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  1. You cannot expect very accurate reports in times of war.
  2. Trupobaw, what an accomplishment! Congratulations. And congratulations to =IRFC=Artun. We hadn't had a good scratch together since the RoF days. Maybe soon we will.
  3. Aligning the Spadau ammo belts and looking for defective rounds.
  4. This is the correct objectives for Phase 3. I am not an organizer but I think this is not going to happen, since in an attempt to simulate historical realities, in events like this comms are restricted among people taking off from the same airfield and flying in the same flight.
  5. Jasta 5 has a PLM manufacturing industry by the looks of it. Congratulations J5_Helcat.
  6. Past experience dictates that you can fly the amount of time that you are able to, without any further obligations, even if (as I believe you will find out) 1 hour per mission is just too little to fully feel the campaign. So, yes, go ahead and participate.
  7. Great news! Once again, thanks to Jasta 5 for their long standing community events.
  8. Copy that Baer! All, please understand that it is almost impossible for me to follow streaks carried from previous 'reporting periods' of the stats parser. In the case that I have missed something as in the case of Baer here please let me know and I shall make amendments.
  9. My heart is heavy like a stone since I heard of Chunko's demise. I could not believe how a man who just recently made it to more than 40 PvP kills, to 104 air kills total, could pass away so suddenly... J5_Chunko had been one of those players that were a model of the pilot I wanted to become when in my early days in Rise of Flight. Tactical mind, capable leader and a deadly shooter, I was always glad when we were flying on the same side and worried when I was flying against him. I still remember my self-satisfaction when I finally managed to shot him down for the first time, many y
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