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    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    since the damage model overhaul I love that the wings dont snap that easily. The plane can be stripped from its control surfaces and that helps improve aim. As for how long I shoot.... Usually too short, If it's a deflection I predict, aim, shoot a burst than look.... Need to get rid of this habit... and as for head-ons I really like them... It's a gamble but it is such a thrill that I probably got addicted to it. The real sure shot is when the opponent bursts into flames or loses something essential like a rudder, vertical stabilizer (both)
  2. E4GLEyE

    DD today?

    As a now not friend once reacted to me telling him how hard it must be to make planes for sims he replied: "oh just punch in a few parameters and done"... i think that was the time when I accidentally banned him from teamspeak ... I am no programmer, but across the board, making a good flight model, and making systems work/react in realistic way must be a hell of a job to do, and you guys are pushing crazy heavily with all these projects! Wish you the best! Here hoping! most important: Take Your Time!
  3. E4GLEyE

    DD today?

    Was it served within 2 weeks?
  4. E4GLEyE

    DD today?

    a Battle of Debrecen would be nice... Tho that (as far as I know) was mainly a tank battle. (USSR vs Axis)
  5. E4GLEyE

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    I can suggest TacView it helps a great lot to see what went south. And works with other sims as well
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    if I turn to music... It's either the nations military marches that I fly for. (I fly all specially taking a liking in Russian planes and choirs) but when in a moody mood, I just pop on Sky Crawlers ost and fly all sad and in tears.
  7. E4GLEyE

    When the P51 will be available?

    wow! You guys will have a busy 2019! But so many goodies!!! Really happy to see it all. Can't wait to fly/drive all of them
  8. also can fires be put out? Seen a video (if my memory does not fail me) where a 111 was on fire in game and with diving (and perhaps cutting the flaming engine) it managed to put out the fire. With the bodenplatte planes this might be a tactic to be used, if our fights will take place at higher altitudes anyway.
  9. E4GLEyE

    Rear view mirror broken?

    oh, yeah started pushing closer to the sight, saved that as a new center and now its fine ... silly me! Thanks! 😄
  10. E4GLEyE

    Rear view mirror broken?

    umm, ist the Spitfire MKIX's mirror supposed to "look" that much down? (similar to the one of the P47 screenshot by @senseispcc I can see my tail, and its frankly blocking all view, the MKV mirror is only blocked by the rudder, which also means, I have an easier time detecting trailing aircraft... anyone noticed this? or its a bug on my end?
  11. I am trying to set up SP Missions for COOP, I set the type to Coop, set the planes to AI and ticked the coop box, but they wont show up in the missions list, also it seems I cant open them in the editor without deleting the MSNBIN file.... not sure wassup with that Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  12. Not sure if it was mentioned prior, so sry if it was, but a Bbattle of Berlin would be neat. La7 and the such
  13. E4GLEyE

    What is your favourite plane

    if Jerry than Ju87, if Ivan than U2 and if Allies than the p38 (will be, for now the a20)
  14. E4GLEyE

    Zoom while Shooting

    i zoom in for the shot (bad habit that i retained since war thunder) and zoom out in dogfights so that I can keep track with less head movement... The t1.6000 has a nice wheel on the throttle that I can use to quickly zoom in/out. Is it realistic? No but we play (well.... I do) on a 1080p monitor and not on my eyes "resolution" so I find it to be a neat tool to compensate. Also zooming for ground targets... That is something i learned to do in DCS a10c. This zoom feature also comes in handy at other games, namely milsims like Arma and Squad/Post scriptum for the same reasons as in flight.
  15. just flew thw second missipn yesterday, the setting, the whole morning startup was amazingly immersive... Than on my first dive on a tatget an AAA riped apart my A20s left side, and in the first time in my IL2 career the plane managed to limp home (tho almost kissed a mountain side while doing so) with a single engine. Greatest 45 minutes I had in SP thus far!
  16. the wing mounted gun is great fun, Tho aiming it is a pain, but fun non the less... BTW does anyone know if the gunner command to attack ground targets work? Would be fun to strafe a convoy and let the rear gun "rip" trough them as we go.
  17. Can only Echo what others state, this campaign so far is top notch!
  18. E4GLEyE

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Amazing stuff! Cant wait! the upgraded damage model already made tank gameplay more enjoyable by a huge margin
  19. E4GLEyE

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    Umm just wondering, would it be plausable to gather data on the materials that a plane was built from? Thickness of spars, covers and all that? If yes, maybe we could get more accurate ratings at how easy/hard it is to penetrate, shatter, break such parts with certain ammo types? We could take those resoults back to the planes and see how they handle shots from there on? Also I tested the a5 fw190 on jugs yesterday, and tho it fires both MG and CN at the same time it did dewing the beasts rather easily, only their main structure seems to hold firm against bullets, and on one case the AI zoomed on me, missed and broke up into bits later on...
  20. E4GLEyE

    Phlydaily played IL-2 today

    here hoping, the young blood hopefully finds simmimg as good as the old one and trades their jetpacks and shovels for a bf109 or yak1 wing
  21. E4GLEyE

    Phlydaily played IL-2 today

    he was pretty good, at cooking his engines... But yeah, really glad he got IL2 a go. It should get some new eyes on the product
  22. E4GLEyE

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    after reading trough these posts recently, I cant wait what kind of S will hit the F when the wonderweapon p51 and p38 will release... (for the latter I cant wait! Being my favorite Western Allied plane).
  23. E4GLEyE

    P-47 Pointers/Ground Attack

    adding a question to the question, for ground attack would you take the gyro sight, or the static one? For bombing I usually just drop by feeling, and that works, but cant really explain it, I just try to calculate the impact point from speed and alt. The rockets are a different story that I am very much just learning to employ efficiently.
  24. E4GLEyE

    External fuel tanks for BOS/BOM/BOK

    In MP people would not use it, its faster to just reset the aircraft. I guess that would depend on reload speeds, but from what I know, ww2 aircaft reloads were no short tasks.
  25. yesterday I flew the 47 for a very brief time, during which it had no problem dealing with AI k4-s, I could gain on them, could trap them and with the awesome gyro sight make short work of them... And I am a noob when it comes to A2A combat I really love the bird, but will probably use her as a ground pounder, the 3*500 + 6 zookas are a nice setup for that. And yes! The WW1 birds are amazing to fly (tho accidentally spawned them 8k meters up on quick mission)