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  1. ITAF_Rani

    VKB Gunfighter Pro/MCG Pro

    Something like my setup
  2. ITAF_Rani

    Tactical Air War

    Comon it s a joke......!!! I don t believe you😉
  3. Hope this beauty will be out soon
  4. ITAF_Rani

    Tactical Air War

    Compliments to all best pilots/squads for their TAW results.... Lg team could share with us same news about next edition and when should start ? Many txs Regards
  5. Made test...you can try also.
  6. Bf 109 F2 2600 rpm- 1,35ata--5,30 min 2800 rpm- 1,42 ata--3 min
  7. ITAF_Rani

    Noob needing help on playing the game

    I suggest to join a virtual squadron There you can save time and speed your knowledge about this sim( settings, aircfr performance,tips,etc..) and also know new friends to share hours of fun..
  8. ITAF_Rani

    Tactical Air War

    See you in the next edition....with more italian pilots present😎
  9. ITAF_Rani

    Tactical Air War

    I understand you Faucon something should be corrected...about me I can tell you is worst being killed by friendly fire( txs Ala13UnopaUno).
  10. ITAF_Rani

    Mid 1944 italian theatre?

  11. ITAF_Rani

    Mid 1944 italian theatre?

    V B 26 Marauder with B 25 were a lot present in Italy during that time
  12. ITAF_Rani

    Battle of Rome

    Italian theatre is interesting ....hope the Devs could consider this map.
  13. ITAF_Rani

    Show us your cockpit!

    My war office......Bf 109 desk cockpit