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  1. I think on balance that it is unlikely Spitfire XIVs were carrying .50cal before D-Day. As the C and E wings are the same, I believe the Spits at this time (i.e. Spring 1944) were all built with .303 - those that were involved in V-1 chasing were stripped of the MGs, and then whenever they found their way back into "normal" service they were refitted with .50. Those that were not involved in chasing V-1s were probably changed over on a squadron level and quite slowly. I don't doubt, knowing the RAF, that several squadrons will have flown with a mix of C and E armaments on several o
  2. From a technical standpoint, E and C wings are structurally identical - E and C are only labels for armament configuration. I've read several reports that V-1 chasers only flew with 20mm (i.e. no .50 or .303) to save weight. Given the time frame of this airframe I don't doubt that this is what we're seeing in the photos.
  3. V-1 chasing performed using modified Sabre IIA engines at +11lbs 3700rpm on 150 grade fuel.
  4. "Quickly" in this case was about 9 man-hours if I remember rightly.
  5. Thanks! I had somehow missed this. At least it doesn't throw the date out by years!
  6. I reckon 3rd Jan 45 is a good guide - that's the date the new paint jobs arrived and 150 grade fuel started being disseminated so it seems logical a few more bits of RAF policy review would float around then too. It also corresponds broadly to the dubiously sourced "mandated" clipped wings due to skin wrinkling. As for the clipped wingtip section itself, it works on any Spitfire wing, C or E armament. Mark XIIs demonstrate a close analogue of a clipped C armament 14.
  7. Sadly not: I believe NH169 and RM704 are examples of clipped-wing high back XIVs High-back F.XIVes were certainly built and delivered in 1945 - this one to Hong Kong. It's very possible that 2TAF refitted elliptical wingtips to their new arrivals at pilot/squadron request as there are many photos of FR.XIVes (built with bubbles and clipped wings) with refitted elliptical wingtips in 2TAF. Also of interest, No. 2 Sqn BAF (Belgians) flew at least one shiny silver high-back F.XIVe with clipped wings from Florennes post war.
  8. The Merlin 70 was used in parallel with the Merlin 63 & 66, and the clipped wings were also not a mark of later development. Many Spitfires flew with rounded tips until VE Day.
  9. Tempests hunting V-1s used Sabre IIA engines (modified to IIB standards at the fields, but not yet with that name) running +11lbs boost at 3700rpm.
  10. It's a bad idea, we've discussed it to death on the admin team and firmly believe 8km is the best compromise.
  11. I guess you guys didn't get time to tweak the value for this patch either do you think we might see the correct values when the Spitfire XIV arrives?
  12. Very different plane, entirely different engines.
  13. Weather and time is randomly generated each time a mission is run.
  14. Look what we can do with it. Look at the massive positive reaction both here and elsewhere (Discord communities, Reddit). It's a better experience than Discord and we are all about player experience!
  15. Did you know that the older millennials are now entering their 40s?
  16. Actually over our map the only Me262 units present after Kommando Nowotny left in late autumn 1944 were ground attack units who would daily drop antipersonnel bombs on B.80 Volkel. Air to air Me262s were based in central Germany. Roughly correct. Tempests didn't drop a bomb outside of testing in England until halfway through the last week of the war, and never launched a rocket operationally.
  17. This is how the five ingame VR zoom binds work - personally I use levels 1, 3 and 5 on three different buttons.
  18. This certainly makes me feel more confident in considering this thread to be normal 1-0-whine.
  19. Slats are designed as nothing more than a landing aid, confirmed by historical pilot accounts. One popping out before another in a high-AoA turn is a recipe for disaster, and one wing is always flying faster than another in a turn unless perfectly coordinated.
  20. This cuts both ways. Over the past two months I've been trying to balance server administration with: Buying my first house while my fiancée is rushed into hospital and spends a week there involving live-saving emergency surgery. Meanwhile thanks to COVID the mortgage I have arranged falls through at a critical moment and I have to organise a second one soon enough to not lose the house. On top of that my working hours go up and my pay is reduced by 20%. As a result of the surgery, family planning has to be drastically accelerated so I need to abruptly reorient my life and immediat
  21. Use the reduce radio volume switch until it hits zero. @Gambit21 I can help mate 👍
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