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  1. They are the same person. Andrey Solomykin is the real name, and Anton Petrovich the pseudo
  2. - For the 777 dev core team, some of them worked on the IL2 Server Commander (initially for the ADW online war) - The SaQSon team, moddeling planes for RoF (I don't know if they will also work for BoS), did a lot of work on modelling planes for IL2 - Probably most of the formerly M:1C team did work on IL2
  3. I have no doubt some (not me, I don't care) are wanting clickable cockpit, but the dev clearly stated it wont be, at least at the first release. So it's a bit useless to argue about.... at least until "time and money will be available" ? No??? If you want to advocate for it, maybe should you realize it would be much more efficient when the choice for the future will be on the table.
  4. All RoF maps are 1:1 scale. This one will be 1:1 scale also
  5. There is more in the answer, like "You already have the tools and available information on how to create a map with our DN technology today". Enthusiasts may expresse their creative skills even without a formal map editor.
  6. Accurate targets is a complete different thing than "correct details" as proposed by "exhausted" (taking his own words it would be "100% historical streets and exact houses", something totally unachivable over maps larger than very local maps (FPS like). You can have tons of accurate targets, including vs historical topomaps, without anything "exact", except a few well known monuments, in towns and villages.
  7. Western front map: 320km x 320km Channel map: 200km x 150km And how about getting the butter, the milk, the money of the milk, the cow, the farm and the cowgirl?
  8. Well.... the options given in the poll are strange and unrealistic. Exact cities and towns detail is totally unreachable for maps as large as what is called "small maps" in the Poll. I would be only reachable for local maps (something like War Thunder maps for example). Both RoF maps (Western Front and Channel) are small maps according to definitions given by "exhausted", even if they are quite big and larger than any IL2 map. The proposal for "small maps" would requires millions of dollars investment. ... so this Poll is IMO useless.
  9. The problem is that many time the user (customer) also don't really knows his own needs, he just figure he does... especially if he allready practiced a lot software in the same domain and is an expert user. I've seen many time in my field users strongly voicing "needs", not realizing that they just took what they've allways acustomed by as "basic needs" and they just built additionnal needs on this base. It was generally not possible to convince them that other use, other fonctionalities they can't imagine would make everything easier and more confortable... until they tried the new product.
  10. No destruction brush But the map with snow will probably have Stalingrad with destroyed buildings. And, for Juri, making different version of the map IS complicated. Even a set of texture is a lot of work.
  11. That would mean 2 maps (minimum). One with Stalingrad undestroyed and no snow, one with Stalingrad destroyed and snow.... Taking the later period allows a campaign with a clear end. I suppose that later it can be completed with new map (for the early period), new planes (to complete the set) and new player campaign.
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