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  1. Are there player number limitations for each side this time around?
  2. Downside of this would be that it would make it harder for organized squads to do anything together. Sometimes you have to wait for quite a long time to get everyone in.
  3. I'm with Ivy on this one. Part of the appeal of TAW is that it's not constantly available. Then again it would be nice to have it available a bit more than it is...
  4. The difference is that everyone can see the lights, same as red paint of von Richthoven's plane. When you use custom skin of bright red for your team and no-one else but your mates can see then you get advantage of instant recognition of friend and foe without your opponents being able to do the same (they would if they were able to see your skins also.) So the problem is that it's only those who have these skins loaded are able to see them. Ofc if you (have) put them in public distribution then I take this all back, then it is comparable to above mentioned von Richthoven. First question: The answer is above. Second question: Yes, if your skins are not available for everyone to download. Ofc you can create what ever rules you want when you run the server, although I would be interested to hear opinion from StG 2 guys also. What I would also like to see is base of approved custom skins that could be used in multiplayer.
  5. It's not in the name of "balance", it's in the name of "fairness".
  6. Ofc listen to me! Or do you actually think that it's ok to have bright red (or pink or something) skins for your squadron that you can recognize miles away (thus giving you an advance of seeing immediately who is friend and who is foe)? When the mechanics atm is so that everyone who doesn't have that skin will see it as default skin?
  7. Please lock the skins for next edition. Even if we then lose our historical skins that is much better than having the possibility of "cheating" by using bright custom skins that help with recognition. (maybe not cheating in strict sense of word but if you think about it you will hopefully understand my point.)
  8. Did you take a look at weather conditions after last campaign? I am asking because we are soon moving to Kuban and last time on that map we had rain at temprerature of -20 degrees (like rain, not snowfall)... And ofc you don't really get that cold weather in there anyway. At least at sea level temperatures rarely drop to freezing levels.
  9. This holds true at least with quite a few Finns. Not everyone but seems that with large majority of organized players.
  10. Reading trough couple of last pages of this conversation reminds me to do something I should have long ago. So special message to you Captain: Welcome to Ignoreville! Population: You. Ofcourse this is not cheating and nobody has claimed it to be. What has been claimed to be cheating is going to discord of some blue group and getting the info from there. This reminds me of a certaing guy from old days who liked to fly blue while on red comms (in Il-2:1946 warclouds server).
  11. Yes, this is what I was saying. I don't know if this makes any difference but potential is there.
  12. Last time it was so that first two maps were BoM only for VVS but Luftwaffe had planes from BoS also. Don't know how much this affected anything but potential player base was different since not everyone has every module and I would suspect that BoS is the one most people have.
  13. Could work too... I just see it as a bit of a problem if the other side can play all the maps with having only BoS and the other side can't. Then again I wouldn't mind it if there was only BoM planes available on blue for first 2 maps, that would be totally ok for me.
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