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  1. I riferimenti evidenziati sono per il puntamento visivo in caso il san giorgio non funzioni o sia danneggiato. Alcuni avvisi: L' aereo vira meglio a destra... In generale usa un po' di flaps durante le virate per stringere meglio. Inoltre l' aereo e' trimmato di default a picchiare ( infatti rusulta troppo pesante di muso) Consiglio di dare leggero trim a salire.. Collima non oltre i 200 mtr Allego immagine relativa al puntamento in base alla velocita' e angle off dell' aereo nemico. Io faccio fatica a con
  2. Hi Jason, Happy birthday 😀!! Related to the complexity in developing italian planes, in our community we have many historians who could help and provide infomations. And close to Rome we have an huge museum ( Vigna di Valle, Museo Aeronuatica Militare) where are stored a lot of original planes. Have a nice day.
  3. Interesting plane, saw many dogfights against Spitfires over Malta in 1942 https://www.colettiscombataircraft.com/prodotto/reggiane-re-2001/
  4. Hi all reading many books I know Il2 was very easy to shot down if radiator received few hits..( in a short time the engine sized up). Maybe is already modeled..don' t know exactly. Many thanks for your answer Regards
  5. I would add this about Regia Aeronautica pilot 1942-43 The standard flight jaket of italian pilots was the " Marus " during WW2. Here an example.. Here my old post with more informations
  6. Thanks for developing italian pilot Jason...hoping he will ride more italian planes in this great Sim 😉
  7. I Love this Lagg camouflage My compliments !!
  8. Low resolution helped me with spotting and contain stutters
  9. Hi I use this MSI GL 75 9SE-029IT Nvidia RTX 2060 GDDR6 6 GB 17,3 FHD I7 9750H 16 GB ram 256 GB NVMe PCIe SSD 1TB Sata. Specs smilar to what you have.... I play fine 45 fps Suggest to play in Low or Balanced to have better performance. About VR I utlize Rift S
  10. Stunning beauty....hope to see it on IL2GB
  11. Me and ITAF guys started to play IL2 since 2001...great times...and now all continue in IL2 GB IL2 is definitely a piece of heart
  12. Damn these new holes look real..
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