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  1. Other than the Zero, I would love to see the J7W In IL2. That thing looks wonderful.
  2. Very Well, gonna send it to him, just make sure the thing flies, would hate to see it rust in a hangar 😄
  3. Anyone in need of a lonely Po2/U2? I can give it away, poor thing collects dust in my gift basket since the sale instead of flying around dusting crops or krauts. (first come first serve)
  4. Congratulations and a huge thank you for your videos that aid me to flail around slightly more collected in the WW2 kites @SYN_Requiem
  5. That is my fear as well, maybe the Ju52 was a flop and thus we wont be getting more cargo planes or hell, even twin engine bombers... (I wonder how sales went with the U2 as well)
  6. wait, we have the recovery system implemented? I have not flown the stuka for rather a while (or anything really thanks to work and RDR2) but I never noticed it recovering from a dive by its lonesome.
  7. Uhhhh... Rather sad for not getting carrier ops and the Pacific The plane set is nice, but can we please change one letter? B26 to A26? That dream would make it an instant buy, for now I will wait a bit with the purchase.
  8. Probably a bit too much. But at the same time I feel like us players in the sim are much more accurate shooters than real pilots as we do not fight for our lives nor we encounter Gforces in our chairs as we weave around in a fight. I have a hard time believing a wing would not detach if 4-6 20+mm ammunition exploded on/in it after penetration... Or at least wreck it enough that the slightest over G would not tear/deform it heavily. But those are my infinite noob sightings... I am a horrible shot so I usually take out pilots or engines with lucky bullets.
  9. Since we are discussing her... I just keep having this weirdness, and not sure if its a feature, but she keeps trying to roll right like crazy... no matter how much I trim her to the left she just keeps rolling and rolling unless i actively balance it... which is kinda annoying when on longer flights... Yaw trim seems to help but I find it hard to believe I need Left trim 90% to keep her straight... anyone has this? or am I just so rusty that I forgot how to fly single engines?
  10. my speculation is that we are headed for Korea. I wish for PTO but I think its less and less likely to happen and Korea was teased as they (dev team) smelled the scent of jet fuel. Mig15 and Sabre in this detailed damage model we have should be interesting.
  11. it also has access to 150 octane drinks from the nearest pub
  12. could not resist trying those two tho the train station was a bit scary once I committed to it, thankfully had enough clearance.
  13. I took off on full tank, tho did not climb too high, gonna test that tomorrow
  14. So... This dream came true, the majestic P-38 and the new map... This was my first flight in the bird, she is insanely stable and flies like a dream... I took plenty of fuel and spotted Arnhem on the map... Medal of Honor Frontline came to mind and I just had to put on its soundtrack for Arnhem... And this short video is the byproduct of my first experience in the new map, with one of my favorite planes on this planet... And the wonderful sim that IL2 GB is... I would like to thank the Dev team for their work... This moment alone made the asking price of the Bodenplatte pack worth it for me. ps.: The video is not monetized and I could not care less for views... I just really wanted to share this moment.
  15. I just hope we do not get death screams... In DCS Gazelle I still jump in my seat when we get hit and my pilot/co pilot screams loud as they die... My peshka and He111 gunners need to stay silent so I can focus on dropping my bombs :D *Bzzzzzt* "this is 1... engaging" *click*
  16. ju-52 long range flights, and dropping paratroopers/supplies is fun
  17. does the launcher use "torrent" p2p downloads? DCS does that but if its slow (as it is usually) you can just press cancel on the update and it will go to direct download which is way faster. I have the base game on steam, got everything else from the site, so I am lucky
  18. That is something I would love to do, than again I might be just an npc.... Beep Boop. War thunder allowed this with targets that required quantity of bombs and not precision, add a realistic flight and damage model + a decent sized map and I for one am sold.
  19. a dynamic campaign, or a multiplayer server where munition or planes are limited, and only cargo runs or drops can refill them, or if objectives like factories could be taken over or defended by dropping paratroopers on/near them... One can only wish. In DCS helicopters cannot do troop transport by default, but modders made it possible, and it is so much fun to deploy troops and see them walk off either to defend or to fight.
  20. if only more servers would have the Ju52 and para drop missions for it, either troops or cargo.... But its insanely rare to see anything for it 😕 also if the devs need help, Hungary has a flying example of a Li2 that you can book flights on as a passenger, unsure if it would be open to be used for modeling but that could be a plane to start on if the Li2 project is still a thing.
  21. p51 will be out within 2 weeks for sure. (crosses fingers so they snap) edit: Also I hope that this map wont have the issues of the Tank Crew map. (popping in and out forests and rock formations)
  22. low level flight rewarded my u2 with a bf110 kill, gunner tagged him, gravity finished the rest, and the river hid the evidence... With that I fly below treetop, with IL2, Stuka I fly treetop, peshka/a20 depends on mood, and he111 ju88 up high. Wish we had b17s... I would take ny sweet time to fly as high as possible in that
  23. weird, did they not ditch the tail dragger layout IRL because engine striking the ground resulted in flames and heat? I mean I love that our planes skid around on the ground, but landing on first gen engines... Sounds like it would/should be more of an explosive experience.
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