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  1. Sure Devs want see what TF do with Clod Africa.. As I v already suggested IL2 GB could move in the time frame 43-44 in a med scenario. -Italian planes ( Mc 205, SM 79,Re 2001,G55) - a lot of planes we already have fit perfectly in this scenario. Maybe 2021 ???
  2. Nice developing about the Hurry...sure it will be a great add on in IL2 GB..๐Ÿ‘
  3. As Jason confirmed in the last post, V1 will be in the list of the planes scheduled for BON. Sorry I don' understand... Sure will be cool to intercept a V1 going to England...but why not instead insert in the list another plane or a variant of one we already have...? V1 should not be considered as an object or samething else?
  4. One question pilots. If do you perform a transport mission or drop paratrooper with ju 52....do you get points?
  5. Txs to all for this campaign.. 2 simple questions. -When next TAW will start again? -BOBp map will be included in the next TAW?
  6. I see in the planeset B 26 and mosquito....why not Jub88 as night fighter?
  7. Here a new display of skins group Italian Fighters ( ITAF) www.tuttovola.org Salute
  8. ITAF has never stopped its presence in Il2 GB since 2012 until today. We are proud to have new active presences in our group that have further strengthened it. ITAF is the most active Italian group in IL2 GB. Here the list of all pilots https://www.tuttovola.org/index.php?page=itaf_piloti New members al welcomed Our site: www.tuttovola.com Salute
  9. IL2 GB is the Best WW2 sim with great Devs team...!!
  10. Maybe the singer is addicted to IL2 GB like we are..๐Ÿ˜
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