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  1. You can outclimb 109s in an A-20 if you know how to use the engines
  2. The A-20 can out-turn 109s, it's not a great comparison to flying a Peshka against a 262.
  3. Combat Box is exclusively BoBp planesets with a few odds and ends added for those who don't own it yet. Me262s there (when on the mission) have certain objectives that need to be protected to keep them available, so it may be that when you joined the supply train that spawns them had been destroyed meaning you would have to wait for the next one.
  4. Great show today! Got to fulfill a little bit of a dream!
  5. His memory is inaccurate as no SAAF Spitfire had a 1 minute WEP allowance as he relates in his story. Spitfires (and all British fighters) were allowed at 5 minutes WER regardless of power setting.
  6. Yeah but if they only need a teardown after five hours then total failure after five minutes is somewhat detached from reality. These engines weren't rated to manifold pressures so high they were on the verge of blowing out the gaskets. The R-2800 was run for over a hundred hours straight on ADI during testing.
  7. Nothing really due out that can compete with either headset this year. The Rift S is probably the way to go as the image quality is comparable and it exists in a well developed ecosystem, all at a significantly lower price point! Thanks! Hopefully moreso when the Allies get some faster planes ๐Ÿ˜…
  8. This is why the P-51D manual says the engine needs to be serviced after every five hours total at WEP (60 sorties if WEP is used on every single one which seems unlikely). Believe it or not there is documentation for this stuff, we don't just have to make it all up.
  9. You can train yourself out of the motion sickness, however you need to do it in games that aren't IL-2. Games with less first-person movement are easier on your vestibular system and will allow you to play for those long periods your brain needs while it gets used to the disconnection between your eyes and ears.
  10. You can hook up a cheap IR lamp to throw light around the room and it'll work in total visible light darkness ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. You crazy? The RAF planes benefit hugely, we get an hour at over 2,000hp in the Tempest and with a slight bit of altitude it's as fast as anything the Germans have at that power setting without even needing WEP ๐Ÿ˜
  12. In my experience those who have a fast enough PC do. 80% of the quite extensive list of guys I fly with, do so in VR.
  13. Rift S is cheaper than a new phone or TV, about the same price as two decent monitors which should really be the standard for any gaming PC. Same price as IL-2 BoM, BoS, BoK, BoBp and FC combined which I see you own. My squad, Red Flight, run the Combat Box MP server and almost all of us fly in VR. There's some argument to be made that VR makes you less competitive as you have to turn all the way around in your seat to check six and it can be harder to ID hostiles, however those of us who aren't into the IL-2 MLG scene much prefer the massively increased immersion and realism of sitting inside the plane in a 3D world over looking at our computer monitor like we were filling out a spreadsheet. And for the detractors who say long range spotting and ID is impossible - this was my first sortie in the Rift S. Went up in multiplayer on KOTA and came back with 4 kills in 8 minutes.
  14. Beta testers love to talk about what they're testing ๐Ÿ˜‚ Anyway no P-51 in the current beta, just two Flying Circus planes and a tank.
  15. Pretty much all a variation of the official RAF schemes for various time periods. Default (late): similar to Spit IX we have, black nose with yellow-ringed Type C1 wing roundels. This is in-keeping with our Spitfire IX in terms of time period, Jan 3rd 1945 - endwar. Early (pre-D-Day) sky nose, Type B roundels, sky belly band. This doesn't represent a Tempest as flown in our campaign and is an earlier scheme, any time before June 6th 1944. Invasion: as above with invasion stripes June 6th 1944-July 1944 Default (early) as above but invasion stripes only on the belly August 1944-January 2nd 1945 @Sneaksie you may also find this helpful.
  16. Just FYI @Han you wrote "Tempest Mk.II series 2" and the skin is missing the "Sky" belly band that matches the prop spinner in the current pre-D-Day skin pictured.
  17. I'll be around on the 13th
  18. It's actually super simple - the game fires a gun when the gun switch is pushed. There's simply no delay simulated from gun to gun.
  19. Do you not find it fishy that in these tests a 109 is being out-turned by a 190?
  20. I still don't get it. 1C has not said the Typhoon is not coming because we have the Tempest, and if you don't want to fly the Tempest with bombs - you don't have to! Just take off without them!
  21. Right but we are getting at least the bombs in game as they were used historically. I still don't see what the problem is as the Tempest platform was approved to use both bombs and rockets and went on to do so in Korea as the Sea Fury with the same wing design. If the Tempest V had seen service in the Pacific theatre as the Tempest II was intended there is also no doubt that it would have used bombs and rockets there. Can you answer specifically why you don't think the Tempest should have access to bombs as it did during the war? If it's purely due to timeframe issues then why take away the option from mission creators to host maps that take place outside the BoBp Campaign timeline? As an admin of Combat Box we can use the new planeset to host missions from late 1943 all the way up to the end of the war.
  22. The Tempest attacked ground targets throughout it's entire service life - just not with bombs until the last month of the war.
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