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  1. Well, after hours and hours of reading, and a big argument with my tank commander "in law" I must agree in most of what you said. It seems that an unrivetted armoured vehicle (welded) is extremely resilient to explosive blasts, I must say I'm very, very surprised by that and I've been wrong for a long time. He said that another subject would be falling into the crater depending of the type of soil the tank is, but the point is that you better get that blast within 3 feet of your target or you might not be able to stop the damn rolling thing. There would be another whole discussion about "in war" weld and steel quality of ww2 but for a game, that's pretty much, drop it on top or under. Reading so much and actually watching videos I just also learned that a near miss to a ship is way more dangerous than getting (not always but most of the time) a direct hit. Thanks mate for the info!
  2. Still misunderstanding concepts. Hit probabilities or effectiveness of air attacks with any payload and outcome of a hit by certain ordinance. Some Sides, tops and rear of most german tanks were vulnerable to any AP caliber bigger than 12.7 mm, that includes 20, 23, 30mm, that's for the cannons. any bomb carrying over 25 kgs of explosives within 5 meters would damage anything around, I'm not saying hollywood style, I'm saying damaging and most of the time disabling a vehicle, imaging 250kgs. You don't need to destroy a tank or penetrate its armour killing its crew, you need to disable it, and that's way easier than we think. It happens I've got a relative who used to be a leopard 2 commander, and he said that to me, you twist something in the tracks and you become an armored 120mm cannon pillbox, no need of braking the track, but just twist it, and that happens when there's an explosion near by, a bomb crater that you don't see and step in not the proper way, getting over a big boulder or many, many things. He also mention about damaging the cannon, things that doesn't kill the crew, doesn't destroy the tank, but disable it for combat. Then you need to take it to fix it and in combat zone that takes more than you think. This is a game, so you either destroy it or not, and that's my point, if you need to completely destroy for the sake of the game, that's ok.
  3. I think you misunderstood my point. In real life, most of the bombs fell way further away than in TAW, here, you can actually drop bombs within 5 meters of any target, being dropped at high altitude, or buzzing touching treetops. You are mixing HIT stats with the OUTCOME of a hit, in real life, anything around a 50 kg bomb would get a PZ4/t34 landing on the side at least, if not belly up, the only thing is that in real life hitting something was 1000000% more difficult than in a game, and people mostly missed a lot, look for "last year of the luftwaffe" if I can recall correctly, you could read about many pilots trying to hit a bridge (big one, very big) and they missed, by far, that's why the send lots and lots of planes to assure the task is complete. RAF showed that a Jabo could have a 50% the chance of dropping a bomb within 65 meters of the target, contrary to this game were you can actually put a bomb right next to it, or in front, or behind almost every time. There's plenty of pics on the internet of tanks upside down due to a near miss of a bomb, or a navy shell, which carries less HE than a SC500 or 1000lb bomb. I love this sim, but flying in real life was waaaaayyyyy more dangerous and difficult than here, you'll get shot at from everywhere, AAA, small arms, machine guns, anything, so you were thinking more in coming back than in hitting that bloody pixel that moves down there. Level bombing, that is another history, my squadron can actually obliterate a Depot in a sortie, in real life, many pilots would drop their payload somewhere else. Many, many years ago I watched a BBC documentary (I believe it was BBC) called something with Blitz, or blitz bombing, can't remember, were they where testing the damage produced by german bombs, starting with a SC50 (around 25kg of TNT) and ending with the big ones.
  4. I also must say a 50/70kg bomb in real life was way more deadly than the ones here. You don't need to hit a tank, a near miss with one of those did the job, same for buildings, hangars, etc, nevertheless a bomb near a parked plane left it most of the time as a junk for spare parts. In my opinion, and if it's possible, I would put a restriction in the amount of bombs every pilot could carry (and no in the amount of bombs per team) so a pilot would start with pe; 2 x sc1000 6x sc500 20x xc250 etc, etc.something that actually make them change their payload and tactics, and the use of cannons. That way we could see more stukas and Il2s on the air. That being said, AAA should not be extreme accurate otherwise nobody would fly Jabo.
  5. There's always an opening in the clouds, think about secondary targets if you are align and can't see a damn thing, repeat again if you can't see secondary neither and seek for a third one. Half an hour is the least amount of time a level bomber need to get in to target, It normally takes 40-45 minutes if you make a good route and RTB escape route. If you get murdered by AAA you are either flying too low or you are the unluckiest guy in TAW, I've been hit only ONCE by a direct heavy AAA hit, most of us get only light damage, loss of fuel by it. Flying a level bomber mission takes some homework before you get in the cockpit, that usually speed up A LOT with experience, time and patience. As our comrade up there said, the most dangerous thing we can encounter is a bandit up high.
  6. Second time my ping got me kicked, I don't have bad connection, but sometimes for just few seconds (no more than 30-40) my internet goes sloth and then keeps working as usual. It happened to my in my first sortie on final, and I just had the same right now after a good mission few meter from my airfield AGAIN! I was not damaged, neither attacked by bandits, simple and clean mission. I don't have the chance (time) to fly very much and this thing is getting my stats way worse than I normally do, not feeling like helping my mates. Is there any way to fix this problem? not talking about calling the internet provider but to just fix those sorties? Thank you all.
  7. Strictly forbidden to shoot at any downed pilot in Ala13 squadron. But I have seen some people doing it, both sides, got killed myself, but actually more often by mistake (keep shooting while bailing) than on purpose. From here I'd like to congratulate Gemini squadron for yesterday's late night sortie, you were right on the spot at the right moment to screw our mission, very, very good aiming too. Even if you got shooted down you completely achieved your mission. Well done, hope we DON'T see you soon ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. It happens sometime. they just don't say anything or don't shoot until they are very, very close.
  9. Hitting a moving target is difficult, but helps if that moving target is moving towards you and approaching in an steady form to keep sights on you, remember, if you can see the bomber inside your cramped canopy the gunner is going to see you way better, and he hasn't to fly or look anywhere else, just keep his eyes on you. I fly mostly Jabos or Bombers, most of the time my gunners shoot for a long, long time before I can call a hit, that means you have been in my range and sight for long enough. The majority of pilots don't actually realize (and recognize) that they spend too much time getting closer to the target, and in a bad angle, if you are a hunter and complain about gunnery accuracy just fly bomber for a while and then tell us about it. Bad approach and too much time, plus and experience gunner means odds are you are gonna get hit, from then, it depends on the type of plane what is going to make the difference between some engine noises or just a leak and RTB ASAP. BTW, yesterday I got a square hit by heavy AAA in my 111, over 6k RTB after dropping my love, the plane lost both wings and crew got injured/dead on the spot. This shxt happens, it's called war my friends! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Gone on holidays, see you next TAW
  10. Nobody would fly those planes mate. It's just too risky and that situation (air superiority and destroyed AAA) it's almost never found in Taw. I believe they should honestly force people to fly some planes. Ie: At the start of the map you got some planes, let's say 1 each and you won't be able to restored them until you crash/destroy every single one, and also making losing planes something that actually affect your stats and points in a way you won't just crash them to restore the Bf or Yak that you want. That way everybody would fly everything and at some points you'll find a bunch of stukas or Tu2s. Too many people get very little KIAs but very little "landed" as well, they just CAP on their zone and at the first sign of risk just bail in friendly zone, others just go berserk with their Jabos trying to get the max amount of ground kills in a fast pass and never caring if intercepted as long they can ditch at their side of the border. I don't know if you see what I mean. For those who complain "I just fly 110s or Pe2s", well, Taw is always packed in peak hours, so if you don't fly somebody else will, if you screw your plane at landing or get hunted wait for next map, it's only few days, you won't die.
  11. I see your point, but I must say. Flyings coffins with cannons? who's gonna fly it? unless you are connected at 6 am with no one doing CAP you are well dead before even arriving near the hot zone.
  12. I do. For those who say it would make it difficult for new pilots just tell them to get in to a proper squadron to learn the basics, and get experienced pilots to help them. There would be less ratboys as we call them here if they had to actually look at the compass or avionics more often.
  13. I've been flying Jabo almost all my life in IL2 (quite a lot), I have to say, flying alone or reduced groups it's almost always suicide, you don't need snipers manning the AAA, it's just maths, every single AAA would be turning to you as soon they "activate" and chances are, you are going to get hit. After that, being badly hit or just receiving few holes in the fuselage is a matter of luck, mine is the unlucky side mostly. There's a technique to attack in pair objetives capped with AAA, but it takes time and air superiority, things that normally Taw won't give you. I think requesting help on chat could kinda help you in your lone/reduce sorties, we always ask, and most of the time few people reply and try to help. Nevertheless it's not like planning an attack on your TS with your mates, but trust me, it helps having few hunters over your head taking care of possible CAP in zone.
  14. Please guys stop complaining. For sure we all have some things in those new changes that we don't agree, or we just think they are wrong, let's give this guys a chance, without TAW BOx won't be what it is now, (unfortunately) so let's fly at least the next two maps to see how it works and then we can get our conclusions based in real data, I'm pretty sure TAW admins take in consideration most of our comments if we can show some numbers t Now with the new rules we will definitely see who is a vulture, a chut shooter, a serious team and of course, who has the biggest balls to fly attacker ๐Ÿ˜‚
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