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  1. It's the same for me. Loving the aircraft and fly the hell out of this sim but the inability to use my joystick for turret control is a no go for me on the tank DLC.
  2. Interesting. So they still have not implemented using joystick for turret control?
  3. Beautiful! Thank you sir. LOL! Yes, I do not fly with the HUD. I like to keep it as clean and real as I can in the simulator.
  4. Is there a graphic or video reference somewhere showing how to read this thing while in the cockpit?
  5. This is simply outstanding! Bravo to you sir. I will definitely be using this.
  6. Been having a lot of fun with the the A-20. Looking forward to trying your campaign.
  7. Well at least I know now it isn't something I've done or forgotten with the settings. Let us hope it does indeed get fixed.
  8. So many reasons to want to go to the Pacific. I'll list below my thoughts. Island Hopping: Teaches you detail engine management and navigation due to the fact that you need to know where you are going, find it and get there without running out of fuel. if you are going down, you can't land in some field. Plane Sets: Some of the most famous aircraft in history; Zero, Corsair, Hellcats, Wildcats, Vals, Kates, Nates etc. So much variety, just like Eastern Front but different aircraft properties due to theater they fought in. Carrier Operations: Need I say more? Naval Targets: Those ships had some of the most dense AAA screens around. Loved trying to torpedo or bomb them and come out alive.
  9. Did you not get a reply to this issue? I'm having the same issue, had it for a bit now. Before ,never a problem. Now it is very difficult to make a video without the cursor showing up where I don't want it.
  10. Funny you mention this. I myself started a career in the Moscow map flying Pe-2s stationed way up in the northeast corner of the map. First mission to fly is a bridge destruction mission which keeps repeating itself. I complete the mission, get back to base, land successfully yet I don't get credit for the mission. Frustrating as hell.
  11. Learn something new every day. I was actually wondering about this section of the map since I've been poking around in the mission editor.
  12. I'm not sure. If I would have to guess the mission maker probably set them at the lowest settings because normally I get hit/killed when doing that many runs. Still, was a lot of fun.
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