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  1. Sorry, that second number should be 0. I hadn't noticed that BoS automatically changed the 1 to a 0 after I launched the game. So, the Notepad file entry should read: rpc_yaw, joy2_axis_t, 1| // Plane control: yaw rpc_yaw, joy1_axis_t, 0| // Plange control: yaw That definitely works for me. If not, try inverting the command in the in-game settings menu and note what happens to the numbers.
  2. Yes, 3 columns per function, but when I tried to set two different devices in-game (e.g. pedals AND joystick) for yaw, the two columns automatically defaulted to the latest one to be bound. So, I ended up with 2 joystick bindings or 2 pedals bindings. That's why I had to use the workaround above.
  3. Thanks, Sokol1. I prefer to keep the twist stick for the rudder, in addition to the pedals. I find aiming easier with it. I've found the solution. 1. Record the number of each device (pedals and stick). Mine says pedals = joy2 and stick = joy1. You can do this by binding each device in turn in BoS. 2. In your BoS game folder, go to the data/input folder and open the current.actions file with Notepad 3. Search for rpc_yaw (that's your rudder binding) 4. Create an extra entry for that binding i.e. rpc_yaw,
  4. Hi all, I've just installed rudder pedals (Logitech Pro Flight). They work fine but I'd like to keep the use of my twist stick in BoS as well (T16000M). Is there a way to have both active? At the moment, from what I can see, it's one or the other. I have the Thrustmaster Target software if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  5. Me too. CTD every time I choose to fly in a particular campaign (BOS, Part 2, Chapter 3 (Air Bridge). Flying a Yak1 ser69 out of Kachalinskaya to full intercept at 15:10. Makes no difference whether I fly a Lagg, or try a short mission. Oddly, the game never crashes when I fly an IL2. Trying a different airfield does not make a difference. I tried a clean reinstall but no luck. I am running the 64-bit game. Flying in normal settings. Crash occurs as soon as I press the Start button to begin flying. Never encountered this problem with other (earlier) campaigns. I wish developers would g
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