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  1. It was easy to know who flew 109s. One lag was 'fatter' than the other.
  2. MiloMorai

    DCS news

    For those of you who have gotten the big boot from DCS, your perma ban has been lifted. There is also a new NineLine.😲
  3. That isn't a rudder trim on the 109. It is a Flettner tab.
  4. There was 315 A-9s delivered up to the end of Jan '45. It has been said that some A-8s got A-9 engines.
  5. Spit XIV with 25lb was short lived and iirc never saw operational use. 21lb boost was the boost used operationally. Postwar the 25lb was used on the Griffon used on the Shackletons.
  6. And opposite rudder was needed as the Griffon rotated the opposite direction than the Merlin.
  7. Well a real pilot could only turn the wheel about a 1/3 of a rotation at a time. Takes a while to go from full up to full down. Plan ahead.
  8. That myth still exists CUJO, which is sad.
  9. Bill posts on a few boards. His father flew the Mustang in WW2. There was some redesigning of the F4U, mainly the undercarriage (too much bounce on landing).
  10. How big of a margin? At 0ft it is 5740f/m.
  11. Pilot report some problem just after take off according to reports I have read or heard. 7 dead, for now.
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