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  1. ElAurens said: >>I don't understand why people are so uptight about having a large, diverse, player base.<< Because some may feel it makes their invested/specialist knowledge and time spent playing redundant. Perhaps they also feel it relegates their real-world pilot knowledge into the backround...ands time spent mastering unlocks...or endless reading of arcane source materials of real-world flight-statistics etc. It doesn't really matter, provided there is a bone of contention, a point of dispute... And so it goes....
  2. It might be a sign that they're modifying the XP code base as we speak, possibly allowing it's customisation/bypass/removal....? Just a (hopeful) thought...
  3. Bongodriver, you are a bully. And like most bullies, you play the victim when it suits you. You are deeply unpleasant. And no, you can't handle it. (And the thing is, no-one cares either way).
  4. When was this officially re-named the Bongodriver forum? Has there been a sticky? If we grind the same points long enough, can we also unlock the Gold Founder Victim status?
  5. Some interesing posts...nice to see people loosen up a bit....
  6. My impressions from various forums is that an impasse has developed, a bit like Trooper117 suggests. There's a sort of stunned/baffled silence I think. On the one hand you have people like me still reading around it, wondering whether to buy it (depending on how SP campign goes in my case) and you have others wondering whether this is the devs being stubborn and intrinsically set in their ways, and waiting for signs of flexibility in X or Y or whatever feature. As for the devs/publishers...well, they are probably monitoring the early sales figures in various regions, keeping an eye on reviews, and waiting to see what judgements trickle down from senior figures. Probably a bit of a stand-off. Potential buyers waiting...devs and publishers waiting to see if further effort/modification is justified. You'd hope for a bit of momentum with roadmaps, near and long-term plans etc...if only to re-fresh what was said earlier, or to announce a few changes.... Also, it's been an intense squawk, so probably a bit of rest is also needed...either way, they dont want to leave it too long.
  7. Oh, and your turn Bongo...though I think we all know what you do for a living....(besides being angry )
  8. Ok Bongodriver, I'll bite, not least because I'm most definitely chuckling at the thought of you not only playing it with a straight face, but also saying you're *not* fishing for a reaction like it's the last thing you'd ever do....that in itself is worth the price of admission.... I'm 47, writer these days, got into sims/games back when 386sx computers were the norm (think floppy disks)...grew up near Cheltenham GCHQ and used to drive past all the military vehicles laid out (well I didn't, my dad did, on account of me being 6 or 7). Visited the usual air displays and shows nearby, smudged the glue on lots of Airfix cockpits as a kid (even managed it on the Apollo moon rockets, which didn't have one). Dad a poet (dead), brother an outdoor fitness guy fell runner, holds a number of paragliding distance records, ex-pilot.... Favourite sims...probably RB2 back in the day, Falcon 4, Back To Baghdad (sold about 6 copies). used to be involved in medium and high end software dev (government security tuff, then architecture software etc etc), mainly as technical author...did abit of flight-sim journaism for an idiot, have an odd credit buried away somewhere.... Two teenage kids, one of each...became full-time writer when my dad went early, wife's a potter, follow tennis avidly (wanted to be pro, not quite good enough, did the circuit and won stuff as a teenager back in the Dark Ages).....still surf a lot in the middle of winter and year-round....and keep meaning to upgrade my machine....
  9. Bongodriver said: Why do you want to know? Do you think you're one of them? Of course, there's nothing I can do to make anyone post (or not post) here. I would have thought that much is obvious. I think most people here probably have an equivalent couple of names that would raise a smile by the very act of posting here, no? Some would suit it down to the ground. Others would seem a bit more...incongruous...I think it could be downright hilarious.
  10. not to do it down......but there are a couple of people I would love to see post in this Oprah corner... ...I'm chuckling just thinking about it...
  11. You of course. Unless you'd prefer you were called Bikini Girl...?
  12. You just knew he'd get there in the end....
  13. Worst enemies...? Topic titles and threads like this one...perfect 'light-blue-touchpaper-and-stand-well-back'rehashing-and-resurrecting-of-the-last-few-days...like we need more of that. Great, let's have another autopsy and re-stating of various arguments and entrenched positions. If I hear one more 'state of the nation' type post whereby someone gets on a high horse of some hue and pontificates about the earthly failures of the nay-sayers, I'm going to scream.....and I'm largely on the side of the devs and law and order. If people want to air grievances about unlocks, or FMs, or anything else, let them. It shows active engagement, an opinion, and is their right. I have no problem with it. At least it shows engagement with substance...and nott just some clap-trap about 'your fellow man' or 'your fellow simmer' or all that 'look at my gravitas and grown-uppity-ness' nonsense. People vary...big deal.
  14. Kalimba said: Not a million miles off, though I wasn't being quite that cynical...people *really do* seem to invest a huge amount in FMs, and a lot hinges on it. To some people it really is the one crucial thing. But yes, there's often a huge amount of ego formation-flying thrown in for good measure. At least it shows people care. But hopefully not at the expense of a game. At least we've moved on from the era of rigid look-up tables, and have a lot to thank the floating-point maths co-processors for...I remember the flight-models from the 286/386 era...
  15. Kalimba said: Because A) It's a genuine point of interest for some people, and B) It's a proving ground for some people. And If people have countless years of reading under their belts, they sometimes like to see a 'return' on that investment. Roll rates....How quickly you roll over and go back to sleep....?
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