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  1. Wait, I upvoted you? What does 'svelte' mean??? ..........?.......?...........?......? Ok, googled svelt,(uneducated Southerner here, naught + naught = double naught). One of them high falutin words. You can keep your upvote. S!Blade<><
  2. Smink, I would not be posting my license key numbers here Sir. Just a heads up. Maybe a mod could delete his pics? S!Blade<><
  3. No choice is wrong in this poll. Some answers simply carry a heavier penalty than others my dear Sir. S!Blade<><
  4. Ohhhhh! I am hoping Trooper is right for your sake Ghost. I am just to old for testicle betting anymore. Couldn't bear to separate the twins. Good Luck though. S!Blade<><
  5. And the first action of the MNSC is to conduct a poll. Martlet All tallies are to be kept confidential for further retaliations...... errrr, I mean for further discussions. Thanks for your participation. S!Blade<><
  6. BladeMeister

    Martlet Poll

    This poll is simple and straight forward. Answer wisely knowing a wrong answer will bring a swift and senselessly violent response. U r on the list JG51_Beazil!!! U 2 Stickz!!! Still taking notes! My Martlet hunt list is growing! This polling software must be faulty. It seems to be only counting the incorrect answers.
  7. Yes soon it will be 'the happy time' for Hurricane pilots world wide. I still can't wait for the Hurri in TGBS also as it is LONG overdue! It is a VERY GOOD time to be a Combat Flight Simmer. S!Blade<><
  8. Here let me fix that for you Sir! Martlet/D520. S!Blade<><
  9. Thanks Jason for helping to orchestrate this opportunity for TFS and to 1C for allowing access to the Source code. Hopefully this is profitable and future additions can be added to this great flight sim. Edit: Did not see a big announcement for Gambit21's 'Hell Hawks Over the Bulge' but I bought it!!! This needs a Big announcement post Jason. This one should be a good one in the Jug. S!Blade<><
  10. I am in. Here is to hoping DWsT works with Win 7. Bring on the Barrel Chested Martlet!!! Congrats TFS & 1C!!! Wishing you success in DWsT! SBlade<><
  11. Yes, Agreed Sir, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt, ' To Late'. It is sad because I was really hoping for some Hurricane news. S!Blade<><
  12. Well, persistence has payed off in the past. Look how BOS started out. Jason reads all this stuff and he knows what the community wants. TGBS has far more good points than bad, but the Devs need to do something about these two critical issues sooner than later. With proper spotting and intelligent/challenging AI, I would have to think sales would explode. Maybe a reevaluatin of where these two items are on the priority/to-do list would land them high up there and instill a sense of ergancy to do the footwork and solve these critical issues. Hopefully persistence will pay off again. S!Blade<><
  13. #98? CLOD now will have the 'Barrel Chested Martlet'! I have been waiting since IL2 PF to fly the Wildcat again. Christmas comes early this year. #99? The Hurricane just looks and fly's so Dam-n Good. Can't wait to tote along those tank Buster's and have a go. #100 The Best Looking/Clickable Cockpits in the business!!! #101 The feel of flying has always ranked at the top for me. So glad 1C, Jason and TFS came to terms to try this venture of expanding CLOD/DSWT. Wish all of them a big success. S!Blade<><
  14. Spotting on 2560x1440 is virtually impossible until they are almost right on you. The graphics are beautiful, but the spotting abismal. This is one reason I will not even go online to fly in realistic servers. Spotting and the AI are the weakest points of TGBS. The AI is ssssslllllooooowwwwllllyyyy getting better but still cannot rival WOTR OR WOFF, which is a shame for this far into TGBS's development cycle. I am hoping by the time BON is released that the Devs will have these two Elephants in the room removed. S!Blade<><
  15. I am really getting TIRED of reading the word "stubby" right next to the name Martlet!!! I am thinking Barrel Chested Martlet carries much more dignity for this Bad-ass little .50 cal toting terror of the skies. I guess I am going to be the Windows 7 guinea 🐖 as I intend to pre purchase DSWT and see if she will run on my old rigg. Blitz does just fine for me so here is to hoping DSWT does as well. Congrats TFS and 1C. SBlade<><
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