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  1. I guess imagination is a thing of the past.
  2. P-51s had white or yellow single stripe added to each wing, each sab side and rudder/fin to help ID the a/c as they were often mistaken for 109s. P-47s had a similar problem > radial engine = Fw190. American Mosquitoes got a red fin/rudder to help ID as a Mossie, not a 410.
  3. Ta152 had 2 wingspans, the long one and one slightly more than the Anton/Dora.
  4. The Dora's wingspan is the same as the Anton's wingspan, 10.5 m.
  5. Rheinmetall was given a contract in 1943 to adapt the 50 mm KwK 39 tank gun, from the Panzer III tank, for aerial use in the twin-engined Me 410 Hornisse bomber destroyer.
  6. Lots of other high profile low level missions to pick from as well.
  7. Leather also helps with minimizing the road rash if one comes off.
  8. As stated by Razer, a B-17. One can tell it is a B-17 by the row of vents behind the nacelle in the bottom right corner of the photo. A little slow in posting as pfrances beat me to it.
  9. Luftwaffe unit codes, http://www.rlm.at/cont/archiv02_e.htm first two number/letter........indicates the Geschwader code. +AH would mean the A is the aircraft individual letter and the H would indicate the staffel. In the day fighter units there were 3 staffeln per gruppe with 1-4 gruppen till usually mid August 1944, thereby an increase in size to 4 staffeln per gruppe and the Gruppe size depending on day fighter unit still maybe at 4 or downgraded to 3 in 1945. Now for particular units such as night fighter they have 3 staffeln per gruppe and several of the night fighter geschwaders had 5 gruppen. Very confusing at times here is an example for you, D5+AB indication of I.Stab/NJG 3 and this could of been flown by the Gruppenkommanduer himself or possibly D5+BB, although it was a matter of what a/c was available during the latter part of the war especially........ the Stab letters were: A for Geschwader Stab B for I gruppe C for II gruppe D for III gruppe E for IV gruppe F for V gruppe many times this letter was painted green or left black, also of note in period photos is that the a/c individual letter could also come in a colour or outlined in white to make it stand out....... Staffels : H for 1st K for 2nd L for 3rd M for 4th N for 5th P for 6th R for 7th S for 8th T for 9th U for 10th V for 11th W for 12th X for 13th Y for 14th Z for 15th A Ju 87 unit,
  10. There was only 1 G-6/AS built and that was in Sept '44. I asked Jochen in a thread that had a neubau list of 109s about the 226 he stated in his book. He replied that his book needs an update and this is one of the updates required.
  11. If there was so many built by 1945 then why only17 Fw190A-9s participated in Bodenplatte? No Fw190F-9s. Some 75 Fw190F-8s did participate in Bodenplatte.
  12. 141 of 164 onhand G-14s and 118 of 172 onhand G-14/ASs. Serviceability of the AS was not the best.
  13. Hard to be around then as they weren't built til Sept '44. G-5/AS (High-altitude fighter with DB 605AS engine) G-6/AS (High-altitude fighter with DB 605AS engine) More Spit XIVs around than 1.98ata Bf109K-4s
  14. Only S./JG11 and II./JG11 used Bf109s. II./JG11 was based in Germany, Wunstorf (NW of Hannover, ~22km) and Hustedt (SE of Bremen, ~30km) til 6.6.44.
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