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  1. You're all right, compared some game replays with some external game captures and it seem that i am indeed blind 😅.
  2. I was watching a bunch of replays to see how many planes were around me that i didn't spot while playing and i've noticed how easy it is to spot planes in the replays compared to spotting them while playing, basically planes that were right in front of me that i didn't see while playing suddenly became visible in the replay. So i was wondering if i'm blind and this is only in my head or if planes are actually easier to spot in replays. Another, unrelated question, does the pilot hit-box move when you move your head?
  3. Jesus Christ, now i get why people consider sim players to be elitists. Maybe TAW should ship a gun to you when you register so you can put a bullet through your skull when you get killed in game. You know, for more realism.
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