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  1. Weather and time is randomly generated each time a mission is run.
  2. Look what we can do with it. Look at the massive positive reaction both here and elsewhere (Discord communities, Reddit). It's a better experience than Discord and we are all about player experience!
  3. Did you know that the older millennials are now entering their 40s?
  4. Actually over our map the only Me262 units present after Kommando Nowotny left in late autumn 1944 were ground attack units who would daily drop antipersonnel bombs on B.80 Volkel. Air to air Me262s were based in central Germany. Roughly correct. Tempests didn't drop a bomb outside of testing in England until halfway through the last week of the war, and never launched a rocket operationally.
  5. This is how the five ingame VR zoom binds work - personally I use levels 1, 3 and 5 on three different buttons.
  6. This certainly makes me feel more confident in considering this thread to be normal 1-0-whine.
  7. Slats are designed as nothing more than a landing aid, confirmed by historical pilot accounts. One popping out before another in a high-AoA turn is a recipe for disaster, and one wing is always flying faster than another in a turn unless perfectly coordinated.
  8. This cuts both ways. Over the past two months I've been trying to balance server administration with: Buying my first house while my fiancée is rushed into hospital and spends a week there involving live-saving emergency surgery. Meanwhile thanks to COVID the mortgage I have arranged falls through at a critical moment and I have to organise a second one soon enough to not lose the house. On top of that my working hours go up and my pay is reduced by 20%. As a result of the surgery, family planning has to be drastically accelerated so I need to abruptly reorient my life and immediate future plans around this. We've spent all our money on the house deposit and so now there's nothing left to support this change in the very near future. All I ask is that people just be nice. We're volunteers and we have shit going on outside this videogame too.
  9. Use the reduce radio volume switch until it hits zero. @Gambit21 I can help mate 👍
  10. It's a server performance improvement. You don't have to fly on this server if you don't like it - other servers are available.
  11. No 262 bases are protected by exclusion zones.
  12. Kicked. They can immediately reconnect. So far our data shows this happens on less than 1% of kills. We've addressed this many times in the thread and on Discord. We cannot add enough AAA to achieve this unless we delete all the objectives from the middle of the map due to server overhead caused by AAA, and the server is an overclocked 5ghz processor. It's just about as optimised for dserver.exe as PC hardware can be. No it isn't - it's actually simpler than our old rule. With the new rule you are either kicked for being too close and attacking a player, or you are not kicked because you were not too close (or you were not attacking a player). The bot does it all for us so we no longer have to be the judge, jury and executioner for every player's sortie when they were killed within 10 seconds of takeoff or whatever. Players would even go "admin shopping" trying to find one via PM that gave them a more favourable outcome. The new rule prevents all of this.
  13. I wish we were organised like a credit record or something but it's more a case of "X person seems generally Y" I'm afraid. 😅 But I can tell you we will notice over time if somebody chills out. Only in human terms though, not a spreadsheet I'm afraid!
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