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  1. BladeMeister

    Splashscreens mod

    I just tested it. You do have to have MODS on for these to work. I tested Splashscreens_Blade_ 2 and it definitely works. If yours is not working then you must have something set up wrong in JSGME. S!Blade<><
  2. BladeMeister

    The future of Clod after v5.00, just a few thoughts.

    55 here next month, but whose countin??? Disclaimer: Maturity, ....... maybe 22 ???? S!Blade<><
  3. BladeMeister

    Splashscreens mod

    I don't know honestly. Just try it out without Mods and you will see. S!Blade<><
  4. BladeMeister

    Splashscreens mod

    Bugsy, this mod does work. I used this fix that I quoted above to get my Splash Screens working again. I just checked it and they are working just fine. S!Blade<>< Edit: Here are all 4 Splash Screen Mods which work in JSGME. Just unzip to your JSGME MODS folder and use JSGME to apply only 1 at a time. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h8t4xx35j8lfz30/JSGME_SplashScreens.7z?dl=0
  5. BladeMeister

    Gama adjustment

    Is there any Gama adjustment in CLOD Blitz? I looked in all of the user INI files and I do not see one? S!Blade<><
  6. New Patch, new tracers. Edit: Buzzsaw, the smoke coming from the damaged aircraft looks better? Is it just me or was it refined again? S!Blade<><
  7. BladeMeister

    Still love the clouds in the CloD - Video Clip :)

    Hate to say it but I agree, flames in both Blitz and BOX have gone backwareds. Funny thing is, is that 4.13 had really good flames and bombs hitting the ground effects. I am assuming TFS and 1C are trying to streamline the flames, clouds and ground explosions(Blitz) to limit resources used in the hardware to keep the sims flowing nicely. I never really understood or researched why in CLOD & now Blitz sometimes you have great clouds and sometimes you just have round puff clouds all around your plane a click or two out and no other clouds. Anyway, the new patch loaded smoothly for me and Blitz is running great and i like the new tracers effect. I did find one little problem when playing one of my old tracks though. S!Blade<><
  8. BladeMeister

    The future of Clod after v5.00, just a few thoughts.

    I for one do not have Vr and I plan to buy 5.0. With the lower resolution of VR and the high hardware entry level, meaning high cost when added to the VR unit itself, I have to believe that most still fly without VR. While VR looks really interesting I can't see where not having it for CLOD 5.0 will hurt sales that much. If it is done well and older CLOD problems are corrected, plus the Theater choice alone, IMHO it will do well in sales. IMHO, it all hinges on the quality of what is released. S!Blade<><
  9. BladeMeister

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Good job this year to all involved with The Great Battle Series. Here is to a great 2019. S!Blade<><🌲
  10. BladeMeister

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas Sir. Nice pic and skin. S!Blade<>< 🌲
  11. BladeMeister

    TFS Developer Update – December 2018

    Nice. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas to all at TFS S!Blade<><
  12. I just have to say that 1C as a DEV team has come one Hell of a long ways from the initial Battle of Stalingrad days. I thought, and probably most thought, the Team will find the problem and fix it in a few days, but Han, you guys(and gals?) have outdone yourselves by correcting this problem in under 24 hours. The Great Battle Series is getting better and better. Even the AI is improving little by little and the whole Single Player experience with it. Keep up the good work and teach the AI to run when in a badly damaged plane, run when badly outnumbered, to pick the closest target and not fly by an enemy and get shot up while attacking the enemy ahead of it to name a few improvements needed. I bought the U2-vs and both Campaigns. Thanks again to all involved and Merry Christmas. S!Blade<><🌲
  13. BladeMeister

    TFS Developer Demonstration: CR42

    Looking Good TFS, keep up the good work. S!Blade<><🌲
  14. BladeMeister

    Havoc Over the Kuban - RELEASED

    Picked this up & will try tomorrow hopefully. S!Blade<><
  15. BladeMeister

    Dynamic Mission, by TheOden.

    Actually the download is here. Anyone have a link to Oden's Campaign Generator? S!Blade<><