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  1. @BlackSix can you let us know the list of additional airfields so that we can start preparing to modify our multiplayer missions please? Great news!
  2. Or indeed A-8s against 150 grade Mustangs and Spits!
  3. Now TAW is over and the server is rammed again, we have to ask ourselves if encouraging non-Bodenplatte owners is a priority. Consider that every P-39 or 110G2 is an unused P-51 or D-9 when the server is full. Those players take up slots that people who only own Bodenplatte could use (adding authenticity to the mission), while they themselves could fly those planes elsewhere. It's a consideration we must face.
  4. Full power is +9/+11lbs 3700rpm for 5 minutes. Reducing RPM reduces power and therefore is not maximum.
  5. Is this not already the case? It should be. Also worth noting that not every target needs to be destroyed to win. These targets were added because players wished for opportunities to use the A-20 in a level bombing role (personally I disagreed with this move). We're a team though and we vote. Just a note to say that our talented admin @haluter developed this tool with customisable fields specifically to help us balance the server, because IL2stats is skewed so much by low-population outcomes. We wouldn't have put the time in to developing tools like this if we wanted to look at 100% blue pie charts 😅
  6. Will take your feedback on board when you fly a single sortie on the server.
  7. 1.98ata wasn't approved until at least April 1945
  8. Aircraft serviceable, Operation Bodenplatte: Fw190A/G/F 339 Fw190D 167 Bf109G-6 2 Bf109G-14 250 Bf109G-10/K4 155 Bf109G(unknown number) 33 Source 1 Source 2 I'm not convinced that dropping it to 20 K-4s per field instead of 30 will have a noticeable impact on mission outcomes.
  9. Tempests don't get bombs on our server and the Me262 over the Bodenplatte map was used exclusively as a tactical bomber after Kommando Nowotny left the area in Autumn 1944.
  10. This is the historical situation - Allies didn't have 150 grade fuel at the time on the continent. It arrived approx. 3 weeks later. We thought including the historical fuel situation would be more fun for this one given that it's mostly a defense mission for allies and that the Germans are usually running pylons.
  11. FYI it's identical to the system in the Mark VIII, for which more references are probably available. Also the same as the Mark XII though that's a rarer beast. XVIII is also the same airframe for the most part if you broaden the search.
  12. Still not sure why people don't just turn around!
  13. Both the high-back versions of the P-51 and P-47 are slightly faster at the same boost.
  14. Not sure how you get those figures. It's pretty obvious how the Spitfire XIV is able to massively outclimb the Mk1 despite having the same wing. It makes a lot more power to weight. Mk1 6050lbs, 1300bhp = 473.72bhp/tonne Mk14 7923lbs, 2200bhp = 612.16bhp/tonne
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