because Central planes were on longer underdogs. I guess we have to revisit this.
  10. Yeah, telling friend from foe with U-2 makes it more trouble thanit's worth unless only one side has them. That, and the WW1 plane they approximate the best is B.E.2...
  11. Kameraden, Today is 101th anniversary of tragic death of WW1 ace of aces, Manfred von Richthofen (known in popular culture as the Red Baron). Fortunately, it's also Sunday, a flying evening, so we can honour his death flying FC for the first time. If you go to Vintage Mission or FC today, please put on MvR skin, or Jasta 11 skin, or a skin with lots of red on it, in remembrance. Let's paint the skies red!
  12. I wonder if the relics of 425/17 could be sampled to determine which paint was used (not by us, of course, but if such solution is plausible ).
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