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  1. Looks like all went well. Next mission Saturday, October 19, 19:00 UTC https://discord.gg/PzEPF2S Have a look at the cococampaignlogs channel!
  2. Hi guys, I do sincerely believe I got it now sorted out. The last couple of days I have been working on code which translates into time graphs the mission results, which are sent to the discord server, like production supplies, tanks, planes etc. These graphs are also automatically uploaded to the discord server now. Of course this will get more interesting after some missions have run, but personally I am very much looking forward to that, to see how things evolve over time. Just started a mission, which will last 2.5h, I think I will start today another one afterwards, and then, if all goes well, will continue that on a more or less regular schedule. Fingers crossed 😬
  3. Out of curiosity: What does it mean to say a port is "vulnerable"? Wouldn't that just depend only on what application, if any, would be listening on that port? That was at least up to now my laymans thinking.
  4. As to your question about how the data was obtained: The paper can be found here: https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Human-tolerance-to-positive-G-as-determined-by-the-Stoll/84535b586c86f7552385d1a8e25cb5d0ce277f0c Concerning the fitness of young men now and then, I think we are not talking about the average couch potatoe, there you might be right. I would assume that fighter pilots have always been relatively fit guys, and I would guess those are fitter today. Admittedly just a guess. Will see if I can find some data about that. Here https://www.unm.edu/~lkravitz/Article folder/history.html I found this: World War II Throughout world history, military conflicts have had major impacts on the state of fitness. The Second World War and its aftermath in the United States would be no different. Essentially, the modern fitness movement evolved out of the influence of World War II and subsequent development of the Cold War. The United States entered World War II with the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. With the declaration of war came the necessity to draft military personnel. However, as more men were drafted, it became embarrassingly clear that many of them were not fit for combat. When the war was over, it was reported that nearly half of all draftees needed to be rejected or were given non-combat positions (20). These disturbing statistics helped gain the attention of the country with regards to the importance of fitness. p.s.: I have no business in this and do not care about at how many g exactly I black out in game. I just consider it a matter of respect towards the devs to assume they did their homework. As far as it seems to me they did. If you do not agree you'll need to present something better founded than that study.
  5. From developer diary 228: The first thing that all researchers pay attention to is the fact that the amount of G, both positive (when a pilot is “pressed” into his seat) and negative (when a pilot is “pulled away” from his seat and “hangs on the belts”) depends primarily on the duration of the G-load and on the rate the G-load was applied. For example, at a positive +6G the “average” pilot loses consciousness within the first 5-8 seconds, but the same pilot quite successfully sustains +5G for about 40 seconds, if the rate of G-load application was less than 1G/sec. However, if you create the same +5G in just 1-2 seconds, then loss of consciousness will occur in 5-7 seconds. In aviation medicine, this phenomenon is explained by the “hemodynamics” of the cardiovascular system. The body needs some time to mobilize and begin to effectively counteract overload. This is illustrated in the chart from the article written by Anne M. Stoll, “Human tolerance to positive G as determined by the physiological end points” published in The Journal of aviation medicine in 1956: I think this reflects pretty well what you are experiencing. The discussion thus is not about the implementation, but about the assumptions it is based on. The challenge to you now is to correct that 1956 article in the Journal of Sviation Medicine. ... and one more point: I think we can't compare physical fitness from people of today and from the 40ties, have a look at atletics records now and then.
  6. indeed I know you can kill Pe2 engines by accelerating too quickly. Probably that applies then to other engines, too.
  7. As you do not mention any warning I assume you are flying with technochat off. In that case, for the I16: First, as said above, watch the limits: Boost and more than 2200rpm only for, if I remember correctly, 10 minutes. But what did kill my engine in the I16 quite often was high oil temperature. It can get too hot easily even in continuous mode, with oil rads fully open, and cowling open just as far as to maintain a good cylinder head temperature.
  8. The end has not yet come Main results so far: Yes, I can host at least 14 people with the AI numbers doubled as compared to Coconut's defaults, while running a game client the same time on the same machine, without exceeding a tick delay of 6 to 7. So far the good news. Until now I was killing the system after mission rolled, and restarting from there. That's not so nice, I am currently trying to implement a logic that will end after one mission automatically, leaving all prepared for a restart. My F# knowledge is not so sharp yet, so that goes slowly. Furthermore I have read on the forums about some editor groups not activating anymore since patch, and indeed I have not seen an artillery battle so far, since, in my tests. This has me a little worried. So, in short: I went public with this too early, sorry for that. But I am working on it.
  9. Even if numbers are not your thing: We got a real world acrobatics champion here in the forum who said he thinks it is well done. I would value that higher as your opinion, if we keep talking just opinions.
  10. calm down and read the sticky at the top of the update discussion thread
  11. it seems only a textual .mission file is saved, but no msbin, and the .list file is empty, so I can't start the missions via the dserver?
  12. You can do a lot of very different spirals at 450km/h or any other speed How are we supposed to know what you are doing there?
  13. Moscow Campaign is up again (for 2 missions) to see if the update messed up stuff. So far it is looking good. First mission is with externals on, I want to see what is going on. Please do not abuse!
  14. Could you tell us which compression exactly you used? I am using Gimp 2.10. The built-in dds plugin does not offer the ARGB option the developers mention, and the other options I used so far are not giving the desired result, so far. Thx! Never mind! The DC3/DXT5 option does the job!
  15. so .... .... how shall I say .... Maybe starting positively: Thx Coconut. He pointed out to me the possibility that there might not have been enough points available, and that that could cause the restarts. Indeed, there where ... 0 .... So it should be working now .... however ... now there is the update. Need to see how that goes But there is hope. Will be back with this after checking the update! @KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82: Patience Let's get it running in the first place, then we shall see. I gave this a try already a year ago. I then realized that it would really take a lot of commitment and time, and gave up on it. However I was missing the CocoCampaign so sorely that I decided to give it another try now. I am, however, not willing to invest more than a couple of hours a week into this, I want to have flying time as well, and anyway am spending too much time in front of monitors. Step by step, and it will take quite some time. And fingers crossed the update now will not break everything ...
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