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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wehrmachtsausstellung
  2. My guess would be this shows that that bar on the lower left indicates TAS, i.e. your speed relative to the wind, which should not change, just jitter perhaps with turbulences, due to inertia of the plane.
  3. pardon for being a little off-topic - but since you are the OP and talking about mission survivability as a ground attacker: I switched to using "easy" settings in the career when doing ground attacking. You then always get decent fighter cover which is in most cases able to handle the enemy fighters, feels quite good and realistic to me, I mostly die then from my own mistakes, like flying straight into AAA, or plain lawn darting ...
  4. Yes there are, generally speaking. Have had them recently for Ju87 at Stalingrad. Maybe not for all planes and scenarios?
  5. First career flight after update killed my pilot, he had become lazy and overconfident and was caught pants down by a suddenly, it seems to me, much more aggressive AI. Its great fun to have your flight actually staying with you now.
  6. let's give it another try! Tomorrow, June 5, 20:00 GMT, again on official teamspeak, mp server 3 channel. If you are interested but would prefer a change in time let me know.
  7. I've made a habit from giving that "follow me" command continuously, and fly slowly when not in combat to allow my ai buddies to catch up. Well below the threshold to combat power. Even when fighting, issue that command from time to time if you lose sight of them to prevent them from running away after a bandit and getting lost. Mostly that works well.
  8. I'd like to jump in in defense of discord: The message about "rumming the disc" or similar on startup is just one of several startup messages supposed to be funny, it has no real meaning. The behaviour of starting with windows is just a setting. Switch that off in settings and it will not do that again. I did uninstall discord some time ago thinking un- and reinstalling could fix some trouble with the overlay i had then. It uninstalled just fine and very obediently. Last but not least I do not see any significant cpu load at all.
  9. The really interesting point is b) in that manual. I had not known that table to the left of the gunner is actually a translation table for elevation from machine gun to cannon. That is very useful.
  10. short question: Does someone know how many mils the diameter of that circle is which I see in the M4A2 gun sight? longer variant: I would be glad for any additional hints about aiming using that tank I have seen the table to the left of the gunner giving the ranges for ammo type and elevation, but right now I have no clue how to estimate the range, without knowing that diameter. I suppose its all in feet, also? edit: if sitting in a M4A2, and switching on those icons giving me the distance to targets, will that be meters, feet, or will that depend on that setting about units used based on the type of plane? thx!
  11. out of curiosity - could you give me an example? I'd like to reproduce that, just to understand what this discussion is about. I have so far not seen any problem, using stick, throttle, pedals both for tanks and planes.
  12. please correct me - but as long as you don't try to fly a plane and drive a tank at the same time those conflicts don't matter at all? Or am I misunderstanding something? Assuming you are talking about those orange squares showing up in the key assignments when you assign a key to several functions. I have a lot of those. As long as its about functions not being active at the same time in a given vehicle or plane all is just fine.
  13. Agreed you don't need those last 25% of stick in normal flight or fight - but I do want to have them in reserve for those occasions when you are bringing a crippled and barely flying plane home for a landing
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