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  1. Turrent , side ShKAS even nose modification with ShKAS And a bomber version
  2. i would like to have a point of view from the deck of the ship or from AA gun just to enjoy the show in VR
  3. But this is for blocking the head movement so i can't see through my canopy ? i enjoy it like that i just want to remove the bumping sound ! i gonna make a try when i am back home
  4. is it possible to deactivate head bump sound in VR ?
  5. any clue about the "Loadout" for the Yak-1B ?
  6. Ty guys with all your advices i've already improve my skill on Mig !
  7. could be nice But BOS can't render more that 9.5km so no 111/110 or 109/190 climbing that high...because you see nothing up there... that a point where Bos turn Arcade for me, i never climb that high there is nothing to do there
  8. Thank all i gonna test all your suggestion ! for the wingman.. yes it's quite obvious ! ty ... i was asking more for the situation where i am alone and looking for a solution to evade enemy attacks
  9. Hello, i am looking for some tips, experiences,... about the Mig-3 Evasive maneuver. Actually i use it as a BaZ and Energy Fighter around 4000-5000m and it's a good plane but when i get caught low after a fight or climbing,... i am everytime shot down.. any suggestion for evasive maneuver that work well with the Mig-3 ? actually i am using some Snap Roll and Barrel Roll with 25% combat flaps to make the German Overshoot me and use the nice acceleration of the Mig-3 to make a burst or try leaving but it's not super efficient ! Any Suggestion ?
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