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  1. I have had TIR since the first edition. I have refined my profile over the years and had became very satisfied with it. Then I downloaded Requiems TIR Profile and compared it to mine. LOL, they are almost identical. Just search out Requiems profile in the 'beginning pilots start here' thread. Follow his directions to install. Remember that it takes a bit of practice to get used to using TIR. If you only try it once or twice and think this is to twitchy then you need to practice more to receive its' true potential. If you didn't like it after 2 weeks then maybe it is not for you. TIR is one of the 2 best hardware purchases I have made. The other being MFG Crosswind rudder peddles. S!Blade<><
  2. Haven't followed this in years. Does the original JSGME download still work, or is some modification needed at present? S!Blade<><
  3. What you think and what History says are obviously two quite different animals. You can claim numbers or any other excuse you want. The Hurricane was there throughout and helped beat back the Luftwaffe in Britain, in Europe, in Africa and in Russia. The Hurricane helped send the Huns packing in each theater until they had their asses handed to them in their own country. She wasn't the fastest, not the most maneuverable, somewhat under gunned early on, but the Hurricane was there like gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe. She annoyed the s__t out of many a Luftwaffe pilot and put many more in a grave. In the end she was on the Victorious side and she played quite a distinct role in the Victories in each theater. The men that flew her had those Big Brass Balls and in the end many of them toasted a long hard fought victory over the aircraft of the Luftwaffe and what you consider superior aeroplanes. Talk sideways all you want, but the Hurricane was on the winning side and yes she did help to send the Huns packing in each theater she served in. That is undisputable. I implore you to grow a pair and learn how to fly this underated, underappreciated early war mainstay of the RAF and see what it feels like to earn a Victory in her. It gives quite a feeling of accomplishment to achieve Victory in her and as an added bonus it makes carrying around those Big Brass Balls a wee bit less burdensome. That was a nice DD today and I can't wait to get my hands on the LONG awaited and sorely missed iconic Hurricane. Taking her into the skies and kicking some 109 ass will have never been sweeter than in this latest version of IL2 TGBS. Thanks 1C! S!Blade<><
  4. And yet they played a substantial part in kicking the Luftwaffe's asses and sent them packing to the eastern front in the Battle of Britain. Then the Hurricane chased the Huns to the eastern front and helped kick their asses in Russia. S!Blade<><
  5. The Barometric pressure is dropping rapidly! SBlade<><
  6. Well Mr. Petrovich, you have a lovely wife, and it is easy to see that Zhenya is an excellent Flag Marshall whom is well practiced in the art of flagging and she seemed to maintained a non biased command of the situation while she started and officiated the finish of this challenge match race. I must say though, she did appear to lose her neutral demeanor just a bit when you won the race and she delivered the winning kiss. I have a sneaky suspicion that she was cheering for you the entire time Sir. To have one person in this world that you can call 'a very good friend' such as Zaharych , besides a wife or family member, is a very rare thing in this day and age. Count your Blessings Sir. One final question! Does Zhenya allow you to fly any Flight Sims when you are at home, or is this strictly off limits? Thanks for all that you do with 1C to bring us The Great Battle Series. IL2 has come a long ways since the BOS days and it only seems to be getting better with each Theater. Can't wait for Normandy. Now, back to work! I want my Hurricane!!!! S!Blade<><
  7. AWESOME!!! The music, the drama, the acting and the action, they were all superb Sir! It is good to see you out from in front of the computer monitor having fun with Real Life. Are we to assume your Flag Women is your girlfriend or possibly your wife? And your competitor on the 4 wheeler? A relative? Come on Petrovic, you have to share the spotlight with your supporting actors. You may have set a trap for yourself because now your fan base are going to want more videos of you and your Dragonfly flying escapades! Thanks for sharing. S!Blade<><
  8. Well, I was hoping you would go into a little bit more detail about the pilot's physiology model, but I guess this will just have to do until we get the update. S!Blade<><
  9. Wait...What day is it? I am wondering out loud here, will the Hurri come with a fresh 4k paint job right out of the Box? S!Blade<><
  10. It is not just you Sir. I have no idea how the P40 won the poll against the Hurricane, way back when it was presented as a choice to the community. I have been waiting for the Hawker Hurricane since BOS was fixed from the original debacle release. S!Blade<><
  11. Thanks theOden. Has anyone tried this with Win7? or am I going to have to be the lab rat? S!Blade<><
  12. Now that was the DD I have been waiting for for some while now! Hurri to the top! S!Blade<><
  13. I thought the same thing Sir. Maybe we are going to Malta, Carrier ops and the north side of the Med next. S!Blade<><
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