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  1. Says someone who has been around since at least BoS early access...... Put yourself in a new players shoes. It can be incredibly daunting, even for someone who comes from flight sims. The elitist attitude does nothing to encourage new players to fly how they are comfortable flying, and advance to more complicated gameplay as they are ready. We should be embracing and encouraging these "normal" players as potential future competitors on the realism servers. Not belittling them for their choice of gameplay.
  2. Yeah..... I'll pass, purely based on that thumbnail image.
  3. Nobody is talking about the flight model except you.......? This topic is about AI decision-making in combat.
  4. Exactly. I probably did not make myself clear enough but that is what I was trying to say in the opening. There is little to no decision making happening once the AI has committed to a strategy it seems. Please, I'm sure this was not your intention, but people need to stop beating others over the head with the MP club. I've already stated, I do play MP. However, very frequently I am not able to due to adult responsibilities and such. Would you rather I was on your MP server, fighting you, and as soon as you line up your shot I disconnect because my kid is setting fire to something? I doubt it. I get it, some of you are not interested in SP. No matter to me, that's great that you have a game mode you love so much, but please do not imply that somehow SP is inferior to MP just because it's not your cup of tea.
  5. You absolutely need to OC that i5. I have exactly the same specs as you (32gb RAM, big deal), and have gotten that CPU to 4.2 comfortably on an H60 cooler. Makes a big difference. Performance was fine on the Rift with my system. It just wasn't for me, ended up returning it and going back to monitor and TIR.
  6. Keep in mind - I'm talking about the AI performing a never ending continuous turn in the same direction. Never attempting to adjust speed or altitude (the last time it happened, I believe we were around 500m minimum. I dropped down on him from 1000m, and it wasn't far) at all to evade me. I'm not complaining that an AI is truly turn-fighting me on the deck. I think I'm going to start a new campaign and bump the difficulty setting up to see how noticeably it changes.
  7. Right, because screw the rest of us. I forgot that since you're not interested in it, it's not that important.
  8. There's always Rise of Flight. Not WW2, I know, but a great sim - and free. Might at least tide you over..... You're more patient than I am. I'd be sending a second request.
  9. You are definitely not. I ended up returning my Rift. I just did not enjoy it. Sure, seeing a lifesize cockpit was cool, but the low resolution, poor perfomance, inability to interact with cockpit controls (meaning constantly having to lift the goggles to find a specific key) and glaring screendoor effect simply outweighed any positives, for me personally. It was like a breath of fresh air when I finally went back to a monitor and TIR. If they start coming out with 4k+ displays I might think about getting another. I dunno. I don't really miss it, tbh.
  10. https://books.google.com/books?id=voP3CQAAQBAJ&pg=PA134&lpg=PA134&dq=german+wind+tunnels+ww2&source=bl&ots=5x_xfShFlt&sig=t-Pz1d8KIVs49xISjZIQwoP9GiI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwigqKSWivzcAhWETd8KHQQKDjA4ChDoATAEegQIBhAB#v=onepage&q=german wind tunnels ww2&f=false Start at page 133 if the link doesn't drop you there.
  11. Thanks, pretty much the answer I was expecting unfortunately. I play a decent amount of MP, but I have little kids - very often I need to be in a SP environment in order to pause and take care of whatever the latest life-threatening emergency is. To clarify though, in no way am I expecting the same excitement as fighting a real person, it would just be awesome to have some kind of variety other than a never-ending turn every single dogfight.
  12. So, random question for you. I've found if I don't mess with my loadout/weight I can actually keep up with the AI, but what position do you take? My squad is always in a right edge formation, but they don't leave a free space for me. Do you just hang out at the edge of the formation? Basically, I have no trouble keeping up with them, but staying IN the formation is a massive chore.
  13. I recently picked up IL2 again after having not played in over a year. I've played a couple German campaigns now, and the same weird behavior seems to persist. I'm not very good, but I prefer engine management on, so to help myself out I put the AI in my career to "easy" or "Medium", but as soon as i'm on their six the enemy AI banks into a tight turn and just stays there. They'll happily keep turning indefinitely if I let them. The stalemate is only broken either by me getting lucky with a blind leading shot, or breaking off myself and coming back around (essentially tricking them into doing something other than maintaining their turn). If I increase the difficulty level in SP, will that alleviate any of this behavior? I'm getting tired of repeating the same process constantly in every dogfight. There is no excitement whatsoever. Another thing that bothers me is the AI has no fear. Was flying a soft column attack mission in a 109E and one lone Mig appears. Guess what he does? Makes a beeline for all six of us and gets shot down immediately. They do not give up in fights either. AI could have an engine bellowing out black smoke and fuel, but it's as if the pilot is oblivious. No attempt whatsoever to disengage and flee. Same result if I attempt to flee, they refuse to give up chasing me. We could be five miles into friendly territory, the AI looks like swiss cheese from the AA but still refuses to quit. All I have do is keep circling a friendly airfield until the AA takes care of him. Are there any (even small) fixes for some of these issues? Or are we forced to wait for the fabled AI rework?
  14. I'd only be happy to hear about Korea development if it is being done alongside development for another WWII module. PTO, BoB, Normandy, Italy or North Africa would have way, way more appeal to me, personally.
  15. Pshhhh Right click > Copy, Right click > Paste. Done.
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