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  1. ITAF_Rani

    Developer Diary, Part 194 - Discussion

    Bodenplatte contain a huge set of warbirds....all them will be fantastic to fly !!
  2. ITAF_Rani

    Home built yoke

    Cool..nice job
  3. ITAF_Rani

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    Compliments for the event. Hope this effort will provide new sales of IL" Great Battle to strenghten the future development well done !!
  4. ITAF_Rani

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    I have to correct you..one of the best player on line is a girl!! Meow Sharfi..
  5. ITAF_Rani

    Memorial Flight for WWHappy

    Condolences from ITAF to WingWalkers and family and friends.
  6. ITAF_Rani

    BODENPLATTE-The Luftwaffe' s Last hope

    I have been intregued also by this...and I bought it.!!
  7. I found this book in a libraury...I thought with the next release of the new IL2 chapter, in order to apreciate it, was a good thing document myself.
  8. ITAF_Rani

    Forum Badges

  9. ITAF_Rani

    A Quick Message from Jason

    Hi Jason wish you the best .. When you have time take a break and come in Italy...here we have good sea, foods and.... Best regards
  10. ITAF_Rani

    Faces of the flying community!

    It is a mockup
  11. ITAF_Rani

    Faces of the flying community!

    Today in my town..
  12. Starting from the point the devs are doing a great job, observing the development of jagdwaffe during 44-45, maybe a little bit dreaming, but I think could be further space to develop another theatre in Europe after the release of BoBp...maybe a Berlin defence and add the mighty 8 Here a little pic related to luftwaffe last planes development
  13. Could be a good idea
  14. ITAF_Rani

    G14 OMG

    Nice bird...love it !!
  15. How to fold away the gunsight in G14 ?