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  1. MiloMorai

    Trench system accuracy

    A good start can be found here, https://library.mcmaster.ca/maps/ww1/ndx5to40.htm
  2. MiloMorai


    The Tempest didn't carry bombs. Not sure if it was 11lb or 13lb but the fuel was 150 and W/C Beamont said he saw 415mph on the ASI at 500ft.
  3. It is not group 2 and 3 but II and III Gruppe. II./JG51 III./JG51
  4. MiloMorai

    Luftwaffe aircraft strength prior to Bodenplatte

    To add to Brem's data, Dec 1 to Dec 16 - 136 fighter pilots failed to return Dec 19 to Dec 22 - 83 fighter pilots failed to return Dec 23 to Dec 31 - 316 fighter pilots failed to return.
  5. MiloMorai

    Tiger turret movement without electricity??

    The hand traverse required 2 turns of the wheel for 1 degree of turret traverse. Veteran66, there are many good books out there. I would suggest 'The Tiger tank: A British View' by David Fletcher.
  6. Not my translation Riksen. It is something I picked up MANY years ago. It is the transcript of a meeting held sometime in Dec, I would think. Sorry it was so long ago can't remember where I got it from but it was probably in some 1.98ata thread.
  7. MiloMorai

    Luftwaffe aircraft strength prior to Bodenplatte

    Yes Brem that is the English title.
  8. Knight's post rambles on about the P-47 > no relevance to the thread. A not full staffel of II./JG 11 tested 1.98ata for ~3 weeks. from late Dec '44. "1.)Boost 1,8ata with B4 fuel Reason for the meeting were the problems in “field” and at the serial production facility “Genshagen” because of the “white flame” effect during the use of the Higher output. First it is shown by Hr. Dr. Scherenberg how the “white flame” followed by burned pistons, develop. Because of the results of the engine knocking test the lower quality of the fuel is the main reason for the problems. DB has allready solved the problem with adjusting the ignition timing by 5°(???) . This allowes the use of “Sondernotleistung” and the 1.45 and 1.80ata settings. But because of later ignition , 50PS are lost during the “Sondernotleistung”, Where the 1,45 ata setting doesn’t lose power. DB although mentions the problems with the bad fit of the valvesitrings or the plug thread , that where reasons for the glow-ignition too. But because of improovments in the production these failurs are said to be canceled. All agreed and the decision was done, that all engines should get the new ignition time. The lose of power is not so critical. But, because of hints from DB (DaimlerBenz), there should be test flight with 5 planes within all alts, but especially above rated alt, to get knowledge about the power loose above rated alt. END SHEET ONE This will be done at II/JG11. It is asked, if the ignition timing can be set on old value if better fuel quality is back. Answer is delayed till it is for sure that only better fuel is used, and if it is shown, that later ignition does have no influence on the planes perfromance. DB mentions that the later ignition point although is better for the plugs that have a thermal problem at all. It is mentioned too, that the performance lose will be decrease with increasing engine run time , means with less oil lose. It indicates too, that new engines with less oil usage are better in performance than the ones with at first high usage and the lower usage of oil. From the troop should be taken 1 engine with 15-20h for oil consumption and performance tests to be done in Genshagen. Because the b4 fuel is mostly used in the east, the order for the new ignition point/time should get out asap by… 2.)1.98 boost with c3 fuel the first report shows, that the test with the 1.9, and 1.98 boost had negative results. Then a telegram from Rechlin was shown (they tested 4 engines) that criticized the clearing of the Sondernotleistung by Gen. Ing. Paul direct from the company to A.Galland bevor sufficient tests were done. Rechlin although defend themselves, that they did NOT give the new boost free for the Troop. (looks like some thought they did). DB on the other hand shows their positive test results for the 1.9 , 1.98 usage. They say, that the clearance for the 1.98 boost was given with the same TAGL (?) (think a kind of order) as the 1.8 ata boost was cleared..both on the same day!. SHEET THREE It was then decided (after hearing all the reports) than currently only II/JG11 should test the 1.98 boost and that the 1.9ata engine test should be finished when the engines failed. (so no more test after them). JG should then only get 1.8 ata engine supplies. Heavy punnishment is threaten when this order is not followed The 1.98 clearance decission may only come from department 4 of general staff. It is suggested that some recon planes should be equiped with 1.98 boost. Decission was not done. To disburden the current 1.98 and 1.9 engines it is suggested to give them the new ignition time too. So, all engines flowen with the sondernotleistung will Be set to the new ignition point/time. The JG’s in field complain about the plug failurs. Especially in the last time the number of failurs increased. DB reports about improoved plug modells and better quality control e.g. with x-ray controlling. Again DB points out that the cooling of the 109 is insufficient and wishes that the LW will solve this problem asap. This was mentioned by Gen.-Ing Paul and arrangements where done instandly. DB points out that the performance of the “cell” (fuselage/wings) is extremely bad, and even worser J. It makes no sense to increase the power output of the engine when on the other side the plane quality is decreasing dramatically. Is is reported that a coparison of a 109 with a mustang was arranged for Mr. Sauer, but he failed to come. The result of the comparison was, spoken of produktion quality only, shocking for the 109. SHEET FOUR At the end of the meeting, from Mr. Dr. Scherenberg points out that DB allready is testing a boost up to 2.3ata (J). But it can be not juged in any way because of only a low test base at the moment."
  9. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1439286450?creativeASIN=1439286450&linkCode=w61&imprToken=BnBM.Ym6XNvDRN5fHa1PYg&slotNum=0&tag=dcglabs-20
  10. Dec 31 '44 is known (serviceable) II./JG2 - 7 III./JG3 - 5 I./JG4 - 2 III./JG4 - 10 IV./JG4 - 2 II./JG11 - 4 III./JG26 - 13 I./JG27 - 14 III./JG27 - 14 S./JG53 - 1 II./JG53 - 0 I./JG77 - 1 III./JG77 - 18
  11. MiloMorai

    Rudder trim alternative

    That is why real life 109 pilots had one 'fat' leg and one normal leg.
  12. MiloMorai

    Luftwaffe aircraft strength prior to Bodenplatte

    mistake, read the wrong year.😬
  13. MiloMorai

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    I was just going to mention that. The RAF had three categories > destroyed, probably destroyed and damaged.
  14. MiloMorai

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    One can see why in the SEA the red in the roundel was removed.