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  1. I sincerely hope that your wish will be granted. I hope...
  2. The W/L - Win/Loss is the average of your victories against your losses. In the picture above it would mean that you are shot down 1 time for every 3.15 ground targets and enemy planes you destroy. The ratio is a number depicting if you are flying for the side that has numerical superiority or for the side with inferior numbers. If this number is over 1, e.g 1,05 then this pilot is usually flying for the side which is outnumbered. If the number is below 1 as here (0,96) this pilot is usually flying for the side outnumbering the other side.
  3. Wishing Jasta 15 the best of luck and lots of flying hours. See you in the air!
  4. Is it dead? If one does not fly, he should not be complaining for the game 'being dead'. By not flying he is 'killing' the game. If one does not want to learn by his failures and adapt accordingly, then blaming the (by no means perfect, my personal opinion) damage model is a good excuse to stop trying. If one wants to keep the game alive and improving (RoF example as posted above) then he is flying, he adopts his tactics and there is still pleasure to be drawn (at least in multiplayer that I only play). Example the picture above. 12 days of life, 23 live players down. Most of the kills while flying the SPAD. Maybe for some it is not enough, but I will still enjoy the game even if I have to fly against one opponent, who I will search for, find, and engage.
  5. Sizzlorr, I was flying the 'Doullens to Cambrai-Dawn' mission and I noticed that although in the mission briefing it is stated that wind comes FROM the E (90 degrees), the windsock at Flaicourt airfield definitely shows wind coming from the W to the E (270 degrees). Maybe you need to check that.
  6. I have tried it 4 times and always getting the same message as below. Maybe it is just my PC though!
  7. And Sizzlorr, you better check the J99 skins link. I can download the .rar file but cannot open to extract the contents, I get a message that the file is corrupted.
  8. For Jasta 2 you have posted the correct link. Thank you for your efforts Sizzlorr.
  9. Congratulations to Sahaj and to KJ, their presence makes the skies definitely more interesting. Glad to have you in the game gents!
  10. I think that yes it has. Yesterday, I flew with some J2 mates in a private server, with some clouds. When the planes were in front, behind or in the clouds I had not witnessed the effect that made them look like big dots (which to tell the truth was helping for long distance spotting). Furthermore, when a plane was in front of a cloud, I could see him (with no distortion) when I was to some extent zoomed in, and I could not see him at all when I was zoomed out, until he was about 3km away from me. Just initial impressions that need to be confirmed in the Flugpark.
  11. Jasta 2 welcomes and presents to the community the new addition to their ranks, J2_v.Bremerhaven, an experienced pilot returning to active duty after a prolonged absence.
  12. A very loud and hearty 'congratulations' to you Larner. Truly made 'history' in our game.
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