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  1. Great to see you back! I'd like to join in an A8!
  2. I see your point now, thx. That bottom gunner did indeed not have much time for aiming.
  3. What exactly are those gifs supposed to teach me? I see a fighter coming in from a very favorable position for the gunner, shooting a pe2 to pieces, but getting hit in the engine in the process. From the little I can see in this poor quality stuff the gunner can very well have hit the fighter before getting hit himself. Perhaps the gunner even died? I am not getting any real information. Maybe some high quality slowmo could show something - but these gifs are rather worthless in my humble opinion.
  4. Thx! That's the sort of info I was hoping for 👍 Answers like "read the specs" are just less helpful because one cant't check the cylinder head temperature, and there was a time when 190s died from a too high cylinder head temperature even with oil well below 80 degrees. Good to know that changed.
  5. as this thread is about A8 cooling: can someone tell someone who flies without technochat how to handle the cooling? Is it enough to keep the oil below a certain value, or can the cylinder head still overheat, and I can't know when?
  6. I think it is a map "for the future". I had a gtx980 with 4gb until that pc died recently, and the map was almost unflyable for me. Parts of the landscapes and forests jumped in and out, to fly low over the villages gave terrible stuttering. Got a 2080 with 8gb now - and all is perfect. It seems one needs enough memory to load all the details of the landscape. May seem hard now - but in a couple of years everybody will have the necessary hardware.
  7. problems solved, priorities have been set straight - confirming my slot for tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
  8. Apologies Sketch - it just turned out I can't be sure to be there in time. I'll try, but if slots fill up, give that P47 to someone else. Thx!
  9. I remember having read some time somewhere an account of someone running away at full power until his engine seized and he belly landed. So what? Who cares? All this is just completely useless as a help for developing a better engine model.
  10. No reshade here, but Retnek taught me a trick: go to settings - game activity. Remove IL2 from the list. Add any of the other programs offered for addition in that dropdown list somewhere above, any, in my case thats often google chrome, et voila ... shortly after the overlay will reliably show. I did not believe it first ...
  11. I was never interested in tanking, but bought TC just to generally support your efforts. After seeing this - you got me. Eager to play that 👌
  12. dunno ... but zooming in it does look more like "DR", not DB. Which would be correct for Deutsche Reichsbahn.
  13. Nocke


    1.) set rpm to something a little below max 2.) do RAPID, but not large, changes to mixture 3.) closely watch rpms while doing so. The governor has a certain inertia. If you see a small increase in rpm for a moment (it comes quickly back to set point) you adjusted the correct way, and viceversa
  14. I am afraid the problem must be somewhere on your side. Right now I do not remember any disconnect ever (although my memory is admittedly bad ...), and have not heard about such a thing from the people I am usually flying with, at least not about repeated disconnects. I did have problems some years ago, but the reason turned out to be faulty cables in my home...
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