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  1. Have you noticed a problem with GPS, works very unstable on WoL
  2. Max

    Ace in 15 Minutes

    What I can say very good video, but I have a question about messages how to remove them completely from the screen?
  3. Hi, I have a question relating to sensitivity in the game IL2 Sturmovik CLoD. The settings for the aileron, elevator and rudder in single player and quick missions for the planes BF109 are the best for me, but I have no clue how to find them in the game. Anyone know where I can locate them so I can change it to those for all planes I use. Thanks for replies, Heinz
  4. Hi guys I have a problem, with the size of my gun sight in the game CLoD. I'm attaching pictures of the gun sight during the game. Does anyone know a solution how to make it smaller after zooming in to the gunsight (loosening your belt), the gunsight goes to normal. Thanks
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