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  1. About the same time the operational testing of 1.98ata K-4s was finished. The 'what if' is already happening.
  2. MiloMorai

    DCS news

    I never can understand this desire for historical maps when missions are not historical in any way.
  3. But around the edge of the airfield, not in the middle.
  4. Zach, notice when a new 5 round clip is inserted. There is no time lapse.
  5. If the files are digitized you can send them to your home computer.
  6. MiloMorai

    DCS news

    Is that comment from experience?
  7. And Spitfire XIVs , tho it was Spitfire IXs from a RCAF squadron that shot down the 1st Me262.
  8. https://www.pcgamer.com/see-the-shiny-new-trailer-for-microsoft-flight-simulator-coming-in-2020/
  9. All bombing heights for the 364 mission flown by the 303rd BG in the ETO can be found here, http://303rdbg.com/missions.html
  10. Don't believe everything you read in Green's books. They were first published in the '50s and had MANY errors.
  11. Anyone watching this? https://www.fifa.com/u20worldcup/matches/
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