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  1. ah ok, cuz i wondered how u can pick a skin in campaign, thanks
  2. gonna try it, but I assume it's correct, thank you very much!
  3. how can I use custom skins in the latest version, i dont know how it works, it just lets me chose ingame paint schemes
  4. So when pressing numpad 5, the camera will automatically move in the cockput to the middle/neutral position, at least this should be the case, but with the ju 87 and lagg it doesnt work, the camera will move to a fixed point in the cockpit that is not looking directly to the front, its not too big of a deal with the ju87, but in the Lagg, it happens everytime you shoot all guns, not just the smaller caliber ones, and it makes the plane useless, since it will make the camera look somewhere to the bottom! I really want this to be fixed or wanna know how to fix this! thanks in advance, Wotan
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