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  1. As he said, avoid sustained fights while flying Antons between 2-3k and above 6k.
  2. Your posts are gold JtD thx for your time, it could not be better explained. A pleasure to read.
  3. No matter which fighter you're flying you will either focus on angle or on energy depending on what plane(s) you're fighting against, in fact. That will principally depend of speed. No fighter is locked on one fonction or type of fighting style, none. That's an idea propagated by lazybones who do not want to learn how to fight. Btw I'm not talking about you Go_Pre, just in case... Imo BFM will be mostly used in group fights, while ACM will be shown during singular fights.
  4. Yes a comparison between P-47D and Fw 190A-8 would be great, thx Holtzauge btw !
  5. No, people were complaining that a plane full of holes and smoking like a pork was still fully controllable most of time, which was not really cool, nor realistic.
  6. I think it's sarcasm. Otherwise... well...
  7. No general troubles, as there was none back in the days when Anton-3 was a pig for an entire year. ☺️
  8. 190s are for sure better suited against bombers, but are they really less maneuverable than 109s ? I don't think so...
  9. Tbh it's a maneuver that often allows you to reengage.
  10. Meanwhile in 1944 on western front the Fw 190A-8 was flying missions from ground attacks, to bomber interceptions, without forgetting the classics freie jagd.
  11. Stay around 550 km/h IAS with full power and you'll be able to cut any bandit's turn with ease or follow them for enough time to shoot them down 5 times.
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