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  1. It will 100% categorically never happen. Every member of the admin team dislikes vulching and being vulched, and it has proven to be overwhelmingly considered an un-fun thing to have happen by most of our playerbase. If I might make a recommendation, turning off the in-game HUD hides away chat messages with player complaints and provides a small FPS boost.
  2. Is it possible that dying/capped in the 262 could reset all your planes back to zero as if you had lost all of them? This way flying it is at great risk and it takes a lot of CMs to re-earn it, spacing them out more. Currently you can get a new one after a few resupply sorties.
  3. Over our map it was used only as a fighter bomber after November 44
  4. Was this all on the same fuel? 150 grade and 100 grade are not equivalent when run at the same MAP.
  5. I'll say this from experience as a server admin - Allies don't log in to fight too many 262s at once.
  6. The spitfire situation is very odd, 150 octane excluded when in reality it was the only plane in our planeset that took off from the continent bases on 150 grade while the Mustangs only used it when flying from the UK. It was also flying until and after the last days of the war.
  7. This was before the official release of BoBp so when the server was less well known. It still happened though - it's one of the reasons @Alonzo had to build AI spawning mechanics based on player count. Edit: for the last 3 months the playerbase has favoured Axis overall by 2-300 users. Just go back though the website tour page for each month.
  8. When the 262 arrived we had higher numbers. At first unlimited, eventually dwindling to 6 per airfield. The result was that Red stopped logging in to fight them. It's very easy for a second jet to pick off a prop that's busy fighting the first. If you want Red to keep joining the server, you're gonna have to accept that they'll only do it against a small number of 262s.
  9. The 262 is 200kmh faster and twice as heavily armed as any other fighter in the game. Fact is that it's not matched by any Allied equivalent. If it were maybe we'd see more, but 262s just aren't really fun to fight against for Allied who ostensibly have no recourse for the huge speed advantage. I wouldn't have included it in BoBp at all if I had been 1C.
  10. The Tempest never carried bombs or rockets operationally before May 45. What map & airfield is this with locked boost please?
  11. Where did you look? That mod should be unlocked in 99% of occasions on the server. Modifications and aircraft are based on historical availability. Each mission is set on a specific date and aircraft that were actually in service on that date (and crucially in the area too) are included. This is why the P-38 doesn't feature in more Northern scenarios in September 44, as there were no squadrons in the area. Likewise, Allies don't get access to 150 octane fuel until January 1945 based on the historical supply situation. D-9s and K-4s don't make an appearance until October in most cases.
  12. Based on what dataset? Every month since Bodenplatte the total unique player count has gone down by 50-100 players and we're on track to continue that decline for February, however I really don't think that's such a big deal considering 100 players is only a reduction of 3% or so total player count. I also expect it to stabilise over time and even increase on months when Normandy planes are released.
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