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  1. This is a joke I want to share with you, and a silly tribute to best FFB flight stick for IL2 there is. +-20 years out of production, still in circulation, still excellent and just refusing to break - like Roland Washington on IL2 facebook group said, you can use it till you die then get burried with it. Hence the joke: how getting a good FFB stick will look like, some 50 years from now: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmnbK9VR7VM&t=02m
  2. The German pilots i've run into often let me form up on them before opening up, taking me for a D.VII ;).
  3. Damn, all this talk about wings going off gives me serious D.XII nostalgia...
  4. Are there limits on available airframes (recon, D.VIIF)? I am concerned about casual players hindering their side by wasting these :).
  5. Boelcke used two black-white-red streamers, one on each wing (left streamer visible on photo)
  6. There was attempt to cover Fokker Eindecker entirely in celluloid. It shone in the sun and was visible at great distances . And, once the surface started tearing, it would not stop.
  7. Touche! (At altitudes Serpent was prowling, tea would freeze like it was an ice age. So no, a bullet.)
  8. Serpent was bouncing me at such altitudes in RoF, it was either shoot myself in crotch or die of boredom before the wreck reaches the ground :P. (It was also some 3 years ago IIRC... FC is more tactical game than RoF was, especially since new damage model).
  9. Well I wasn't there, I pretty much said what I would be doing in your place :). Went for the contrast value, too, because even in less flattering description of what you did you do things right and control the situation. (Also, towards your own lines does not mean all the way behind them; it means you move where you have more control, not where opponents want you).
  10. Gameplaywise, Pfalz would be a great addition to German line. I want a J2 Paul Baumer skin, too! Historically, it was really rare plane. Siemens Schukert D.IV would make more sense.
  11. The SE pilot saw himself approached by German formation from the West, dragged them as long as possible, feigned an attack, rocketed past them when they were turning around and went straight for his lines without leaving a wing or four behind. Surviving 4 on 1s without enemy getting your fragile wings us is very satisfying. (And flying in SE, he would be fool to get dragged into prolonged combat unless he held all the advantages...). I love flying the SE, it keeps me reminded how mortal I am, and how I'm not allowed to take shortcuts.
  12. Except Pfalz D.XII . So far, "treat if like sd if you were flying a D.XII" is my motto for FC planes, and it keeps me alive most of the time.
  13. It's August. We always get the "Is this game dead" thread in August, for some reason. OK, this time it's August on top of DM controversy... we will see in October. (BTW, the new DMs make people dive away as soon as you land a good burst at their crate - which, while annoying and cutting down the scores, strikes me as more historically accurate behaviour than what we had in golden days of FC. Just saying ).
  14. Not really. Planes rigged/trimmed to be tail heavy are more maneuvrable, planes rigged to be nose heavy are more stable (like, "famously", B.E.2). You have one setting to chose on the ground, either convenience when cruising or life saving performance in combat; the choice is obvious. Using non-linear curves in RoF was way to eat cake and have it :/ ; plane was still rigged for heavy tail and performed accordingly, but was convenient to control as if it was nose heavy. This was accomplished by non-linear stick inputs which did not existed in WW1.
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