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  1. Another new cyber pilot for our unit. Welcome 57.GIAP_Papa_Bear!
  2. We would like to welcome our latest member, 57.GIAP_Manu653 to the unit.
  3. That credit goes to SACG_Darkhorse who is laboring in his mission design hut as we speak.... . As to questions on where do we fly. Members of SACG fly in TAW, Random Expert, and FNBF but under the Luftwaffe Division. We are trying to help the community in establishing a VVS section of cyber pilots who are interested in not only the game side of BOS/BOM/BOK but the historical foundation of the real men and machines that took to the skies over the Eastern Front. We fly a form of persona based immersion that requires our members to identify with a real Soviet pilot of the times and fly to live, while at the same time trying to accomplish mission objectives within the online battle servers. Anyone that joins this unit will be a part of SACG in the entire context of the unit, whether VVS or OKL, the training, the friendship and the journey in trying to immerse ourselves in WW2 air combat is the ultimate goal. So you see, most of our members have a very keen interest in the men and machines of the times. The base unit is here: https://simulatedaircombat.enjin.com/. The 57thGIAP is an effort to branch out away from the Luftwaffe with more options for everyone. Currently it is listed as our one VVS unit with hopes for something bigger.
  4. The 57th Aviation Regiment welcomes 57.GIAP_Madov to the unit, just in time to jump into the soon to be released Battle of Kuban. We need more VVS pilots who want to take a step back into time and immerse themselves into the Soviet side of this epic conflict. To enlist please go to: https://simulatedaircombat.enjin.com/57giap Scroll down to bottom of page.
  5. The 57th Fighter Aviation Regiment rises up out of the dust and ruins of a devastated Russia reeling in the aftermath of a seemingly unstoppable German onslaught. Stalin rallies his forces and holds firm in spite of the opening months of defeat and the loss of millions of his men and material. Out of the shocked and wounded Soviet Air Forces rises a cadre of Ace pilots who begin to adopt a new tactical expertise they have crafted fighting in the skies over the Eastern Front. As the tactics and organization of the Soviet Air Force progresses, so too does their replacement aircraft. New aircraft with superior performance begin to replace the antiquated earlier models and gradually the momentum begins to shift. You are a part of this historic defense of Mother Russia as you take to the skies to fly fighter and ground attack missions in defiance of the over rated and increasingly beaten Luftwaffe. With stretched supply lines and the realization that men and material are gradually being squeezed thin, the Germans have to come to terms with the "Lighting War" that has become mired in the unforgiving steppes of Russia. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This unit is based on a historical persona type of combat flight simulation with a goal of immersing the member into the unit, as a member of a cohesive fighting squadron. Flying both to accomplish the missions at hand.... but in a style that assures the best chances for pilot longevity. Pilot's of the 57th are urged to use the "Dead is Dead" scoring system which will require after action reports detailing combat results from our sanctioned "Dead is Dead" missions. Missions such as these are usually flown within FNBF combat servers. In addition, TAW and Random expert style servers are also planned for future "DID" missions as well. An awards program will be in effect to show pilot proficiency if and when we have enough personnel to organize. We will have in place a Training Program which will highlight, Radio Discipline, Formation Flying, and Combat Maneuvers. Teamspeak and the SACG server will be available for the unit as well. And thanks to Detcord we already have a nice 4k skin to show for the 57th. It all depends on the numbers of interested pilots who are willing to commit to this style of gameplay. We hope the new Spitfire and the soon to be released Battle of Kuban, will bring new interest to the Soviet side of this conflict. Our goal at this point is acquiring 4 cyber pilots who have the time to commit to this new unit. The 57th had previously been named the 36th GIAP up until 2/8/43 when the name was changed. I am claiming the unit for the upcoming Battle of Kuban in addition to the fact that this should not interfere with existing Soviet VVS units already formed. If anyone is interested in joining this outfit please PM me within the forum here. The website is already setup and will be maintained in the same manner SACG Luftwaffe Division, is maintained. https://simulatedaircombat.enjin.com/57giap
  6. Take a look at the 19th GIAP unit for a great bunch of pilots.. The 19th Guards runs a great squadron and we need more VVS, especially in NA. You will really like this sim.
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