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  1. BladeMeister

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    I submitted mine a few days ago. I just want to say Thank You for giving me this opportunity to provide feedback. Most importantly though, thanks for reading all of them and drawing some conclusions as to what 1C can do to improve The Great Battle Series beyond what it is now. 1C has come so far from when BOS launched up to this point. Keep up the good work and keep the communications open both ways. S!Blade<><
  2. Don't feed the Raaid! S!Blade<><
  3. BladeMeister

    DCS news

    I mainly posted this so peeps would know about how VEAO treats their paying customers so that maybe others will not make that same mistake I made. My problem with ED is that they allow VEAO to continue on with no repercussions from how this third party developer treats their customers. I am not bashing DCS as a whole, but the way VEAO and Nineline on the DCS Forums have treated me and many others is wrong. I own and have in the past quite enjoyed a lot of DCS Modules. The current hardware requirements and unfinished modules, lack of direction and unfinished WWII planes from the Europe 1944 kick starter have soured me on current use of DCS. Take what you will as I am just making my recent experiences with VEAO and ED Forums Nineline public so you can draw your own conclusions. Hopefully this will save someone some money and time. S!Blade<><
  4. BladeMeister

    PWCG 5.0.4 Released

    dburne, could you maybe post the settings you are using in PWCG, either in text or in pictures? Can you post both the general and advanced settings in PWCG? If you have time & don't want to post them here, can you PM them to me please? Thanks in advance. No hurry Sir, just when you have time. S!Blade<><
  5. BladeMeister

    DCS news

    Yes Ed is PATHETIC. They let VEAO rip off customers and have never done a thing to shut down that bunch of (insert appropriate word here) ___ artists. There pre purchase policy is that they don't give refunds on pre purchases. Yet, they supposedly made an announcement in their VEAO thread(I never saw it, and still haven't) on the ED Forum that they would give a refund for a limited time( one week as I understand it). VEAO never e-mailed(they required e-mails for pre purchase) anyone advising them of the offer for a refund. Once I did see the whole debacle I asked for a refund and Pman said I had missed the offered period for the refund. I PMed him and explained my situation that I rarely visited the ED Forums anymore and that that is why I missed it. I also asked why had they not emailed me the offer. The only response I received was that their lawyers had advised them not to give anymore refunds. So here I am almost 4 years later still waiting on the pre purchased P40. No big deal being banned over there because nineline(or whatever name he is going by this week) is a total D___ H____ anyway. So any chance I see to share this story online that I can, I will so that maybe no one else will be burned by VEAO. What goes around comes around. VEAO has charged me 40$, and they have not produced a product in almost 4 years. So they way I see it I was charged an advertising fee and I intend to give them their 40$ worth of Truthful Advertising. S!Blade<><
  6. I must say that if TF gets the AI right and the Radio commands fixed I will be all back in this. I am a SP that is waiting for 5.0. I APPLAUD TFS FOR FINDING SOMEONE TO LOOK AT THE AI AND RADIO COMMANDS FOR 5.0!!! Get it right and I will buy whatever TF puts out. Do a half ass job and have crappy AI and radio commands again and I will most likely not buy anything else. I quite frankly am tired of Devs trumping MP above SP and not developing the AI to be fun and a challenge to fight. I never flew BOBII, but I always heard that it had the best AI to fight. Well if those devs could do it back then then it is certainly possible to do again. I am tired of Devs saying we don't have the resources to employ someone to do that. If SP development isn't as big of a priority as MP development then I think I might be done buying anymore flight sims. I am still hoping that TF will pull this off. I am getting very frustrated with the GB series again because there are three great theaters, great FMs, great flexibility in sim adjustment and soon a fourth theater yet the AI has barely been improved. I give them credit for a little bit of work on the AI, but in all reality it is completely predictable and insanely attack at all costs no matter what. That is completely boring, attack AI, AI right turns to the ground and is dead. AI is damaged and still attacks endlessly, AI gangs up on you, AI fly right by you to attack the next ahead of you, AI almost never hi tails it home, AI will attack your flight of 5 planes by itself. These are all spoilers for SP, just to mention a few. I have to say that I am finding WOTR really fun to fly and am spending my sim time there most of the time. You never know what the AI are going to do. That is quite refreshing for a SP. I am not bashing any particular Devs here, but most all of them leave a lot to be desired in there SP presentation. IMHO, WOTR/WOFF UE are king in SP, IL2 1946, DCS are second and GB, CLOD, ROF are third. There you have it. Want my cash? Give me a good SP fun sim to fly and you got it! Keep dishing out pretty(I Love Eye Candy) MP centered SP ignored sims and you can't have my cash. It has become that simple for me. Devs, you are being put on notice. Recognize the potential of SP income and quit shoving it back as second priority to MP or you have one less customer. S!Blade<><
  7. What you said is true. I use the stick and buttons only. I have a separate throttle and pedals. The T16000m is a good low price stick for flight sims S!Blade<><
  8. Oooops. Sorry Sokol1, we agree, this is a good option for low cost better performance. i didn't read your whole post. Sorry This is not true. The T16000m has Hall effect sensors for the stick. The rest of the stick is pretty cheesy but it works and is probably one of the most accurate(stick wise) low cost sticks out there. I have been using one for 5 years and she still works perfect. I have heard the T16000m has the same Hall effect sensors as the Warthog, but I do not know if this is true or not. Supposedly you can use the Thrustmaster Software(Target) with it, but I have never tried it.The problem is you cannot find them anymore, or I would buy a back up. Please post if you know where to get them. S!Blade<>< Edit: I just found one on New Egg for 59.99$ and I am ordering for a back up. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIADYY76K7174&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC-_-pla-_-PC+Gaming+Accessories+(Joystick+-+Game+Pad+-+etc.)-_-9SIADYY76K7174&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqKOPtLSg3gIVwcDICh1LiQsZEAYYAyABEgIBBfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. BladeMeister

    Danziger's 4k MiG Condition(Updated 20181031)

    LMAO, I see. Hey do what you have to do. Keep up the good work. S!πŸ™ƒ S!Blade<><
  10. BladeMeister

    4K Bf109E7 SKINS (ICDP Template) HERE

    Thank you PatCartier. This clears up the Normal maps confusion I have been questioning. S! S!Blade<><
  11. BladeMeister

    4K Bf109E7 SKINS (ICDP Template) HERE

    So, a follow up question then. If I install IDCP's normal map will all the skins I have work and look ok with it or only the 4k skins prepared for this normal map? Thanks in advance. S!Blade<><
  12. BladeMeister

    4K Bf109E7 SKINS (ICDP Template) HERE

    I have a question. When you say you used IDCP's template and normal maps, does that mean that the skin will only work if you have installed IDCP's normal maps? S!Blade<><
  13. BladeMeister

    Danziger's 4k MiG Condition(Updated 20181031)

    Danziger, your work here with the Mig is excellent. I was just wondering, you keep speaking of " needing to do a lot of twerking". Exactly how does this help you to create your template Sir? S!Blade<><
  14. Eaf 51 Fox. Get a life dude. Blah Blah Blah. S!Blade<><
  15. BladeMeister

    Current Status of TF 5.0 'Tobruk' build

    Common Man!!!!That is no excuse.! πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ˜›