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  1. ooh that's awsome txs for your swift reply
  2. Was wondering how a pilotcareer in single player works.. i mean if i start a career on day 1 of the timeline of battle of Stalingrad does the pilot career go all the way up to Kuban now? and if so can you choose another airplane after completing all the missions for a map? for example if you start in a russian PE-2 bomber in stalingrad can you progress without starting a new career to an A20B in the kuban campaign> same goes for let's say german fighters alle the way to bodenplatte.
  3. hi all when will the official offline campaign for Bodenplatte be realeased? since i fly offline only is it something i am looking forward to. Regards Rowddy
  4. I am unable to login anymore since yesterday due to an error message (see attached photo) what can i do about this problem? i just reinstalled the game after a new windows install on my PC. Kind regards DxDiag.txt
  5. I still do not understand ☹ if i go there as you say.. i only get an IL2_setup_BoM.exe to download if i do and say install it wants to download Battle of moscow that can't be right is it? i mean i should download 1th Battle of Stalingrad becaus ethat is the basic game isn't it? It's not clear at al land very confusing ☹ it should be easy with all the links in 1 place that you download one after another and install in the right order. | have no clue why it is so unclear here. A bit of help again would be great
  6. Txs for the swift reply's i decided to reinstall te game first and test and go on from there since i noticed something very weird last night... The game is installed in the F/Games drive of my PC and the whole folder is in there bit if i go look for the game in configurationscreen/programms, etc. it's not there at all ????? Even in an independant programm remover it's not to be found?? i'm very puzzeled how that can be. But anyway i decided to do a complete reinstall but uhm where do i redownload the game?? if i go to the shop it puts it in a basket but i do not wanna buy it again so is there a specoal place where you can redownload your game and all DLC and extensions??? i looked at STEAM but they do not have Battle of Kuban and i rather keep it out of STEAM anyway. So any help towards download locations are greatly appriciated
  7. Hi i have a problem for some time now about not being able to connect to the internet with this game i wrote a ticket about but i got instructions that makes no sence for me so i decided to hire an IT guy to fix it. but how do you read back ols tickets where some sort of a solution is mentioned (it's has something to do with opening another port on your PC and i forgot which port it was i must open. So where can i read back my old tickets? Anyone know this?
  8. i have the same problems since some time, also unable to play gotta wait till october 16th for an IT guy (on holidat atm) to come over and pay money to hopefully fix it I still say it's nuts that i have to pay someone myself to fix this problem and that 1C makes no effort to solve this problem for their paying customers so don't hold your breath for an answer that makes sence here .
  9. 'Thank you for your swift reply 1C and all the help i get in solving this prblem. After buying all the availeble DLC i think i no longer mather since you have my money as i have a worthless game since i can no longer login So s big applause to your problem solvers that can not come up with any answer in understandable english to help me annd as i read back also others.
  10. i have exactly the same problem since weeks and i am not able to solve this problem. i asked at the helpdesk and they give an answer that it might be a problem with the ports in my router, they however did not say how to check wich port is cirrently used and and how to change the port if needed. My ISP cannot help me and says it is beyond their abbility to give assistance. The game aways used to run smootley without problems but after an update i cannot remember if it was a windows 10 update or a gameupdate it started to give this error. I have all the DLC's etc. but i feel a bit left alone by everyone my ISo and the dev's to come up with an working solution that is undersandable. In my book it is simple if it always worked then it should work now also if it doesn't work anymore because some update chaged the ports then you make a patch so that the ports return to their Original settings. I cannot fix this myself my knowledge is just not there to fix it. So any help would be geatly appriciated. regards Rowddy PS. my PC is connected with a cable and my internet speed is 200M/Bit, i have no clue how to add a dxdiag here, sorry
  11. The game is BOS or BOM (i have all the expansions) oh Sokol1 i cannot find your reply to my questions i got a notifications but it leads to your profile lol not your answer.
  12. Hi everyone, I installed yesterday my Saitek X45 controller again and tried to see if it worked and if i had any issue's with it.. Well tp my surprise it installed very easy and the game does recognize the X45 but when i want to set it up you get 2 options namely continue or quit now here i have a problem.. The quit button works as it should but the continue button doesn't work so i cannot complete the set-up although it sees the contoller in the menu where you can choose between a keyboard, contoller, etc, my X45 is just listed there so if i choose it i cannot choose continue. Does anyone has a clue how to fix this pls?? Txs in advance for your reply's
  13. Sorry to hear that m8 but on the other hand i am glad that i wasn't seeing ghosts. is it now unblocked again? i restarted the Pc and i have no idea if that did the trick but afterwards it worked again
  14. it seems this bug has solved itself lol i now enter the single player missions and now they are open?? i honestly have no idea how that happened lol but i am glad it works again. regards Rowddy and many txs beazil for yur fast respomse S!
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