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  1. Just looked it up, a Klimov 105 alone, dry is almost 600kg. That would then be enough to move it to 6km/h or lift it to 7m. Still shows the impact should be able to move a tank, more than just shaking it, which is all I wanted to say. It's just not a priori a silly thing to assume an impacting plane could move a tank. I am also not so sure if deformation will really totally consume the kinetic energy of the rest of the plane. Where does the momentum go? If you assume stuff is reflected backwards doesn't that imply there is at least an elastic component in the crash, and therefore not all the energy going into deformation?
  2. Not sure if that is so silly. Quick estimate: Let's assume a Yak at 360km/h =100m/s with a weight of 3000kg (just guessing that now... ) hits a tank with a weight of 40000kg. Impulse: v_tank = (m_yak x v_yak)/(m_tank) = 3x10^5/4×10^4=7.5m/s (close to 30 km/h) Let's try to lift the tank and convert the kinetic energy of the yak into potential energy for the tank: 1/2×m_yak×v_yak^2=m_tank×g×h: h=0.5×3×10^3×10^4/10/4×10^4=37.5m I am aware that certainly there will not be a perfect transfer of impulse and energy, but I'd think this shows that the ooompf contained in a yak hitting a tank is far from negligible. Edit: I just made this up quickly here on the phone, please check
  3. That D3D error is a typical symptom for a failing graphics card. Are you overclocking? Or is it overheating due to dust, perhaps?
  4. My recommendation would be: Forget it at least until next patch. Something will have to be changed, and whatever workaround you might find now might be broken then. Just enjoy flying in the meantime...
  5. So I started lonewolfing around in a fighter, which is absolutely not my business, and consequently died several times. I saw on the web page I have now 0.62 lifes left. Read the manual, but did not find anything about dying and its consequences. What now? Do I get new lifes over time? Or is it over for me?
  6. In views of that thread talking about bombers to be escorted in BoBp career, which just go on straight forever, ignoring waypoints, and having experienced that myself, I'd say there is something screwed up with bombers and waypoints. And every bomber behaves differently. I switched bombers in my mission, where they did bomb before. Now, some just go on straight forever, ignoring the attack area. Others at least open bomb bay when passing, but don't drop. Others again start circling over the target. Don't know currently if I feel inclined to do a more thorough study on this. But it seems to depend as well on the plane as on how you set it all up.
  7. Patience. This seems to be a really tricky issue. I am a happy bugger now - my online stutters went away a couple of days ago, and I do not have the slightest idea why. My sincere commiseration to those in charge to find this bug ...
  8. So I managed to get the AI do levelbombing following the very much appreciated advice here. Now, they just fly over the target, do open their bomb bays, but do not drop. I did not change anything, and frankly have no idea what I should change now. Could it be the last update messed it up?
  9. TAW could be a really nice server. If the atmosphere wasn't that toxic.
  10. Burnout ... Currently I don't find the time and energy to finish the work on an extremely cool new feature for the campaign. Suspended therefore until further notice, but please stay tuned!
  11. No.322 and Java squadrons are going to run a Coop generated by Syn_Vanders Easy Mission generator as a replacement, scenario is Flying Circus. There will be 16 slots in total, in the unlikely case that too many shoudl show up 322nd and Java will get in first. 21 CET, see ya!
  12. Unfortunately it seems I messed up my stuff. Was working on the code and apparently due to mindless clicking around went into the installation I use for running this instead of into the working copy. Now nothing works .... I hope to be back in a week, and hopefully with a new feature, I think I am close!
  13. The existing dedicated GB teamspeak server is generally empty. Now add a dedicated GB Coop teamspeak server, together then they will be - half empty each???
  14. I'd say the problem with team speak and discord is that there are MANY teamspeak and discord servers with a few people on each. The advantage of hyper lobby is that there is (was...) only one where all come together. If you can convincingly explain how to make ONE teamspeak or discord server the one where everybody meets - than yes, you don't need a hyperlobby
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