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  1. I flew Navy fighters from 1950 until 1960, about 1200 hours total. I am a retired Boeing Test Engineer, 1960 until 1993. I have been flying Il-2 since it was originated. I have all the Il-2 simulations to date with early purchase on what is still to come. But I will not fly the Battle of Stalingrad sim until you fix "the terrible Ground loop simulation". No fighter airplane ever designed goes into a ground loop as you role out of the chocks! No heavy fighter plane has the ground loop characteristics that you have designed into BOS. I had one ground loop occur in my 20 years of flying. It happened on my first solo flight in a SNJ-5 (AT-6). In the P-40 that is simulated, it is almost impossible to get to the runway, in a "No Wind" condition , without ground looping all the way out! Many other of the BOS planes have a similar problem and I refuse to fly such a glaring simulation error! This is a software failure on the programmer's part. Please set it right! Wayno sends...
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