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  1. il2 GB est tres bien optimisé pour la vr, à par le parallele projection obligatoire pour le moment. a noter que Lefuneste travaille sur le probleme par l'intermediaire de son mod. sur DCS j'avais également une perte de fps avec mon samsung odyssey, c'est l'optimisation des jeux qui compte enormement. si tu n'as plus de problemes, alors tant mieux..et bon jeu.
  2. Bonjour. le bandeau qui clignote c'est le casque qui est en pause, donc pas d'inquietude. autrement aucuns soucis depuis deux mois.
  3. big loss fps for sure, about the clarity i don't think but without certainty.
  4. hello. when i join the server i have a panoramic view. does it mean the mission is started ?
  5. These are the videos I prefer. I hope there will be more..... thanks you very much.
  6. Bonsoir. j'ai eu le meme probleme 2 fois de suite et connexion avec le serveur perdue.Merci
  7. Posted Yesterday, 23:53 This is a problem with VR, which I refuse to fly without now, because the lower resolution makes long or medium range identification difficult. In Campaign mode I can flick on the target ID labelling but in multiplayer that tends to be disabled ... Welcome to coconut server normal. "normal" means icons and gps only.
  8. it is the key k , but since the game is updated i think it does't work.
  9. i come from a night mission, The stars disappear and the icons too At short distance.I like the color settings and the sight settings but How to make inactive the modifications of the icons in the mod. Thanks.
  10. i play with icons on coconut's server. icons blink alternately with fps counter, I pressed the u key, It seems that the problem has disappeared.
  11. Yes, it is perfect to play with VR. Merci.
  12. Hello.just tested with the rift, it is really a great update, thanks you to the Team. :happy:
  13. Bonne et heureuse année 2017 à vous tous.
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