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  1. @J5_Hellbender-Sch27b and anyone else concerned about spotting or ID'ing at longer distances should give this a shot. I use the game VR zoom while scanning and then the 5x zoom from the mod to help ID. You'll need to use joy2key or similar if you want to map the mod zoom to your stick. I use the Rift S Spyboy. Its easy to set up, and isn't a bad headset for the price. I use opencomposite to bypass SteamVR which gets me better performance in-game.
  2. I had 2 family members fight in the Bulge. One was KIA in Belgium on this day 23 Dec 44, attached to 7th Armored Division and the other KIA in Luxembourg on 11 Feb 45, fighting with 80th Inf Div.
  3. I miss going to this. I was there in 04 and 06. Missed it last year by a week.
  4. * must swear not to fly D.VIIF, EVER! *
  5. @J5_Hellbender-Sch27b To the best of my knowledge, all of our personal skins mirror historical skins with only a small personal marking underneath the cockpit. This isnt really noticable unless your lined up next to us on the airfield or your zoomed in and looking at it in playback. Go ahead and download them so you can see that black and white 27 screaming past your burning CL.II!
  6. The only disadvantage I feel I have after the last 2 years of flying VR only, is that I cant check six like you can in TIR, which I now feel is more like cheating. The immersion alone is worth the price of admission. I can spot aircraft at the same distance my TIR brethren can, and with the Rift S the clarity is there. You are all missing out if your not flying VR, and you should feel bad about it.
  7. Well BoN being announced checked one box, so I'll toss my wish in for confirmation of FC Vol. 2.
  8. Perhaps it was a bug in the mission in my case. I have a track file of my sortie, but looking at the J5 server updates it seems the Dusk Arras mission is no longer in rotation.
  9. Indeed. My last sortie on Flugpark I went after two balloons. Neither showed up in the parser, though the killing of the observer's did.
  10. Guims we are speaking specifically about player ran MP Squadrons. Dont let the lack of French Escadrilles put you off from buying the game. As Todt said above, create your own. It would be awesome to see some SPAs online to fly alongside with.
  11. I'm excited to hear how it works for you guys! I've been on the fence about upgrading from the Rift to the Rift S. If this Oculus Link thing works well, I'll probably go the Quest route.
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