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  1. This +1000. Right now I only fly with mods on and the icon mod. I use 2560x1440 resolution and it is like flying blind without some aid. I really can't understand why the 1C team hasn't figured out a solution to this problem. These three problems along with stopping the AI from chasing you back to your aerodrome and seeing & attacking the player through the clouds, would really help the Single Player experience loads.While the new content is awesome, I am still waiting for Jason and 1C to get the SP experience firing on all 12 cylinders. Hopefully someday soon. S!Blade<><
  2. Bought them all. Finally the much missed Hurricane. Now please keep working on the AI intelligence. It is still rather dumb, but it seems to be changing some for the positive. 'YOU CAN DO IT! Give us a worthy AI please. TY. S!Blade<><
  3. Here are a few from tonight. S!Blade<><
  4. Thank you Jason and crew. I have always thought the absence of the Hurricane was a sore spot for BOS & BOM. Finally all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Not sure why you waited so long but I am quite happy for the Hurricane & of course the Yak 9 as well. A day one purchase for me. S!Blade<><
  5. I was just going to ask this. She looks to milky smooth, but now I know she is in good hands and will get the detail she deserves. Thanks for sharing this video, the Kitty and the map are looking great. Keep up the good works Gents. Would love this for Christmas but we are getting close now. Even into next year this is a day one purchase for me. Can't wait!!!. S!Blade<><
  6. THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT SIR! Hand in your wings! S!Blade<><
  7. The Team is just trying to tell you that they can do the Pacific Theater. They know they can, They are confident!. My download went fine. it took about 20 mins at most, including installation. Thanks for the AI updates Jason. I am looking forward to checking out what your new programmer was able to teach them. The P38 is awesome! S!Blade<><
  8. I dropped by Church today, and various others. S!Blade<><
  9. It looks like the team is going to hit a Grand Slam on this one. Nice work Gents. 2 Questions? 1. Is ' the new physiology model' still in the works? Will it be in this update? 2. Not heard anything about the 'AI' rework going on for us SPs? Any progress in this area? S!Blade<><
  10. I have needed a new build for years and 2020 may have to be the year. I don't look forward to Windows 10 though. Great job Devs! This is looking spectacular. No mention of the AI work? May we assume that the new coder is still involved in the long slow process of attempting to upgrade the AI? Can't wait! S!Blade<><
  11. You are definitely generating some excitement after a long dry spell of not seeing what has been going on within TFS development. Thanks for all of the updates and actually showing the community some of the fruits of your labor. 5.0 is looking good, keep up the hard work and I for one cannot wait to fly over the Sands of Tobruk. A day one purchase for me. Good luck! S!Blade<><
  12. Maybe one day if I build a newer computer,...and DCS produces a Dynamic Campaign or a Career mode. Hmmmm, that should give me at least 10 years to assemble a new computer. S!Blade<><
  13. SH, what does this mean. I need to open each mission in the ME and apply the skins in the folder you provided to the correct planes in my(the players) Squadron? Thanks in advance. S!Blade<><
  14. " we have begun the long-awaited work on aircraft AI improvements " Jason, if your team puts in the effort on creating a well rounded AI then The Great Battle Series will reap the reward in increased Single Player sales and product use. I know for me, right now, I am using TGBS very little because of the current AI situation. I LOVE everything the team has done with resurrecting TGBS and moving forward with a Fabulous looking and performing Sim, but the Ai is holding me back from jumping all in with TGBS Career. I understand it won't happen quickly and I hope people are patient with this, but I am very hopeful that the 1C team can improve the AI substantially. Good LUCK. Han, Please consider such characteristics as individual moral, more diverse skill levels, Squad moral, confidence in their plane vs. the enemy they are fighting, how bad is their plane damaged(run if badly damaged), squadron strength vs enemy squadron strength(run if badly outnumbered possibly), geographic position(over enemy territory or friendly territory) fuel status, vary possible defensive maneuvers(no more right hand circling only), altitude advantage or disadvantage to name a few. Jason, I really wish you would open another thread for POSITIVE ONLY AI upgrade considerations and suggestions to help the think tank with this project. There wouldn't need to be a lot of feedback, or even no feedback at all, but maybe Han and the team would receive some good ideas as to considerations that need to be used in calculating a good, interesting and FUN to fight AI. I would STRONGLY suggest looking at some of the better classic older sims with quality AI. Again GOOD LUCK, I await with baited breath! Now to read the rest of the DEV Diary. Edit: Great Dev Diary! The Artistry involved in modeling EVERYTHING is incredible. Now make it a worthy opponent for us Single Players! Please. S!Blade<><
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