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  1. FYI it's identical to the system in the Mark VIII, for which more references are probably available. Also the same as the Mark XII though that's a rarer beast. XVIII is also the same airframe for the most part if you broaden the search.
  2. Still not sure why people don't just turn around!
  3. Both the high-back versions of the P-51 and P-47 are slightly faster at the same boost.
  4. Not sure how you get those figures. It's pretty obvious how the Spitfire XIV is able to massively outclimb the Mk1 despite having the same wing. It makes a lot more power to weight. Mk1 6050lbs, 1300bhp = 473.72bhp/tonne Mk14 7923lbs, 2200bhp = 612.16bhp/tonne
  5. Time to put this silliness to bed. IL-2 community you never cease to disappoint me.
  6. We were forced to add 109-focused airfields on a few missions in Combat Box because they don't have the fuel for a useful time on station.
  7. Stalingrad in War Thunder is a scale model, maybe you're thinking of that game?
  8. Just remember this thing was designed in the 30s when you didn't have 100 years of automobile experience behind the common man gifting you with modern "common sense"! Why not have a switch for fuel gauge? You have a switch for guns and to cage your gyro! 😆
  9. My sources are the three 2nd Tactical Air Force books, I can't check right now but this table draws from the book unit listings.
  10. Totally different 2-stage Merlins too My spreadsheet of Mosquitos in 2TAF below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13G1PzwX0ghkOOJBFWcangcCJW3K2cqj11kYNj5I7opE/edit?usp=sharing We're V-1 chasing.
  11. Except then it can't be used in BoBP career.
  12. They're full of first time users posting this stuff. On the other hand this very thread is full of experienced players contradicting those newbies saying how great current gen VR is (not the four year old designs you've tried). Imagine running this game on a four year old GPU and telling everyone how unoptimised it is as a result 🙄
  13. Deadmeat hosts The Unprofessionals down under
  14. Because players graduate from TrackIR to VR, VR players have an appreciation for both sets of hardware and at first miss some of the nice usability features of TrackIR i.e. owl necks and rapid turns. TrackIR players see these posts from VR newbies but don't see anything posted by experienced VR users who have learned to adapt to the different ways their hardware works. I'm a VR player and the only advantage TrackIR has is in maximum zoom capability, which is far outweighed by the advantages VR brings to gunnery and positional awareness.
  15. So says the man who has never flown in VR in the midst of a thread full of VR users trying to share their positive opinions.
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