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  1. Vitaly, I sent a PM to you Sir. S!Blade<><
  2. Actionjoe. I sent you a PM on how to post pics from a url. This is your first picture as an example. Very Nice Sir. S!Blade<>< Edit: Sorry all, but that one needs to be hidden. A Great pic though.
  3. Guys, it has always been this way, even with ROF in the ROF Forums. Once the update is announced, in the 'Announcement' section, in the 'Update' thread there is always an update discussion thread which is linked at the bottom of the actual update post. If any hotfixes are applied to the update then they are always announced in this discussion thread and are pinned to the top of every page of that discussion thread. if you are new here on the Forums that is how this works, if you are an old hat here then this is a refresher. Yes I am being really polite here and not writing what I am really thi
  4. The motivated Tigre88!!! Nice work Sir. Thank you for sharing the new missions. I only completed the first mission in "Kursk43" so I will update and then continue on. S!Blade<><
  5. The rest that I liked from my mission the other day. Of course the skin is from the hugely talented skin creator, Tomi_099. S!Blade<>< I applied Infranview blur on most of the foreground and a little blur on the background.
  6. You are a wise man Sir. Thank your for helping. That is the company I used and I feel it was a Wise choice. I just don't know anything about all of this worldly finance jazz. I am still trying to get my head around all this bitcoin crap. I am beginning to feel left behind by all of this new fangeled technology. Give me PayPal or using a Credit Card online any day. At any rate, I have a new Trim Console ordered, hopefully as long as the transfer goes through. Now I just have to Hurry up and wait for three months. Vitaly, I think maybe we need to think about 'Cloning' you to double or t
  7. Thank you for the timely help LukeFF. I PMed you one more time. I think if you can answer these 3 questions I can move forward. S!Blade<>< Thank you LukeFF!!! You da man!!! See, an old dog can learn new tricks. One Trim Console ordered, as long as the wire goes through. Here's hoping!
  8. Are you using re-shade Cujo_1970? S!Blade<>< Edit: What resolution?
  9. I would like to make a last ditch effort to ask anyone who has made a purchase with GVL to help me learn how to transfer the funds to Vitaly to place my order. I have never made any type of transaction like this involving bank transfers of sending money to a foreign country. Vitaly has been very helpful but there is the language barrier to go along with my ignorance as to performing a funds transfer such as this. I really do want to make 2 purchases from GVL, but if I cannot pay for the products to be manufactured then I will be forced to find and purchase a throttle from another company. Tha
  10. I have a quick general request please. Could anyone that has ordered a GVL product from Vitaly and that lives in the USA please PM me and help me get up to speed on how to use Western Union or another process to pay Vitaly for my order. I would like to place my order tomorrow so there is a little bit of urgency to my request. Thanks in advance. I am excited to place my order for a Trim Console first, soon to be followed by the Throttle Unit I designed second. S!Blade<><
  11. This was a re-familiarization mission after not having played TC in quite a while. What better Beast to ride in than the fearsome Tiger!🐯 S!Blade<><
  12. Nice Moustache. Tigre88 is famous in the Tank Communities around the world. S!Blade<><
  13. You know, I was going to suggest you check that, having just done my build and remembering how tiny and easy it would be to misplace those few connectors on that row of header pins. Good on you that you found the culprit. I think your fan base here will expect to see some benchmark results soon from your new rig. I am not a big benchmark test guru, but it was really fun to see the HUGE difference between my 10 year old Rig and my new one. I am more of a give me a cool running, factory OC, long-term reliability with fluid in Sim performance kind of guy. Anything above 60 FPS and I am quite plea
  14. Didn't Jason say a long time ago, with the last round of DM changes for the WWII Warbirds, that the two damage model systems, WWI & WWII, were tied together? I seem to remember him stating that a separation of the two, WWI & WWII, systems would be necessary to reconcile the problems induced upon the WWI crates by that last round of GBS DM changes. Does anyone else remember reading this and has there been any work in the background going on to introduce this evidently much needed change? Seems like this would be a Priority for 1C to complete to open up future expansion of sales for bot
  15. I made good on my promise to use the Donate button if you installed one, and will make use of it in the future as this project goes forward. My hope is that all the major IL2 GBS skin artists will upload their work to HSD. I really like the skin packs which cover from one section up to a whole Squadron. For me it just adds so much to have a whole Squadron in Historical skins. I am hoping to see more and more of these packs! This skin manager is fabulous and very flexible to enable me to download only the type of skins that I want. Thank you to the team for all of your hard work, it
  16. Where is your better half? Anybody seen Jake's girlfriend? She might be light footing it around looking to steel a bazooka! Keep alert gents! S!Blade<><
  17. I have been in correspondence with Tigre88 and this is how he wishes to handle the distribution for now. If I understand it correctly, Tigre88 built this pack essentially in roughly one years time and he has Graciously made corrections and changes when 1C updates introduced to IL2/TC broke certain elements of the Campaigns. No one other person has contributed anywhere near as much 3rd party Campaigns/missions as Tigre88 has. Just the fact that he watches and keeps his creation operational, and even corrects problems within the mission execution which he finds or are brought to his attention,
  18. Read his post in red right above your quote in my post right here. PM him if you want the link. Simple! No Fuss, No Muss Sir!!! S!Blade<><
  19. Cujo, that rig looks sweet. I really like the subtle rgb. Most rigs these days look like a 2 bit cathouse front window box with blaringly blinding neon lights.😎 Sorry to here of your switch problem. Hang in there mate, you will get it sorted. S!Blade<><
  20. Yes I was going to go intel until I saw what the 5600x would do right out of the box for the price, plus I have always built AMD. That is one heck of system for a non economy build. The local power company may tap you to not run it in the peak power consumption months. 😁 Enjoy. S!Blade<><
  21. My mission survival rate is going to plummet because of you. S!Blade<><
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