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  1. Ebay has the T16000M under 50$ used. It is very precise and all you need for TC. Highly recommended. S!Blade<><
  2. To save different key mapping for different planes, tanks or whatever, i.e. I have one for Allied planes, one for Axis planes and one for tanks. For example, I made my tank key map choices in game and I deleted every other key that I used for aeroplane controls to keep this profile clean of multiple key conflicts. When I was satisfied I just made a folder, - Controls_Tanks - and within it a folder - data - and within it a folder - inputs - . I then copied the contents of the inputs folder from the game to the - inputs - folder of my newly created - Controls_Tanks - folder and placed it in my JSGME Mods folder. I did this for my - Controls_Allied_Planes - and my - Controls_Axis_Planes key maps. Then I use JSGME to apply the one I need. If I want to change from tank controls to one of the planes controls, I simply uninstall the tank controls in JSGME and then install the Allied or Axis control scheme from JSGME. One note, *always remember to uninstall before every update or you will lose your JSGME installed key maps most likely to the new update.* S!Blade<><
  3. Does it work well? Better than the current mouse control? S!Blade<><
  4. I don't know if that is possible, I was just making a suggestion. If it is not, then maybe that is something the Devs could try. I think that is possible in SF42?? S!Blade<><
  5. OMG, someone suggested a Do 335! Can you imagine how Awesome that would be. Battle of Berlin would be good. S!Blade<><
  6. Agreed, I tried this last night and forgot to give feedback. I like TIR5 on for all operations except Binocs, targeting or designating movement orders with the red circle. I think TIR5 ups the immersion a little when inside the tank. I just wish they would animate the loader actually loading the shells. To me that would be more immersive also. Steel Fury 1942 has loader animations for quite a few of their tanks and it looks really good in action. S!Blade<><
  7. You have your tactics, I have mine. We obviously use TC in different ways. If you get tracked then yes you are screwed. Maybe the W, A, S, Z keys would work better for turret control? Yes the mouse still works onscreen when joystick is chosen. S!Blade<><
  8. I like the pics and just downloaded it. I will check it out tonight. Love that it has a historic story behind. That was a very touching gesture for that Community to do for one of there. It is unfortunate that it ended sadly. Thank you for sharing. S!Blade<><
  9. No exception taken. I said 90% of the time though. I don't know about you but I am constantly putting my enemy between my 10 & 2 by turning my hull to the deadliest enemy or when scouting I am traversing my turret between 10 & 2 to spot enemies. I get it that sometimes you get surprised, flanked or dive into the battle line to far and have to traverse further, but that should be a very rare instance. If one likes to play Rambo and rush in, stop and then use their turret to target beyond 10 & 2 then they are exposing themselves to complete destruction to easily anyway. Urban fighting where quarters are to tight to turn the hull are a different matter, but where in the TC map do we have that? My thought for mousers was to use the 10 & 2 rule to lessen turret traversing, thus easing their pain for moving the mouse horizontally so far. Also if your mouse mat is rectangular like mine, turn it sideways for more side to side travel. As to command key targeting, I have used the mouse myself, but now I will try the joystick tonight. I use TIR5 so it can get tricky to do for me. I have a button on my joystick to stop TIR, I push ~ and then I grab the mouse to target and finish the command and then enable TIR once more when finished. I use the exact same procedure when using the Binocs. In the end I doubt everyone will be totally satisfied, but IMHO it is better now for the mouse and joystick users then it was before the joystick turret control update. I am really thankful that 1C made that option available. S!Blade<><
  10. I use my rudder pedals for tank left and right steering control. Throttle for forward and reverse. Joystick for turret traverse and elevation. It works perfect. Maybe 'mousers' need a bigger mouse pad. A very qualified tanker will only traverse from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock 90% of the time, thereby keeping their frontal armor to the enemy. I have used the current mouse controls and IMHO it is MUCH, MUCH better than it was before this current change. My vote = please do not change the current joystick application as it works perfectly fine. Just a thought. S!Blade<><
  11. Jason_Williams Report post Posted 11 hours ago This is not a useful poll. We all know the answer. If I can improve the free tanks to the same level of TC tanks I will. Right now, I cannot. I have always wanted to, but the cost involved are currently prohibitive for such "free" content. Not trying to bust your you know whats here, but please consider this. Any potential TC customer that tries out these free tanks is going to say,"Meh!" these free tanks are ok but if they are representative of the rest of the tanks in TC then I will pass on paying 80$ for the full sim. Most people only believe what they experience firsthand while using a product, i.e, TC. So while the comments people write in this Forum who own TC and like TC may be all well and good, a lot of potential customers, if they even read the TC section of the Forum, will be skeptical that the actual TC sim is that much better than the free tanks which they have already tried. 1C has to be losing a LOT of TC purchases because of this perception. You put the free tanks in IL2 to see what the feedback would be long ago. I am assuming that feedback prompted you to invest in the partnership to produce TC. So you have TC finished(Congradulations!) now and the only free trial(which it is a great idea that you have a free trial at all) you have are two very popular WWII tanks that are lacking in development and performance from the rest of the superb TC tank lineup. You obviously are a smart businessman so I do not understand how you cannot see that it is overdue to pony up, bite the bullet and finish these two tanks to the proper level to help sell TC, unless TC is a finished venture and you are moving on. I am assuming it isn't obsolete, maybe incorrectly, and that TC is still a viable product for you, and that being said, you are already half way to the deep end of the pool! Take the plunge, get all wet and that will hopefully push TC to a wider audience and more sales. IMHO, for what it is worth, as a well pleased TC early access customer, this is not a good business model and misrepresents what TC actually has to offer in game play, technology and future development if TC were to be expanded. Please understand that this is not an insult hurled at you by an irate dissatisfied customer. It is exactly the opposite, it is an outside observation from a customer well pleased with TC so far, and also the rest of IL2 GBS, CLOD and FC also, that would very much love to see TC expanded with a TC2 title someday. Sometimes you can't see a way through the forest from afar, but once you get up close to its' boarder there is a path and you find your way through to the other side. If TC has a future then invest in it by completing the free tanks and when you come out the other side of the forest, you can take France by storm! This is an observation, not a bunch of baited questions, so if you choose no response, it would be quite understandably acceptable. My 2 cents! This is an encouragement post so if anyone feels the need to post after this, Please Keep It Positive and Constructive. Thanks in advance. S!Blade<>< P.S. I know it is not that simple, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do and push on through!
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