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  1. Based on this post, higher end displays actually make things harder to see:
  2. Thanks! The mission is brand new and pretty much in open beta so I'll ask @Alonzo to look into it when he gets back!
  3. 68% I find it really easy to ride the edge of the stall thanks to the gunports whistling so audibly in the cockpit.
  4. That's totally fine - I'm not gonna tell anybody they are wrong or right on this issue, only that we can't run both or neither so we had to pick something eventually. KOTA's poll indicated that their community would prefer Alternate, so there is possibly an opportunity there for those that would prefer it. Again, I'm sorry the Devs put us in this position guys!
  5. In fact of those servers that publish their stats Combat Box is the first ever IL-2 server to break 3,000 unique players in a month - and it only took 15 days ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Yeah I can only apologise that we didn't come down on the side of Alternate for those that wanted it. The mode does have some advantages but I can't keep flipping the server from one to another manually forever... In the end we were going to disappoint half the community regardless sadly!
  7. After another 48 hour test Combat Box is now back on Expert spotting. As a VR user myself, I think Alternate has too many drawbacks. I was on the fence for a long time as evidenced by the multiple testing periods, but I come down on this side for several reasons: - Alternate spotting is a gift to Me262 pilots who can spend hours circling at high speed with excellent situational awareness and pick targets from extremely long range. - Bombers especially inflate to very large sizes and seem to "hang" in the air at long range. They are also heavily disadvantaged - I had pilots flying 30km from the objective we were supposed to be defending to kill bombers they had just seen taking off ๐Ÿ˜… - Situational awareness isn't very much improved inside the "critical" range of 5km. Contacts no longer inflate at this distance but it is the distance inside which your position compared to other aircraft is immediately actionable. - Finding fights feels easier, but people are still fighting in the same places as before - it should be no surprise that furballs develop above ground targets... now you can just see it from across the map first! - Alternate seems to introduce a bug that allows aircraft to disappear and "spawn in" close by. It also doesn't seem to change contrail render distance for all contacts. I do not think either option is perfect and would like to see a middle ground ideally. That being said, we have to pick something, so this is what we're gonna run with for now. We also think that for VR (Alonzo also uses VR along with 6 other members of Red Flight), it just feels better on Expert. Sorry for those that prefer Alternate. If we get an update to either mode rest assured we will test it immediately. Combat Box is aimed at being inclusive and fun and we would love to use some kind of acceptable compromise if it's presented to us. Thanks guys!
  8. This is a bug introduced in the latest update which affects Alonzo's efficient activation/deactivation AAA style. So far he has converted all target AAA so that it is no longer invisible, though some invisible AAA remains around player spawn airfields - we figure that shouldn't matter too much as nobody will get much of a shot at it anyway! In other news Combat Box just became the first ever stat-tracked IL-2 server to break 3,000 unique players in a single month's tour - and with two weeks left to go too! Congratulations everyone and especially you the players - we could not have done it without you all!
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18lWvGE1LqJImYG1YCQ9dJmEvuZ1Rk-DA/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. It's saved countless lives in various forms already ๐Ÿ˜…
  11. My go-to these days for Mustangs and Jugs
  12. If you had played on the server you would know how the Me262's availability is dynamically controlled by player actions and teamwork. Edit: I misspoke earlier. Bombs of 900kg and above are restricted for both sides.
  13. Currently no axis planes or mods are limited on Combat Box. The missions are mostly as they were before the Mustang, Tempest and Lightning arrived with the only major tweak being the increasing availability of Me262s. The 80% winrate enjoyed this month by Allies is a result of the near-total superiority of these three new aircraft (Plus +25lbs boost Spit) over the Axis designs and is something we will be accounting for in future mission layouts and revisions of the current setups to bring the winrate back to a roughly even split as has been a defining feature of Combat Box since the early days.
  14. I notice you haven't ever flown a single mission on the server, but if you'd like to do so your feedback regarding balance will be appreciated as it is from all our players.
  15. From the OP: Combat Box is focused on late-war, historically-inspired scenarios including BoBP plane sets. We've hit 3,000 unique users already this month - more than any IL-2 server ever so far and with almost perfect balance red/blue - and we're only two weeks in, so for now we'll continue doing what we're doing as it's clearly popular. Thanks for your concern.
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