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  1. Well BoN being announced checked one box, so I'll toss my wish in for confirmation of FC Vol. 2.
  2. Perhaps it was a bug in the mission in my case. I have a track file of my sortie, but looking at the J5 server updates it seems the Dusk Arras mission is no longer in rotation.
  3. Indeed. My last sortie on Flugpark I went after two balloons. Neither showed up in the parser, though the killing of the observer's did.
  4. Guims we are speaking specifically about player ran MP Squadrons. Dont let the lack of French Escadrilles put you off from buying the game. As Todt said above, create your own. It would be awesome to see some SPAs online to fly alongside with.
  5. I'm excited to hear how it works for you guys! I've been on the fence about upgrading from the Rift to the Rift S. If this Oculus Link thing works well, I'll probably go the Quest route.
  6. It would be cool no doubt, need more people to get interested in flying with the USAS first.
  7. I flew nearly 2 hours last night for the fly in, but my last sortie shown in the stats page was Nov. 10th.
  8. I like the effect. Taking a .303 round anywhere isnt likely to be a pleasant experience, more so if it's in the dome or torso. If you dont black out right away you most certainly wont be combat effective. In my personal experiences and observations in combat, adrenaline is certainly there, but it's the exception and not the rule that it will help you overcome wounds and still fight.
  9. Nice! I saw him coming in from the coast and rolled over immediately to dive on him. After a couple days of chasing 262s unsuccessfully, I'm stoked you got my first one on video.
  10. I dont know much about Reshade as I've never used it, but I do rely heavily on the 3dmigoto mod. I'm sure if the devs considered either a cheat they would've been blocked long ago.
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