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  1. Great update like usual Devs....I know the hipe is all for 262 now...but I look forward to see the P51 flying... Hope devs can release it soon..
  2. I agree CountZero.... -Italian planes( like Mc205,G55,Reggiane 2002 or 2005) great add for this planeset. -Maybe Bf 109 G10 -Spit MkVIII -BEAUFIGHTER And all Allies planes we already have like P51,P38,P40,P47 B25 and Boston Spit Mkv/9....
  3. Questa e' un bel prodotto....anche se discontinuo nella quantita'.. Aspetta che lo rimettano in vendita sul sito https://flightsimcontrols.com/product/vkb-sim-t-rudder-pedals-mk-iv/
  4. Galland's cigar holder....
  5. B 25 flyible (maybe) will add more impact in this scenario
  6. The map for scenario 1943 coud be only North coast of Tunisia, South Italy to Roma with Sicily and Sardinia and Malta. It could be an add on to integrate with the planes we already have in the Sim... Lot of fun for sure....
  7. One question are custom skins available in the server?
  8. Could be really great have both in 2 weeks
  9. Ok No Berlin....😜 Only south Germany and North Italy...
  10. How much can be big a map in this sim? For example how much big is Bodenplatte? If we consider only the North East of Italy Berlin-Udine his around 700 km...is this distance too big? A map like this will have also Balaton lake in Hungary.
  11. Another idea for example could be after the develop of Bodenplatte...to develop the East part of Germany with Berlin and in the same map add part of North Italy, related to the final months of war The planeset could have MC205,Fiat G55,Me 109 G10, P51 B, Mosquito and same other russian planes,etc...
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