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  1. hi everyone first of all thanks for this amzing mission generator, i hadn't played this game for a long time because i'm not an online player i love the offline though. I just have 1 Question i made pilot profile for a HE 111 campaign but the it gives me an airfield that i cannot find on the map either on German or Russian side of the frontline it says if it is not to be found i must choose the closst airfield instaed.. but what is the closest airfield?? i'm a bit puzzeled there i flew the mission yesterday from an airfield on german side but the game doesn't wanna close the mission now. so what to do now?? please some advice would be greatly appriciated. Rowddy. P.S. the name of the airfield is.. Morozovskaya West, Stalingrad. And i'm appointed to Kampfgeschwader 55 "Greif"
  2. That is to bad I love this game but I'm not going to buy it then For me the concept is worthless as it is atm. I bought Stalingrad and played maybe 3 hours offline and it felt like I did a 3 hour replay of the 1th mission.. so why pay another stiff 79,99 Dollar, If these Dev's only think about the online community?
  3. just out of curiosity will there be a complete and Full offline campaign this time like in IL-2 1946?? I mean bot like Stalingrad what a disappointment that was Since I not play online but only offline it's crucial for me to have a full Campaign otherwise it's a waste of money for me . Although I love this game since the 1th release many many years ago.
  4. Sorry Dev's i gotta say it but i'm very dissapointed with the offline Campaign. i play Il-2 since it came out and when Il-2 BOB came out i was very dissapointed that the offline Campaign was a disgrace so when BOS was announced i immidiatly bought thinking well now it must go right afterall this the guys that did ROF aswell. But my God what was i wrong it seems your offline campaign was made overnight. i sicerly hope that it will be overhauled soon because not everyone is an online pilot. I for one have not the time for it got my own company to run etc. but i do enjoy a mission or 2 offline when i find the time. But lately i must admit the whole game is no longer a joy to play. i want campaigns in the old Il-2 style and i want it bad. If thisis not possible well i think it will be the last game i ever purchased from this company, a shame realy that you chase your customers away like that. That's all i had to say for now except maybe that i hope that something will be done in the near future about it. Regards Rowddy.
  5. you gotta click on administrator in properties and install and then click there servicepack 3 in order to make it work.
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