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  1. Great post. Not interested to the giveaway... But I would suggest a great book "The last enemy" Richard Hillary See you in our virtual sky..
  2. Hi mate...you cannot believe how gorgeous it is...
  3. Could you explain more about reprojection and where I can get it?
  4. This evening I v tried first time in my life VR headset and of course the game was IL2...txs to my fellow who use VR. Guys what a marvellous experience it was!!! A little dream coming from since when I was child has been realized.. I had the impression to be inside a real WW2 fighter plane... Txs to Devs for this great sim and to have implemented the possibility to play with the Vr.
  5. Per aspera ad Astra..... Congrats !!
  6. With your laptop and VR, how many fps do you have? Do you play mp? About spotting contacts? Many txs
  7. With this laptop, how many FPS do you think I could get using an Oculus rift S?
  8. Beautiful stuff !! The WW2 planes are so goegeous....
  9. I ' m an enthusiast of this plane. Could sameone explain me the diffeerences between the two models: Engine Handling Perfomances Best regards
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