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  1. Always intersted at your way of shooting
  2. Could be cool I think that maybe was the MC200 more operative than G50 im 1943..both outclassed of course by allied planes. About italian plane info... people from Italian comunity can provide easily all the informations Devs need.
  3. Could be a dream !! Guys if you think to Italy 1944-45...there is the possibility to develop 5 new fighters Me 109 G10 ( ANR and Luftwaffe) And the outstanding serie 5 of italian fighters: MC 205; FIAT G 55; Re 2002 and Re 2005
  4. Hi mate, my complimets great stuff here!! Could you give same info or pics about your luftwaffe gears project ?
  5. Thanks to have underlined the attention on this pilot...just ordered the book!!
  6. Hope this post could be a place where insert informations to be used by the Devs. All informations about planes and pilots unifoms could be placed here. Here a couple of shots of our Marus the fly jacket of Regia Aeronuatica during WW2.
  7. Iteresting many thanks.....hope you could have more attention to italian planes also in the future...I would like see the MC200 in the east front
  8. We need only south coast England and North France for epic duels between Spitfires - Hurricanes vs Me 109-Fw 190
  9. With the new map......Battle of Channel 1941-42, RAF vs JG 26 and 2
  10. For all the people intersted to simulate the air war during ww2/1 this is the best team we could have !! Hope they will add more scenario in the future to the IL 2 serie like Pacific,Med an so on...
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