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  1. ITAF_Rani

    Do any of you have a relative that was a pilot in WW1 or WW2?

    My grandfather born in Feb 1917 in Pisa. Joined Regia Aeronautica during the 30's. Since 1940 was in North Afrika ( here report a link where he fought with his fellows with 13° Gruppo , 78 squadriglia http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/italy_taddia.htm ) with Cr 32, Cr 42 anc Mc 200.  He foughts vs Gloster Gladiators, Blenhaim and Hurricanes and escorted SM 79 In 1942 fling Mc 200 was wounded during strafing australian columns in via Balbia( I remember the hole in his leg) In italy he served in the North to patrol aera of Milan and after he served with 24 Gruppo Caccia, 370 squadriglia in Sardegna since May to August 1943. There susbstained several fights vs P38's USAF. He was disbanded after 8th September when Italy declared the armistice,he was at Metato ( Lucca) airfield taking practice with DW 520. After the war joined new Aeronautica Militare Italiana, and he flew with 4° Stormo caccia: P51, P38,P39, sptfire Mk 9 ( F1) Last one Group was 46ma Aerobrigata di Pisa on C119 Firechild and performed mission in Congo and was colleague of all pilots they lost their lives in Congo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kindu_atrocity). He flew back the remains in Italy of these poor pilots His logbook declare shot down 1 gloster , 1 Hurricane and 1 P 38 and 1 blenheim in collaboration  Regards
  2. Allied planes taking off from Tunisia to attack south Sardinia and Sicily Scenario 1943-44
  3. The case of the life..minutes ago I was in front Reggiane industry where Re fighters were developed during 40's
  4. How don t love these beauties....
  5. Saint Jason...please listen our prayers !!
  6. The main role was anti shipping torpedo bomber. The SM 79 Sparviero will fit more in Clod new patch instead in a short expansion focused in center/north Italy where the war was almost in the air.
  7. Great italian pilots flew these birds, like Adriano Visconti
  8. Nice....and don' t forget 3 great planes to add on: Macchi Mc 205 Fiat G 55 Reggiane Re 2005 Center and North Italy 1944/45 could be a nice extension in Bodenplatte, where to use planes already existing like Bf 109 G6/G14 K4 Spitfire mk 9 Mustangs Thunderbolts P38
  9. Great idea..and my dream also.!! Fly an Mc205 Veltro could be a lot of fun. Mounting a DB 605-this bird was faster than 202 and at the same time a lot manouvrable. A real challenge for allied planes. Don' t forget the pair of 20 mm cannons and 2 sinchronized 12,7, a dangerous fire power.
  10. ITAF_Rani

    Kurfürst fans?

    Thanks Faucon to have opened this post. I' m also a fan of k4 and I m looking forward for it. Like G 14, the Kurfust is another beast in the luftwaffe late war parck, and allied planes will have to be aware about its fire power. Sure it will be more heavy than G serie, so fly it will be a challenge against spit mkIX and mustangs..and in my opinion an aerial victory made with K4 will be more apreciated. Hope to see soon more often G14 and K4 in online servers. Faucon is a great pilot and I m sure he will make a massacre with Kurfust !! Happy hunting !!
  11. ITAF_Rani

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    K4......1,98 Ata
  12. ITAF_Rani

    DD today?

  13. ITAF_Rani

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    I like a lot the camouflage of this plane !!
  14. ITAF_Rani

    DD today?

    I think today iDev are more concentrated about answers related to Feedback post