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  1. Starting at co-energy the Spit V cannot do anything against 190.
  2. Thx for your honesty Petrovich.
  3. Fw 190A-8 vs P-51D Fw 190A-8 vs P-38J Fw 190A-8 vs Tempest V Fw 190A-8 vs Spitfire IX
  4. Then you really have an issue with the conception of "energy fighting". 190 vs Rata i mean seriously it takes about 10 seconds to return a situation where it could come by surprise, let's not talk about a "fair fight"... Horizontal separation then vertical come back and bounce until he's done, that's all... Looking at how slow the I-16 is, it takes really little time to do.
  5. 1.42 ata for G-2/4/6 as a modification would be the best option imo. Not cleared until October 1943 ?
  6. Fw 190 can perfectly engage 1v1 with equal energy, since i do it and i'm far to be the best here i'm sure anybody can do it with a bit of practice. The key as said above is to cut enemy's turn and this means burning literally ALL your energy to get that monstruous 1-2 seconds shot with your 2x 8/13mm and 4x 20mm. In case you miss you may have a chance to get a second shot but rarely a third one, you will have to disengage at that point.
  7. Once that you'll be able to maneuver and especially change direction sharply without entering accelerated stall, cut E/A's turn rather than following them, and manage your energy to the point that you will know exactly when to break a fight to create a tactical separation... then, like many, i'm sure you're never going to go back to 109s. No plane is as fun to fly and deadly at the same time, none.
  8. As he said, avoid sustained fights while flying Antons between 2-3k and above 6k.
  9. Your posts are gold JtD thx for your time, it could not be better explained. A pleasure to read.
  10. No matter which fighter you're flying you will either focus on angle or on energy depending on what plane(s) you're fighting against, in fact. That will principally depend of speed. No fighter is locked on one fonction or type of fighting style, none. That's an idea propagated by lazybones who do not want to learn how to fight. Btw I'm not talking about you Go_Pre, just in case... Imo BFM will be mostly used in group fights, while ACM will be shown during singular fights.
  11. Yes a comparison between P-47D and Fw 190A-8 would be great, thx Holtzauge btw !
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