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  1. i am still stuck on the fact that we got the 262 and it is as detailed as can be! Tho now my attention is on the allies, the Tempest and the F35 lightning 2 😄
  2. the Tempest will be the best, no visible device only the sight projection on the armored front glass panel
  3. personally I just play ground pounders... I am a bad shot and non of my friends fly il2 so going up solo in a fighter is pointless... So this is my brief experience: Join server, see 40 luftwaffles vs 10 soviets, join soviets for balans komrad... Pick peshka or A20 if I want to do something meaningful, pick po2 if I just want to fly, arm it (if possible as some servers *erm WOL cough cough* wont let me as the beast is too op seemingly to be armed) fly around get murdered 2-3 times... Decide to never again play MP again, at times spill salt on chat (sorry for that) and try again in a few months. I stick to Career and the scripted campaigns and at the rare occasions when my buddy wants to fly fire up a coop server and play a few rounds there... Sorry for boring you.
  4. hosted plenty of arma and dcs coops for friends... Always had to port forward... Frankly its not witchcraft, a few quick setting in the router to open the ports that either the game or a quick DDG can give the answer for than ppl can join your server. In IL2 so far I relied on community built coop missions, altering them to have the planes me and my friend(s) wanted to fly. And as for @PatrickAWlson that sound like a dream come true! Flying a campaign with friends that is allowing us to take different squads at the same time sounds awesome (bombers and the covering fighters for example)
  5. E4GLEyE

    ME 262

    my aim and my luck lead me to pepper A20s with it to little effect 😄 I am a bad shot, and the slow 30mm does not help that fact, but yes, in skilled hands she will be my peshka's worst nightmare
  6. I can hear him yell "Poweeeeer!"
  7. gotta say, seeing the Sherman all crewed up made me shed a tear in joy, I hit on a SPG convoy in Qmb and got hit by their second shot, the gunner collapsed, on my 2nd try I saw a feature I welcome very much, the technochat showing the round being loaded! Finally can stay om expert settings and know what is in the breach
  8. with the 262 I went with setting up right ctrl+ num 1-2 as my engine starters and go individually, but from what experienced, once an engine is running or failed to launch the game starts the other by itself unless you de select it edit: And also use the throttles individually unti start up is done
  9. she is a beast! Got a train from an approx 45 degree one long squeeze blew 9 oil carriages in one go! The landing was smooth at 200kph tho I could not get faster with full flaps and gear, but she was manageable, as for first takeoff I hit a house at high speeds, no explosion, she seems to lack the blowing up part when hitting the ground, as yesterday I shot one down in the La5Fn and once it hit a cornfield its burning engine detached and she dragged a line in the field for around 50 meters long. (she fell from rather high up, but not very steep)
  10. So as the 75th anniversary left us with tons of interesting videos about the Dakotas flying around, people jumping from them to reenact the airborne jumps of that day, this video hit my eyes, and the first plane in it is non other than the last flying example of a Li-2 the Hungarian HA-LIX. I am not the uploader, I just want to share it as I am living in the hope of seeing the Li-2 and the C-47 Dakota one day in the sim (sorry if a topic like this exists I did a quick search and could not find similar)
  11. Probably that yes! my english is not native so specific words might not come to mind.
  12. when the Ju52 was new and shiny if I remember it correctly WOL had missions where you had to do para drops... Those were awesome! Flying low n slow under dogfighting planes while my gunner kept them checked we approached and made a successful drop on the smoke signal... Then were strafed and eventually shot down on our way back... Flew a few sorties that day but never saw that specific task for the tante Ju ever since.... Tho I am not a frequent MP flyer when I go up i usually end up flying the U2 with the two 100kg bombs
  13. I always wondered about the guns being drawn out by engine sound part... I read it somewhere that for example in the p51 at high angle of attack you could/can hear the guns "whistle" but how does one hear that if the much more violent sound of the 6 .50s going off at the same time cannot be heard? Just curious, and have to agree the russian planes sound a bit too tame for my liking and compared to videos.
  14. my P2 gunner online usually detects an enemy plane when its within 100meters from me... I love hearing "one engaging" followed by the loud thumps of mine shots exploding my Peshka into pieces
  15. the Duck (hs129) I keep drilling it into the ground or enemy vehicles... Best live tank torpedo... But a bit costly on loss kill rate.
  16. that looks amazing! I wonder... Do we have modern Stuka sirens at all? The ones I can hear in movies and such is usually either from old footage, or recreated in a program... Not sure about the one in Dunkirk but that sounded awesome.
  17. the Kuban map is just breath taking! The sheer amount of trees at forests is something that got my attention at first! It's also fun to load up Kuban in DCS than IL2 for a bit of time travel (tho Dcs could use a face lift on its graphics/optimization as Il2 knocks it out of the park with their map)
  18. lost my Italian pilot a few days ago... Dunno the precise time he survived, but he was my most successful. I started the Moscow campaign in the mc202 than transferred to a unit flying bf109s... There I went from day to day. And at one point I lost a wing due to a sneaky Ivan attacking me while flying homebound... I bailed and the chute opened late... But my pilot survived and carried on... Than out of bad habit I flew a head on vs a Mig and got hit in the head by his first bullet.... Never again going for head on passes is the lesson I learned
  19. I wonder how did ww2 pilots manage night missions irl, like the British on their bombing campaign or the countering night fighters... Without radar or with early radar devices... Time to read up on something "new" for me I guess
  20. the bail out for Bodenplatte planes is correct! Swing under the tail of the plane. DCS has the same with the p51. It's a neat little detail. And having it in FPS view would be awesome!
  21. Cant wait to see the Victory Parade. That always looks awesome! Also wanna chime in on the part of the devs and their well deserved day off! Hope you rest up, and spend a wonderful day with your families and friends!
  22. the g6 takes a special place in my heart as well. In an other game I was thrilled to unlock it only to find myself in an under performing PoS... But here in Il2 its a dreamy machine to fly! Sure its no g14 but for taking out attackers and bombers the 30 mil is awesome, and in medium altitude fights she can stand her ground vs (ai) other planes... I just love its looks ans firepower!
  23. the guns in RoF and FC can jam randomly... that feature seems to be missing from ww2 birds (tho the "recock" animation is there) but if shot you can loose your guns and as mentioned above, heat only causes inaccuracy.
  24. now only if I had friends to fly the He111 in such formations with That promo video looked awesome! also big kudos for the AI improvement! I know its an iffy topic but getting them upgraded little by little is awesome! And to top it off ground rearm/resupply? Awesome! now (if I survive a run) I can just land taxi turn around go back at it Immersion FTW!
  25. the 262 is good news all around nice summary on its variant! I will fly that mostly until the Arado 234 hits the road... Sky!
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