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  1. Ah, I see what you are saying. However, even after generating and accepting the mission, the behavior seems the same. The generated Axis flights are always routed directly onto my flight path. I am starting a new Career, so I'll see if the behavior persists Is this setting for the 'mission box' you are referring to? If so, my campaign does not care about this size setting at all. Adjusting in increments all the way up to 500 had seemingly no effect. Thanks!
  2. I am now getting this sporadic error in my P51 352nd campaign on Rheine. It happened maybe twice immediately upon loading into the game, and this latest time it happened mid-flight on a patrol mission. Is this an issue with PWCG or should I be looking elsewhere?
  3. Nov 7th, 1944 is the current date. Flying for USA 352nd P-51, but started the campaign as RAF. See the attached shots, it seems all the action is directed towards my flight. However I lied, looks like Allied flights are vectored the same. Your suspicion about them targeting the center of the box looks spot on to me.
  4. I can send you some screenshots tonight of the mission flight paths being generated, or zip the whole campaign, if that helps. I currently have the box set to 500km, and allied flights are all over the place, but Axis flights all get directed to virtually right on top of my flight path.
  5. Hi, what is the best way to increase the total area that aircraft / squadrons will occupy and patrol? In my generated missions when I view all flight paths it appears PWCG is vectoring all enemy flights directly towards me/my route almost every time. When I used PWCG back with RoF, the flight patterns looked much more natural with less direct interceptions. I have tried increasing the mission box size, but that does not seem to help. Is there a setting I'm missing? I don't want a massive furball every single mission, which is what is currently happening in my USAAF/P51 campaign.
  6. Hi Pat, sorry - should have given more detail. What I am trying to do is get a USA squadron of P40's onto the Kuban map. I've figured out how to edit the names to American, and I tried changing the country to USA in the personnel file, but the voices are still Russian (I am using 7.0). Is it possible to insert a fake USA squadron into a Kuban campaign on the Russian side, that will use the American radio voices? Thanks again
  7. I read somewhere that it is possible to have non-historic campaigns( E.G USAAF aircraft on Kuban). Is this possible, and if so how? Thanks
  8. I don't understand why this energy isn't being focused towards the server owners. DCS has several very good servers (with varying levels of professionalism) that require a password. To get that password you must join the discord, just hop on, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to. However, I myself (an introvert) soon found myself participating simply because it adds that much to the experience. Some of the servers are set up with ground control roles and everything (not everyone listens to them, but that's ok, it still works). It allows those that want to team up to do so, and those that don't are not forced to, and can even mute the channel if they so choose. I don't see why 1C should be forced to divert development resources to do this, when the tools are already there - just nobody chooses to use or enforce them on servers.
  9. Are you using USB 3.0 ports? I had this issue way back when with my X55, and it was due to not enough power coming through USB 2.0 ports (if my memory serves, it was a long time ago).
  10. I'm just running with whatever PWCG picks by default
  11. Maybe it's been reported, but just in case - my P38 BOBP campaign has russian voices on the radio. Just a small thing. Thanks for all your effort! This is an amazing plugin I've used since RoF. EDIT: Ignore me! Just saw on another post that you're aware.
  12. I'm back after a long hiatus and took the (glorious) P38 out for a few missions using PWCG. However, the AI still does not seem to want to do anything other than turn for days. One example: A G-14 caught me offguard in a dive from behind. Strafed, missed, blew past me and went into a turn that lasted for a literal 10 minutes before I finally got a snap shot. Are there any mods or anything that I can do to address this? I remember it being an issue before, but I was hoping it had been fixed by now. Thanks for any input!
  13. Says someone who has been around since at least BoS early access...... Put yourself in a new players shoes. It can be incredibly daunting, even for someone who comes from flight sims. The elitist attitude does nothing to encourage new players to fly how they are comfortable flying, and advance to more complicated gameplay as they are ready. We should be embracing and encouraging these "normal" players as potential future competitors on the realism servers. Not belittling them for their choice of gameplay.
  14. Yeah..... I'll pass, purely based on that thumbnail image.
  15. Nobody is talking about the flight model except you.......? This topic is about AI decision-making in combat.
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