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  1. This is pretty game changing for the Jug, doubly so now that it's the fastest plane in the game at some altitudes.
  2. Correct, there's a topic over in Historical Data.
  3. This picture really doesn't do justice to the thought behind convergence when used with bad scaling. Let's use a real example, scaled to the 10m long Mustang: The guns are hitting aircraft fuselage between 200m-400m. At a closing speed of 100mph, that's 4 seconds of important plane bits being broken.
  4. Look at those serial numbers and look at this one Spitfire RM764 MN-M of 350 Sqn with a Hispano in the outer gun bay (E-wing configuration) at RAF Lympne.
  5. E-wing and C-wing are the same. You open up the gun bays and change out the guns, plug the holes that aren't used. For the "E-wing" armament configuration, the cannon occupies the outer gun bay. For the "C-wing", it occupies the inner gun bay". C-type armament installation showing the cannon 20mm feed mechanism routing under the empty outer gun bay (top, center of page). E-type armament installation, showing cannon moved to outer bay and browning now occupying inner bay Inner gun bay cannon, C-type wings on Spitfire RB140 Outer cannon, E-type wings (image dated March 1945 at source) on Spitfire RM784
  6. 262s are faster and more controllable at high speeds than an A5 - plus, you just flat-out ignored the part where I said we had done multiple tests... "I don't like the way X works" "Sadly reality means it works this way, we tested it" "But I don't like your reality. I reject it and substitute my own."
  7. Four blades were required for the enlarged upgraded tailplane and for carrying 1000lb bombs.
  8. Bodenplatte planes are much faster down low - to the point that the AAA can't track them effectively unless flying absolutely straight. We've done lots of testing.
  9. Like the Tempest Mk V is correct for Normandy time period.
  10. If 50s performed this way IRL then the USAAF would have switched to cannons. They perform like 303s.
  11. I feel like today is a good day to bump this thread as we now have access to 150 grade fuel, which turns the P-47D into something approaching the P-47M 😄
  12. We've all been there mate. Swore down I'd never have another curry again.
  13. Join the Discord for up-to-date changelogs on each map and other server news!
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