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  1. Hey! Join our discord! https://discord.gg/qhbhmY
  2. Hi Cloryon, sorry for not adding you but I had no idea who you were, it's great that you posted here, just add me again and I'll invite you into the discord!
  3. We fly on multiplayer servers we deem realistic, such as Finnish, TAW, Coconut, and on occasion WOL. Currently we are teaming up with 1/TG1, GEMINI/WS, and 1CAG for escort duties. If that was you who had just friended me on discord let me know here Gruppe currently numbers 8 members.
  4. II/JG3 is currently recruiting, English speaking, EU timezone. Currently at 6 members (plans are to get a schwarm up at any given time), have an extremely experienced base, and have a dedicated server setup (with its own box). Hit me up on Discord. II/JG3 comes from an old lineage since early IL2 '46 days, with our commander one of the earliest since the 90's. At one point in CLOD, our group had over 200 members. Now it's back up again trying to regain the playerbase. It's a fully real Luftwaffe unit. Website: http://ii-jg3.net/intro.html For immediate inquires with me, discord is WarrenSkip#4084
  5. II/JG.3 is an active squadron, 6 members, lead by an experienced pilot who has been simming since '94. We are setting up a dedicated server with box.
  6. Ok GUYS! (and girls of course). Is anyone looking to fly for a full-real Luftwaffe unit in S+M+K? Don't rush me, form an orderly queue... http://ii-jg3.net/intro.html This will be a fully real group, but of course, no need to say "yes sir" "no sir", its "Serious fun". Have an extremely experienced person in charge of the group who has been simming since '94, and has been in numerous groups since CLoD, dedicated servers are being setup, this is the perfect time to join. If you are interested, add me on Discord and we can have a chat! WarrenSkip#4084 Current members are 8 people. Plans are to be able to put a schwarm at any given time.
  7. I believe the air scenes were a bit tame because of the fact that they were using real aircraft. I don't think they were allowed to, you know, "dogfight." There will never, ever, be an exact depiction of a historical event. I don't know what is fiction about this movie as you see, but I see none. It is not depicting specific characters, it is showing the desperation of people in the situation. Guess what you have for your exact depiction? Documentaries!
  8. A bit late, but personally I loved Dunkirk. While I don't have a lot to add, an interesting POV of the movie which I believe should be known by any history buff before watching this movie: "It is aiming for authenticity, and not historical accuracy."
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