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  1. Very unique, thank you Gustav.
  2. Comrades! I really missed excellent Bf-109 F2 skins created by III/JG2Gustav05 (who is absolutely one of the most talented skinners in my humble opinion), which were replaced in one of the latest patches. And so, I thought it would be good idea to share his work with community. With the author's permission granted - below you’ll find a link to outstanding Bf 109 F-2 skin pack created by Gustav: http://www.mediafire.com/file/frosycnr4c3w3k7/F2skin%2B%2B%2B.rar
  3. Not only are the Pe-2 gunners omnipotent. They are also, and perhap above all - fearless, as befits Soviet Heroes. I was repeatedly hit by the Peshka gunner when the aircraft was going down severly damaged or burning. Defence was fierce and accurate, despite the fact that Peshka was in nearly vertical configuration with fast autorotation - due to the asymetry after one wing loss.. Once, Vassiliy the Gunner was able to hit me precisely in the engine (one bullet shot - one hit) when his Peshka was lying broken in the wood and I was passing above the wreck.. Guys, its ridiculous how the Pe-2 gunners are "simulated" in the game..
  4. this one is excellent! +1 for awesome camel 😄 thank you for all your work szelljr, it's really much appreciated!!
  5. These are great Shelljr, thank you!
  6. również chętny do pośmigania w trybie expert! zatem priv, pzdr
  7. Hats off to Han and all the Dev Team! Thx for this update, especially for the FW, it is now joy to fly this (still not-so-forgiving) bird.. On the other hand, i've got the impression (maybe its PLACEBO effect, nad i'm wrong :biggrin: ) that in general all aircraft (i've tested 109s) responses to the stick input are more stable, inert and.. now handling feels more like REAL aircraft not RC model.. anyway, again THX!
  8. Thank you Kamerad! Brilliant work; finally it's time to roll the G4 out of hangar!
  9. Great, THX Gustav! can you provide 063 gamma ver. also?
  10. Affirmative Klaus! UIVER is one my absolute favourites in my FS10/FSX era! that brought tears to my eyes
  11. Well Samson, as for myself it's ideal and complete. In my opinion both your and Gustav's work are masterpieces, especially becouse they are nearly photorealistic. No cartoonish-looking black rivets and other strange things which distract effect. I love the minimalist concept. Brilliant. What I only can suggest, you can try to add some subtle mask or effect on relatively large plain surfaces, for instance yellow belt, so it looks more worn and not factory-fresh or raw-looking instead. But it's only small detail. In general: 10/10!!
  12. It's simply brilliant! thx
  13. Lothar, your current work on F2's is impressive! especially weathering and paint fall off effects are well done. thx!
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