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  1. For real though....you guys need to stand up a Escadrille
  2. I notice my guns jam up more in the SE5a vs the SPAD.
  3. Dang...I thought that was the invisibility juice gauge. Learn something new everyday!
  4. Let's remove D7s from the missions for a week and see what happens.
  5. The guns jam pretty often in FC, look for the "reload all guns" keybind and map it to your stick. When a gun jams up hit that keybind and itll clear the jam.
  6. You never see invisible planes....
  7. I did right after I posted it here.
  8. Yeah I'm a tad over 900 hours with IL2 GB, a good amount in 109s. I've only witnessed this once on the WWII side and that was when my wingman was visible to the flight , but he couldn't see anyone else. I have had this bug occur to me or my wingman 4 times now in FC since I started really flying in November. The issue clearly more pronounced here. Speeds are slower, combat is slower and SA is better so watching a plane suddenly appear on your six while your looking at nothing behind you sucks. Last nights engagement
  9. @J5_Hellbender-Sch27b and anyone else concerned about spotting or ID'ing at longer distances should give this a shot. I use the game VR zoom while scanning and then the 5x zoom from the mod to help ID. You'll need to use joy2key or similar if you want to map the mod zoom to your stick. I use the Rift S Spyboy. Its easy to set up, and isn't a bad headset for the price. I use opencomposite to bypass SteamVR which gets me better performance in-game.
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