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  1. Crash is an Access Violation in C:\Windows\System32\ntdll.dll We've no idea what exactly happens there. Most probably a conflict with another process. Can you close as many applications, services (and processes) as possible and try again? Especially (but in no way the only possibles): - Monitoring (such as IPROSetMonitor.exe) - 3Dsmax (raysat_3dsMax2008) - Running Installers (tmAInstall.exe - is that an installer or the regular Thrustmaster software?)
  2. Thanks for the information and the files. We're investigating ...
  3. The reports we got so far are inconclusive in the respect to the Windows version(s?) affected - we've the suspicion that it may be a STEAM-Windows7 issue @KG_S_Roberth: What Windows version are you using? @9./JG52_J-HAT: What Windows version is your squad mate using?
  4. We are sorry, but had to temporaily remove them because of incorrect values due to last minute adjustments. They'll be back in the next patch.
  5. Select Map: Tobruk in left upper corner of quick missions. In the then listed quick missions all new planes are available. The original quick missions (playing on the Channel Map) that have been designed for part bob only: none of the new planes are available in these. We're sorry, this is a bit confusing admittedly, because it's not obvious which parts a Quick (or single) missions requires. We'll fix that quite soon. Please turn sound ingame (Main Menu, Options, Sound) to 100% then tune it back down to a bearable level with the Windows Soun
  6. This depends on the mission you want to fly the Wellington over the Channel in: - ATAG / Dangerdogz have multiplayer missions on the Channel, but these (currently) are requiring only part bob (=Blitz), so people who have not bought Desert Wings Tobruk (yet ;-)), can join, too. But that also means that the new planes are not available *within' these missions. - The same applies to Campaigns, Single and Quick missions that have been designed for part bob only: none of the new planes are available in these. We'll soon have mission on ATAG with the new planes over the Channel
  7. It's a DLC inside IL-2 Sturmovik Cliff of Dover Blitz. Run IL-2 Sturmovik Cliff of Dover Blitz and you'll find all the new planes and the Tobruk Map.
  8. Hi gaga54jacdal looks as if you did everything correct. But you should do this only if you actually had a problem.
  9. When does the crash happen? At Startup? Later?
  10. As of 5.0 (August 6th, 2020) this is slightly changed: instead of a folder of the campaign's name, the state.ini filename is prefixed with the campaign's name. Now: ...\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\campaign\source.campaign-name.state.ini ("source" is either bob, tobruk, or custom; on update from 4.57 existing campaign state.ini are automatically transfered into the new format when you enter the campign page first time). Old (for reference): ...\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\campaign\campaign-n
  11. Not really. For Cliffs Of Dover it is an update from 4.57.3 to 5.0 and "Desert Wings - TOBRUK" is additional content. I've been doing that all the time (updating a 4.57.3 to 5.0 and adding the DLC) and I have never had any anomalies.
  12. Which video mode? Fullscreen "on", "off" or "Pseudo"? What is your resolution setting ingame (and at what frequency)? What is your monitors native resultion and frequency and aspect ratio?
  13. The campaign status is saved here: <MyDocuments>\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\campaign\ Check if the status files are created properly after you finished the first mission.
  14. The one in the documents folder is the one that counts. The other one in the steamapps common ... folder is the default, that gets copied over into documents folder on first install or if that one ther gets lost somehow.
  15. Single engine aircraft never fly straight and level - especially if there's no aileron trim. The torque of the turning machine and propeller tries to turn the plane into the other direction, the propwash hitting the horizontal stabilizer pushes it to the side (so far for straight) and depending on the speed the plane either wants to go up or down (you can land a plane with broken elevators just with speeding up and slowing down). For a given speed you can trim (if trim for elevator, rudder and aileron are available) to something approaching straight and level, but not for long.
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