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  1. JG26, http://don-caldwell.we.bs/jg26/schlageter.htm
  2. https://chindits.wordpress.com/2019/01/26/a-day-at-the-beach-normandy-1944/ Some great maps, photos and text.
  3. They also attacked at steep angle due to rocket drop after release from the a/c.
  4. HMS Compass Rose in the film. HMS Coreopsis K32 from Wiki Royal Navy In Royal Navy service, Coreopsis was employed on convoy escort duty in the Atlantic. On 20 October 1940, she rescued 33 survivors from the British cargo ship MV La Estancia sunk by the German submarine U-47 south of Iceland. On 16 November 1942, she rescued 169 survivors from the British merchant ship SS Clan MacTaggart that was sunk by U-92 off Cadiz. On 5 March 1943, she picked-up survivors from the British merchant ships SS Fidra, SS Ger-y-Bryn and SS Trefusis which had been sunk by U-130 northwest of Lisbon. Royal Hellenic Navy Coreopsis was transferred to the Royal Hellenic Navy on 1 November 1943, one of several British escort vessels transferred to Greece after April 1941. Renamed Kriezis (Greek: Κριεζής, after the naval hero Antonios Kriezis) but retaining her K32 pennant number, she served as a convoy escort out of Liverpool and on 13 June 1944, escorted Convoy ECM6 which was part of Operation Neptune, the maritime element of the Normandy Landings. She joined the British Mediterranean Fleet in October 1944. She remained with the Greek navy after the war and was finally returned to the Royal Navy on 1 June 1952. She collided with HMS Camperdown during the filming, damaging the destroyer.
  5. One can search the national archives. Some are free (Canada) and others, there is a cost. While researching the g'uncle who died at Vimy, found a video of his unit, the 38th Batt., while stationed in Bermuda. This is the 38th at Barriefield Camp. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/38th_Battalion_(Ottawa),_CEF#/media/File:38th_Battalion,_Barriefield_Camp_(HS85-10-30559).jpg
  6. Had 4 granduncles on Mom's side and 4 on Dad's side in WW1. Five came home. The 3 that didn't come home were brothers and only 1 has a known grave as he DoWs during the Battle of Vimy in 1917. Another brother 2 weeks later. The other brother 6 months later. Two of the five who came had been gassed. Six fought with Canadians and 2 with the Brits.
  7. SMS Scharnhorst Hundreds of ship photos, https://dennilfloss.blogspot.com/2013/
  8. Leeming #427, #429 Linton-on-Ouse #408, #426 East Moor #415, #432 Middleton St. George #419, #428 Croft #431, #434 Zeals #410 Missing Skipton-on-Swale Tholthorpe Scunthorpe
  9. The Ar234B didn't have any rear firing cannons. They were suppose to be on the Ar234C.
  10. KW_1979, read some more pilot instructions in the book.
  11. P-51 pilots were told not to get into turning battles with the 109. If a shooting resolution could not be obtained in a 1/2 circle or there abouts they were to break off and try again.
  12. Bob tailing is the most dangerous way to drive a truck.
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