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  1. So, what do you think of the G-6?

    G6 punch hard !! Well done
  2. I heard Jason in a streaming interview ( when announced Bodenplatte)say he want see first what Team Fusiion will do with Med, and after that soon or later 777 will put hands(maybe) at this theatre. Good Lord, wre can only hope Clod will stop soon their work at project to realize Med-Afrika and allow Jason to work on. Will see...
  3. Who is going to buy and fly the G-6?

    Tried the beast online in WOL in a sortie..first P39 down !! Impressed me in a good way...a good mix of power about engine/guns. Sure is not an F4 but not a brick, has a good manouvrability. The key is to watch always to don' t lose to much energy and keep a good SA. Combination of 13mm+20 mm is really deadly !! Could you pls remember me the engine specs for G6? Many thanks
  4. Career Mode 15(Span)/JG27

    When devs and entusiasts work together every dream can be true.. Thanks to you all to make our flyng passion alive!!
  5. Who is going to buy and fly the G-6?

    How is the G6 handling? Didn t test yet.. Have to wait tomorrow morning
  6. Ponhard's Gun Cam

  7. How to use the REVI

    Nice job Req !!
  8. A Ju 52 full of beers for Jason&Co... MANY THANKS
  9. Who is going to buy and fly the G-6?

    G6...near the corner!!
  10. IL 2 Battle of Med

    Battle Of Anzio.... Nice close where I Live...
  11. Who is going to buy and fly the G-6?

    I agree..Enjoy
  12. Waiting the Pacific Theatre

    I think it is great book, but it is in japanese Many thanks
  13. I m looking for any book about the ace of the aces of Japanese Navy force: Hiroyoshy Nishizawa. I know Sakai in the book Samurai tell us about this great pilot, but I would Know, if exist same realted book with moore info. Hiroyoshy Nishizawa http://www.historynet.com/hiroyoshi-nishizawa-japans-world-war-ii-ace-of-aces.htm
  14. The Little Prince

  15. IL 2 Battle of Med

    Maybe dreaming a little bit !! But in a couple of years I would like to see this theatre. Battle of Med 42-43. Map Nort Africa, Sicily, Sardinia,Malta. Collector planes: Mc205-Seafire CR42-Hurricane Mc200-Beaufighter Sm79- B24 Re 2002-P40F Cant Z-506-Blenheim Already existing P38 Spitfire V/IX P40 P39B25A20 FW190,Bf109F/G,Ju 87,88,He 111,MC202