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  1. Hello At the moment I'm working on a skins pack for a friend And it takes me a lot of time. I will try to look for the A3 in the JG / 300. I promise nothing for the moment.
  2. Hi friends. Updated download links for template and normalmap.
  3. Very good news about development. Good choice of skins for the A-20.
  4. hi, Thanks, the font that BlackHellHound has provided is perfect. I found other Font on the internet.
  5. Updated :Link valid again for Bf 109 E-7.
  6. What does the DD reserve for us today.
  7. Please put your screens in spoiler.
  8. Updated Luftwaffe 2) Addition Fw190A-8 "Schwarz 8" Willi Maximowitz, IV.(sturm)/JG 3.
  9. OK thank you for the info I will do it again.
  10. Restoring a mitsubishi A6M Zero. Exellent Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/zerosensatogaeri22/community/
  11. The day is not over yet. Who knows maybe.
  12. Even though I'm looking forward to the first DD of the year. It is normal to respect their holidays and their rest. It's well deserved. I would not be against several ad or DD. But already one per week suits me very well.
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