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  1. +1 ...and I might come back to flightsimming....after more than 20 years of trying out all the existing flightsims, they might awake my interest again!!! Otherwise this genre will go the way the Dinosaurs went...I bought into BOS and BOM only to support the devs...I only fly occasionally now Conclusion: make an exception to your rule and work with this fantastic 3rd party group: you will see a flow of new and old customers coming in...
  2. I have to agree: size does matter and I am a very lucky guy flying with one the rare Schreinerschmid KG-3 replica sticks (compares to the standard market sticks like an Aston Martin to a Hyundai). Another thing I wanted to point out: IL-2 veterans will remember Eric Brown's setting for IL-2. Eric Brown was a test pilot who has flown almost all existing WWII fighters. He pointed out that in order to get a more realistic flight behaviour with the old IL-2 flight model and those short sticks, sensitivity needed to be tuned down significantly and that in general no pilot would fly all the time close to the edge of the enveloppe. Here is an old thread from 2004!: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/191081-2004-interesting-thread-eric-brown-comments-on-FB The new IL-2 has a much better flight model but something similar needs to be done for you guys with the short sticks Cheers, Eckhart
  3. Happy new year to you guys and to the whole Il-2 community! Amazing guys that's what you are...A big thank you to the hard work of all those devs...you keep us dreaming... As a reward for all of you; some flowers...magnolias :biggrin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUVSNshpOH8 Ps: yes I am an old fart still hanging on to those old videos of my "jeunesse"
  4. I assigned the wheel to the stabilizer so it works only on the 109s. Unfortunately pitch trim works only with keys and I haven't tried to bind keys to my Cessna wheel through the Saitek software. One advice though, on the runway move your Cessna wheel and observe the numbers of the trim wheel: as soon as you move the wheel, the ingame trimming bounces back to the last trim you did during a previous flight. Just be careful and dial in your "2" before take-off, otherwise you get a bouncy surprise when you are going to trim for level flight. Such a pleasure to use and extremely precise...another good step forward towards immersion....still waiting for triple screen hor+ getting implemented (http://www.wsgf.org/article/screen-change) to make me perfectly happy...it is a great game!
  5. Hourray it works since the last update! What a pleasure to fly with proper trim! Thank you! :biggrin:
  6. Bump...still not working several months later? Any help regarding the Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel (works great in ROF and FSX!)
  7. Tried that but no luck with getting the Cessna wheel to work....Same setting and it works without a hitch with ROF..... There must be something wrong the way it is coded with BOS
  8. How did you program your Cessna wheel? "fall back", "directional axis", "unprogrammed". I get the wheel in the control panel but I am unable to get it in the game. Do you use a hub or do you have it connected directly to your computer?
  9. I posted this on the ROF forum but perhaps this is more appropriate here: I read somewhere in the announcement that there won't be any devicelink function for BOS at the time of release. It is certainly not your priority but how about including it into the development at one point (give us hope). IL-2 had the "wonder woman" view and a devicelink function which made it possible to build a functional cockpit. There aren't many cockpit builders out there. But consider the number of sophisticated cockpits already shown on some threads for ROF, IL2 or FSX. And there are many professional cockpit builders out there for those who don't have those skills like me ( I am an unconditional fan of "Schreinerschmid"...the Rolls-Royce..ahem BMW of the flightsim hardware). One day I hope to be able to get one of those and to use it, hopefully, with BOS...
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