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  1. Maybe one day if I build a newer computer,...and DCS produces a Dynamic Campaign or a Career mode. Hmmmm, that should give me at least 10 years to assemble a new computer. S!Blade<><
  2. SH, what does this mean. I need to open each mission in the ME and apply the skins in the folder you provided to the correct planes in my(the players) Squadron? Thanks in advance. S!Blade<><
  3. " we have begun the long-awaited work on aircraft AI improvements " Jason, if your team puts in the effort on creating a well rounded AI then The Great Battle Series will reap the reward in increased Single Player sales and product use. I know for me, right now, I am using TGBS very little because of the current AI situation. I LOVE everything the team has done with resurrecting TGBS and moving forward with a Fabulous looking and performing Sim, but the Ai is holding me back from jumping all in with TGBS Career. I understand it won't happen quickly and I hope people are patient with this, but I am very hopeful that the 1C team can improve the AI substantially. Good LUCK. Han, Please consider such characteristics as individual moral, more diverse skill levels, Squad moral, confidence in their plane vs. the enemy they are fighting, how bad is their plane damaged(run if badly damaged), squadron strength vs enemy squadron strength(run if badly outnumbered possibly), geographic position(over enemy territory or friendly territory) fuel status, vary possible defensive maneuvers(no more right hand circling only), altitude advantage or disadvantage to name a few. Jason, I really wish you would open another thread for POSITIVE ONLY AI upgrade considerations and suggestions to help the think tank with this project. There wouldn't need to be a lot of feedback, or even no feedback at all, but maybe Han and the team would receive some good ideas as to considerations that need to be used in calculating a good, interesting and FUN to fight AI. I would STRONGLY suggest looking at some of the better classic older sims with quality AI. Again GOOD LUCK, I await with baited breath! Now to read the rest of the DEV Diary. Edit: Great Dev Diary! The Artistry involved in modeling EVERYTHING is incredible. Now make it a worthy opponent for us Single Players! Please. S!Blade<><
  4. That is awesome DD_Arthur. If I had enough money for a good steering wheel and some pedals I would be all over that. Here is a little WOTR pic DUMP!!! S!Blade<><
  5. Don't think this is your rigs issue. It is the limitation of the DNE engine. This would happen ROF with PWCG on medium or high. Even with the new DNE upgrades it just can't handle to much complex stuff (ie, planes with FMs) going on at once. S!Blade<><
  6. \Hawks/'s initial response to winning. He approved posting it. It is a classic! "Super super super stoked!!!! Can't believe i actually won! Been having rotten luck of late, what with my car setting me back an organ or two. But you have given this Ol' Sim Combat Pilot, who just completed watching Dunkirk for the third time Yesterday, a right Ol' Toothy Grin! To boot. it's my Birthday on the 17th so this timing is right on target! Thank you again kind Sir! I can't wait for the download to finish. In RSA, we have tiny ants moving the packets of data to our home once it hits our shores." S!Blade<>< Congrats again \Hawk/ and ................... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY SIR!!!
  7. Ok Gents \Hawk/ from over at ATAG Forums won the free copy of WOTR. WWWOOOTTTT WWWOOOTTT! Congradulations to \Hawk/ ! S!Blade<><
  8. Happy early Birthday Sir! S!Blade<><
  9. Wow, no truer words have been spoken here. Bravo. I will add that Jason's vision and 1C's hard work have brought the GBS to a very high level. Now, as Jason doesn't want to hear me say again, " if they would just invest in the AI, make it interesting and fun to fight, they would be able to tap into a vast market of SPs that are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if they do. Baby steps have been happening with the AI in the GBS, but until they go full bore and do an overhaul and include, moral, more varying skill levels, pilot plane damage assessment, number of opposing forces consideration(run like hell if 10 to 1or vice versa), where is the AI geographically(friendly or foe territory), ammo left, fuel left, these are all things that make the AI great in other Combat Flight Sims, and it makes the AI fun to fight and non repetitive. I still hope that 1C gets there, but as a SP I am mostly waiting and looking at the beautiful models they are producing. S!Blade<><
  10. Noted Good Sir Feathered_IV! Bumpidy Bump Bump! Two days until the free giveaway here at the WOTR GiveAway on the WOTR thread at ATAG Forums S!Blade<><
  11. Hmmm, I haven't looked here since I posted this. Chill pills for the house on me. 1.Arfsix, It is the ignore function for me concerning BSR. Used to try yanking that chain a lot in the past concerning him, but the dude is a total DB both here & on ROF Forum and not worth the time or effort. Anyone with a ounce of common sense sees clearly what he is. If you had not have quoted him here, I would have blissfully gone on never having seen his ignorant comment. Please be careful of the POWER of the quote feature Sir. It is a hefty responsibility, not to be taken lightly. 2.Dogbert 1953, I get it you don't like WOFF UE or WOTR. I hate it that you don't like them. You are the only one that I have ever read from to have that reaction, but I am sure there are others that don't like them also possibly. What I don't get is why you post your dislike for each Sim in a thread I post concerning a WOTR giveaway? I respect freedom of speech, but please do me a favor and if you feel strongly about it then start your own thread relating your experience with these products. If you do, I will be sure to check it out as I am sure others will and people can converse with you there about it if they feel the need to. Thanks for your consideration to delete your post here and do the aforementioned if you would please Sir. I would really appreciate it. S! 3. LukeOFF, you and I have probably never agreed on anything here or on the ROF Forums, but that stands corrected now. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU CONCERNING THIS QUOTE SIR. You are still a DB in my book, but I am sure I am that or worse in yours, so I respect our mutual dislike for each other. After all, its MUTUAL! If you don't click that stupid laugh emoji for this post then I will have to reevaluate my opinion of you Sir. I really don't have time for all that mate, so just click the button please, and we can carry on like normal. Thanks again for the heads up on the Swastika pictures, it really was an innocent mistake. 4.As concerning Combat FLight Sims. I do own all GBS(including Tc & FC,<---Love it, need Arras Map soon) and support 1C. I am so looking forward to when they get the AI right(fun to fight). I love to fly any of it for short stints as a SP person, but I need that intelligent AI badly. IL2 1946, still on the HDD and cranked up here & there. LOVE it. CLOD, just waiting on renewed AI & 5.0. I Love it and support TFS totally. ROF still on the HDD and I hit it up on and off. PWCG is the best SP for me, but still need intelligent AI even over here. WOTR, best AI, best Weather 90% of the time, best all aorund atmosphere, FOR ME, IMHO. Loving the Campign. WOFF UE, same as WOTR but I need more time to fly it. Battle of Britain II Wings Of Victory has been sitting on my desk waiting for 3 weeks or better waiting for me to install it. I am a little afraid because if it is as good as 33lima over on SimHQ is leading me to believe it is, I might have a new favorite. Waiting for now. DCS, MEH, me personally I am done with ED me thinks, but that is just me. Beautiful FMS, plane modelling lost in a world of DCS ---> Disconnected Compiliation of...... well , you know. Again, that is just me and I own it. Well that is about it for me...... hmmmm, .... seems I came here for something else??? Oh yea Sorry Trooper but it's the Laughing emoji for you Sir! Bumpidy Bump Bump! Two days until the free giveaway here at the WOTR Giveaway on ATAG Forums WOTR Thread S!Blade<>< Soon, is the word from the horses mouth!
  12. Please guys give it a rest. I made an honest mistake, I forgot the rule, Luke brought it to my attention in his normal sarcastic DB type comment, and I fixed it. This is 1C's site and they make the rules. I respect that and am thankful that we are even allowed to have a Free Topic Thread. Moving right along...---> Only 4+ a little bit days until someone wins a copy of WOTR! Sign up here. FREE WOTR Giveaway on ATAG Forums WOOT! WOOOOT! S!Blade<><
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