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  1. @Novice-Flyer A qoute from you in the Desert Wings Discussion thread... "Whether you're a VR or non-VR person, just buy it; you don't have to play it as often, but by buying it you're supporting the team and increasing the chances of them going to another theater(s) and flying planes that probably would Not be in IL-2 GBs, even if there was no TFS. " So if there is a FC2 with the same old RoF planes, you're buying it right?
  2. I'm pretty excited to see your prices. The P-47 throttle looks great and I would love to have one, especially if the twist grip for the K-14 is an option.
  3. I saw this too on one of our training missions. I just chalked it up to being created before this last update. If it's a user created mission, maybe try opening it in the editor and resaving it?
  4. Anybody get the Order of the Red Eagle w/ Crown and Swords yet? Because I know there is a VC out there waiting to be awarded!
  5. For real though....you guys need to stand up a Escadrille
  6. I notice my guns jam up more in the SE5a vs the SPAD.
  7. Dang...I thought that was the invisibility juice gauge. Learn something new everyday!
  8. Let's remove D7s from the missions for a week and see what happens.
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