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  1. So, then he should Keep his SS uniforms private, ok ? If he Posts it official, ist something else… and sorry that there still are People who don t like , that in any Kind criminal mass murders are hyped in a game... i know, some lost all their ROE in this matter.. Artist ? oh come on..lol
  2. Sorry do u need those killeruniforms to play with fun? Waffen ss was nothing mire but a gang of racial killerd, ordered to kill jews, slawics, killing children innocent civilians. And i don t care what people fond interesting. A game and modders should not support mass murders. Go an visit auschwitz msuthaisrn oradore sur glane lidice...and then say: interesting. And again.. there are enough wh uniforms and units u could use..nobody needs ss dirt
  3. I am missing a bit the " massive Deep " in the starting proces, then the typical idle sounds. Inside a Cockpit of the WW II Era i guess you should here the different engine situations , climbing, diving, turning… for me Sound is part of the WHOW effect… missing a bit those effects, also with Ground forces
  4. I am still facinated with the Variety of this " game "... just amazing. But i am missing a bit more realistic sounds. My Question is : will there be significant improvements ref. sound effects ? Is it technical possible ? Just for interest. IMO Sound is one of the core Elements to get a " WHOW " Feeling... anyway, i enjoy playing, but may be, if you have something good never hesitate to get something excellent 🙂 best xmas wishes to all
  5. Ok, got it..smooth track... fits… thanks for the thread , very helpfull
  6. Hello, just a Question for the experts outside. never used an Eyetracker, but i guess it will change flight Impression massive. Are there any recommendations ? Would like to use it with DCS and WT also. Thanks for your opinion
  7. Ok, so because it is only a game you have to accept that f.e. " Totenkopfverbände" are just simple game part. i wonder why this guy is ONLY ( till now) producing ss stuff… i guess he has the possibilities to creat normal WH stuff ? and i don t agree , robbing murder, torture should not be accepted part part of the game. and those Units corrupted the Honor of any existing soldier with their warcrimes. and remolding them in game is imo a shame, especially if you are a german modder, who should know that in Germany such stuff is stricly prohibitted by law ( and with good reason ). i will not use
  8. Ok was lucky and could order one...don t know why thwre is a 40 buck difference between US and EU...NA pays 150 $ EU 185€...little bit weird this enormous price difference
  9. Hm, as far as i know the " Panzervernichtungsabzeichen " was given to " Einzelkämpfer " of infantry only, not to tank crews ? And Again my question : WHY ALWAYS ONLY SS UNIFORMS; SS MARKINGS ? It seems you have special interest ?
  10. An accident is a tragedy ! SS was NOT AN ACCIDENT. my initial question was, why do u only model tank crew with SS uniforms ? i guess your confirmed abilities easyly could be used to represent normal WH units ? btw nice tiger skin...
  11. Hello, i do agree with some of your points. And maybe it would be too complex. maybe some of the hidden obstacles can represent the technical issues the panther had till the end of it s " carreer". It NEVER EVER was that successfull tank.. of course it was superior to a sherman, t34 at distance due to the excellent main gun. but it lacks mobility and reliability. the problem with the so called " Vorgelege" never had been solved. Engine fires happened even in 1945... like the tiger, king tiger it was more or less a GUNPLATFORM , firefight at distance. of course i know, that there should be a co
  12. It is called simulation? Ok than it SHOULD simulate.. panthet for example wad irl a technical desaster till the end, more or less the tiget slso not to speak about ferdi...like in real life pz iv was the workhorse of the WEhrmacht and stugIII the tank with the most confirmed tank kills. Yes i want reality..thats the reason i got this game...if i want lausy bs i would go for Wot or Wt...but il2 is quality and realism. If il2 tc develops maintainance crews could be called it with button... i don t want to promote this false image that panther and tiger had been technical mastetpieces...in fact
  13. Esp. with the Ferdinand and the Panther there had been innumerous problems causing technical breakdowns, not only in the kursk era, but also later. Is this part of the game ? Engine fire with Panther ? Problems with the petrol-electric sys of the ferdinand ? Also engine probs with Tiger ... i tested till now, but nothing occures ... would make a more realistic gameplay
  14. Hello, i have to say " Thank you " Modders for all the work you do. Time consuming efforts to make this game better with every step. I don t want to place only wishes, i want to place a thank you... it is very impressive to see the possibilities of this game in addition with mods. Keep up your fantastic work, stay healty and have a beatiful season time.
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