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  1. MiloMorai

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Composition of fighter type a/c in the 2TAF, Jan 1 1945: Spitfire XVI - 12% (6 squadrons) Spitfire XVI - 8% (4 squadrons) Spitfire IX - 39% (19 squadrons) Typhoon - 31% (15 squadrons) Tempest - 10% (5 squadrons) (numbers rounded off) Only the RAF used the Mitchell in the ETO. Ta152H based well off the current map.
  2. MiloMorai

    Any Chance At All Of A P-51 B/C?

    A-36 only in the MTO and CBI theaters.
  3. MiloMorai

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Same here and then EAW plus a few others. Never liked Microshaft FS.
  4. Added bases for 9th AF units on Jan 1 1945.
  5. MiloMorai

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Maj Wilhelm Herget made 2 operational flights with WNr 111899 on April16 and in both cases the MK214 jammed.
  6. MiloMorai

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    The only guns on the B model were proposed in a pod attached to the belly and in a fairing on top of the fuselage at the wing position. The top guns could be forward or rear firing.
  7. MiloMorai

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Proposed for installation in the C model.
  8. MiloMorai

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    The Ar234B didn't have rearward firing fixed guns.
  9. MiloMorai

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    Nijmegen. The bulk of the daylight attacks were made by Fw 190s and Bf 109s of regular fighter units. Me 262s were active in the area but I don't recall if they went for the bridge specifically."Daily report 27 September 1944:19 Ju 87 of NSG 2 in attacks on bridges and roads leading into Nijmegen from the south. Two bombed secondary targets, a further three attacked Eindhoven. Bombs were observed to fall near troop movements.42 a/c of III./KG 51 in two formations set out to attack bridges leading into Eindhoven from the south: 5 broke off for technical reasons and 1 missing.4 Mistel and 8 Ju 88 of Einsatzgruppe 101 took off to attack bridges in Nijmegen. 1 Mistel and 2 Ju 88 broke off for technical reasons. 1 aircraft (Ju 88S) missing."(National Archives AIR20/7704) No. VII/89 "War Diary of Luftflotte 3 (Western Front) September 1944"On 28 September, the Fw 190 F-8s of Sonderverband Einhorn were also used and did bomb from a dive. This from Flt. Lt. Lapp of 411 Squadron RCAF:While leading 411 Squadron on a low patrol over Nijmegen, several F.W. 190's were spotted coming from South East at approximately 12,000' we climbed and turned toward them. The 190's dived through us at high speed in an attempt to dive bomb the bridge. I took after the leading aircraft which dropped its bomb near the target, but was unable to get within 700 yds ...According to the dairy of No. 100 AA Brigade, the Germans hit the rail bridge with a 500 kg bomb, putting it temporarily out of action, and slightly damaged part of the other bridge's roadway. At Remagen, aside from the units already mentioned, NSG 2 and KG 51 were involved, as was 11./KG 200. Anything the Germans could get within range, really.German lack of success against bridges in 1944–45 is at least in part attributable to the inadequacy of the means at their disposal. They couldn't send over formations of medium bombers in daylight to carpet the target like the USAAF could. Their medium bomber units were largely stood down in September 1944 and only reactivated for the one attack on Eindhoven during MARKET-GARDEN. At Remagen, the weather was terrible most of the time and the jets were often bombing under EGON guidance. http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/archive/index.php?t-17798.html
  10. MiloMorai

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    British heavies were flying some day missions in 1945.
  11. MiloMorai

    Fictional plane set

    There is no truly historical scenarios.
  12. MiloMorai


    The SBD did fly in the ETO, tho it was against a target in Norway. It was also used in Operation Torch. The F4F and F6F flying with the FAA operated in the ETO, tho again not in a map that we currently have.
  13. MiloMorai

    Hype about ME262

    The A-9 is not yet in the game afaik so would be included in with the A-8s. I count 20 A-9s serviceable for Bodenplatte. There was also 75 F-8s serviceable for Bodenplatte. So far there is no G-14/ASs, so yes, the standard K-4 percentage could be modified. Anyways, it was only a generalized table that should be tweaked with further research. I should add that the percentages for the Bf109s are for those that participated in Bodenplatte and not what was available to participate in Bodenplatte. For those that want to do some number crunching NZTyphoon posted images from the Manrho/Putz book in this thread, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33650-luftwaffe-aircraft-strength-prior-to-bodenplatte/ Actually when attacking bombers they attacked from below in a climb so as not to exceed speed limits. I can't find an imaged online but am sure others have seen such an image.
  14. MiloMorai

    Shot for comitting war crime!

    Maybe the developers can pipe in on what constitutes a war crime.
  15. MiloMorai

    Hype about ME262

    It would take some research but a percentage ratio of a/c types on servers could be set for each month of BoBp for a guide line for historical scenarios. For example, Jan '45: For the Bf109s: K-4: 20% and 3% would be 1.98ata (total 23% K-4s) G-10: 13% (as there is no G-10, yet, this percentage could be rolled into the standard K-4) G-14: 35% G-14/AS: 30% For the Me262: no more than 5% of the total Axis force For the Fw190: A-8: 75% D-9: 25% The percentage of Bf109s to Fw190s for the Axis force could also be established. (example: 60% Bf109s, 40% Fw190s) The same would be done for the Allied types. The historical disparity in numbers on each side would be ignored