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  1. Jasta Boelcke pilots are welcoming their newest comrade J2_NobiWan, and proudly present him to the WW1 sim community.
  2. There has been a heated discussion on the use of chutes in the game, no need to repeat it here I think. Larner is doing a wonderful job in my opinion, narrating in such a realistic way events he has not witnessed and giving a community feeling to us all. Keep up the good job buddy, you cannot have everyone happy!
  3. Really? I need to try that! I am sure that the 103rd boys have never heard of this if I am to judge by their grumbling on the chutes matter. Now they are going to have some wet dreams!
  4. Thanks to everyone for their condolences and to the dedicated journalist who has run a thorough investigation for describing my final battle to the public. I am very satisfied that I made it to 100, although I would prefer to never die! And yes I had to bail out 3 or 4 times during this life - it is hard to refrain from using your chute when you have one. I can only make one promise - I shall raise from my grave and haunt the skies, aiming for 150!
  5. First, I have to thank Butzzell and JG1 for their continue effort to offer us an event in the form of FiF. Your work is very much appreciated. I respect the reasoning behind the decision to postpone the FiF, but I am afraid that I have to agree with Emely. I do not know if anyone has reliable information on when the DM shall be altered, but it might not happen so soon as we would hope for. I only remind you of the announcement that Flying Circus would be released, back in 2018 (if I remember correctly). Suddenly most people just stopped playing RoF, waiting for the new game, as if it was to be released the next day! It only became available 18 months later (again if I remember correctly)! The result was that even the most dedicated players of RoF (I am an example) not finding enough activity in the servers, just quit flying, and this in sequence led to abandoning RoF. I would not like the just frustration from what we consider as a wrong DM to lead in a similar abandonment of FC. After all, our voice has an impact because we are playing the game, we are customers and advertisers. If we start boycotting the product, either willingly or unwillingly, then a wrong message might be relayed, that we do not care. The sequences are to be imagined by any of us. Under this reasoning I am supporting Emely in his ''second option'' - that we could play FiF in the conditions we have now and alter sides sometime in the campaign. I do not believe that going back to RoF is a realistic solution, I suppose that some of the people flying FC have never owned RoF and we are in the FC forum, not the RoF one. Again, this is only my opinion and I would try and support personally and with the Jasta 2 pilots a FiF with the game that we have and not wait for the game that we wish we had.
  6. Thank you Jasta 5 and congratulations to all participants. A more eloquent version of this post is here: https://www.jasta5.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=60&p=45091#p45091
  7. Jasta Boelcke pilots are welcoming their newest comrade J2_BlackCross, and proudly present him to the WW1 sim community.
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