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  1. This update ( and new update on spotting ) will grow up the simulator selling.!! Many thanks Devs!!
  2. I hate fight against him🤕😰...but your model is so beautiful
  3. Spotting changes in next patch...great news !!
  4. Great news from Devs, about improving spotting contacts...hope it will be released as soon as possible
  5. Thanks to Devs to dimostrate interest at the main problem of this sim, the "planes spotting". I think we are in the right way to solve the problem, writing everyone his idea and focus the Devs attention in solving it. I love the aim of the sim to a better realism....but now the situation need a real improvement on this aspect. To me seems since last 4-5 patchs the spotting has been worstening a lot....but I m sure the Devs will find the right improvement.!! Love this sim anyway
  6. Von Greiff be strong...strong like steel...!! Wish you all the best !!
  7. Always intersted at your way of shooting
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