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  1. Looking trough youtube found this
  2. When I was 10 old...walking in a toys shop....was impressed by warbirds planes kits Airfix 1:72....so started my love for WW2 planes....
  3. MARRY CHRISTMAS TO DEVS and compliments for their job and continous Sim improvements..
  4. Great job my friend...👍 Stunning MC 202 skin..!! Many thanks
  5. IL2 +VR is spettacular....I enjoy a lot with Rift S....but if you have a good rig with the last VR is more great the fun !!
  6. Drookasi nice stuff...great!! The pilots results at wich server are related?
  7. Any news about diplomas regarding the last TAW? We had an ITAF ( LG965 our group Komander )as best LW bomber in the campaign and he deserves this award !! 😉
  8. Battle of Italy 1943-44 Start devoliping in 2022 😏
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